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Belle with her (his) beautiful, weird eyes

Okay…so when Belle was a kitten she had the most amazing piercing blue eyes…as she got older they darkened a bit but each and every time she is photgraphed her eyes come out in this weird robin egg blue. Attached is a photo.

First Entry – October 18, 2005

Hey y’all! Welcome to my page. Unfortunately I’m being sneaky at work and don’t have a lot of time for my first entry but I wanted to welcome you. I’m going to be working on adding some pictures to my site so you can see me, my love (Brad), and the babies (Belle & Bo, Jr.) and everyone else from Kim (co-founder of the original Dirty Girls circa 1995), the boy, and family & friends. You may have visited my fellow Champion Coed Naked Yahtzee Team member, Anic’s site (shout out!) – the CCNYT is where the Social Butterfly status originated (well, actually, to be completely truthful it originated back in my Tim Horton’s days when Dean S. put me in charge of organizing any event b/c of my gift of gab and knowing everyone – lol). Anyways, cheers to you all! ~Sandy