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So, Saturday night I got a call from my cousin Anne in BC – she got engaged! So now I HAVE an actual reason to get back to BC (it IS my turn since she visited me in August). I am so happy for her and can’t wait to see her again (Vegas in the Spring w/Chrispy??). The pic of her ring is under the "Navy Formal #3" photos.

Another update…I went to the surgeon yesterday (got the req. for it on December 19 – LAST YEAR! Nice wait eh? Anyways, am FINALLY having surgery to remove the tumor above my left knee. I found it back in ’99 (right before I went to BC, actually) and have been to doctors, a plastic surgeon, cat scans and ultrasounds since. But Dr. yesterday says it should be removed if it’s bothering me (otherwise I wouldn’t care). He’s sending me for another ultrasound since he thinks it’s quite deep and into the muscle. Gross. I have to go back to him once we get the results from the ultrasound to decide on a date for surgery since I will be on crutches for awhile….Luckily I have MUCHO experience with crutches…the last time was, what? Fourteen weeks. Fun times.

Anyhoo, that’s about it for remaining updates.



The (long awaited) Return of the Weekend Update

Hey y’all, Well, it’s been more then a year since I wrote my last weekend update…after separating from Brad I was in a funk and didn’t really feel like writing and sharing my adventures…but alas, the time has come for me to suck it up and move on…so here it is…Elizabeth, this is for you! Okay, so we’re well into Christmas season (although it really doesn’t feel like it…maybe a bit more eggnog and kahlua will help!), which means party time is also here. This past weekend was the start of it all. Thursday after I scooted out of work early to head to the City (thanks Steph for the drive! I miss bonding – see you in Mexico!) for the Navy formal with Donna, Al & company. We got seriously dolled up and headed out for an evening of food, drink and dancing. Our "company" included Donna, Al & myself, Scooby, Geraldine & Cooper, Crystal, and Amber & Dave. It was so much fun, everyone was really nice…sometimes when I’m with Donna I have to remind myself that I’m not 15 and it’s okay to have a drink and talk about boys…lol. So I did. We danced all night and I even made friends with the DJ so that he would play a Blue Rodeo song for me….I was really happy that Al & I got to dance to "Try" – it made my evening. Plus, I LOVE Drunk Al…in the 10 years he and Donna have been married I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to see Drunk Al…I think he’s my favorite…we should keep him around more often. The night wasn’t long enough – seemed to end before I was finished dancing…but I had enough white wine in me (seems like everytime I came back from the facilities or had a glass of H20 in my hand there was a glass of wine waiting for me…thanks to Scooby – I was drinking water for a reason, dude! But thanks.) so when the music stopped I was ready to go….but of course there always to be some form of drama happening wherever I go. So, at the end of the night a few of us ended up having to give statements to the police (oh, what do you do with a drunken sailor??) and then home we went. Friday morning I rolled outta bed with a baaaad headache, sore feet and really fuzzy teeth. But, we had major Christmas shopping to do so off we were. Donna, Al & I ended up "meeting" Cooper & Geraldine at the Lionhead Tavern for lunch (I think I actually inhaled my salad – foliage…mmmm!) and then off to the mall. My feet were too sore for heels so I was in flip flops and short pants…got a few odd looks but what the hell? I have a severed ligament in my ankle..I can do whatever the hell I want. Lots and lots of shopping later it was time for me to head back home…had another party to get to that evening. Got home around 8:30, cleaned up, had brief quality time with Winston and then out the door to Carol (Heather’s mother)’s party. Spent a few hours there chatting with Heather, Ames et al and then back home. Of course, got sick when I got home (it was a new record..I actually held food down for 30 hours….it was nice while it lasted…it’s been more then 2 weeks now…my stomach lining must look wonderful), unpacked everything, straightened up a bit, watched a bit of Jim Cuddy’s special, cuddled with Winston and then off to bed. Saturday morning I woke up in a panic that I wouldn’t have enough time to get everything done before my party that evening. So off to the mall I went. Got a little shopping done then met up with Cat and the boy for lunch. Again, wolfed down my salad and got to color with Jamie and then he was on his way to see Santa and I had more crap to get out of the way. Got a few errands finished then met up with Ames to finish up shopping and picking up "supplies." Smarty-pants locked her keys in her car tho, so I had to drive her to Cambridge so she could grab her spare. I got a good laugh outta that..then dropped her off to a friend and headed home. Got home around 4pm (so much for my bit of shopping to do, since I was at the mall at friggin’ 11:30am!). Four hours to go. Cleaned profusely (Winston helped *rolls eyes*), then hopped on my eliptical to get that outta the way, shower, baking & food prep., got ready and at 5 to 8pm I finally got to sit down. Then the guests started to arrive. We had a great night eating, drinking and being merry. Stories were told, people were hit on, and the mistletoe was HIDDEN! Eventually, the night was over and it was time to go to bed. Sunday morning up early to prepare another dish for my annual family party – this year in Digby at my aunt Linda’s. Once my food was prepared, I had to get ready, then headed over to Cat’s to bring her eggs and hang out with the boy. My mom & dad picked us all up there and then had a long drive. Had a great time at the party; good food, lots of presents, stories and laughter. Then time to head back home….Jamie, Cat and I all fell asleep in the back seat. I was zonked. When I got home I decided to get back on the eliptical and work off some of the goods, then cleaned up and plunked down on the couch. Watched SNL (favorite show) from the night before and then headed off to dreamland. And that’s the way the weekend went. It was great! Kinda glad it’s over since I’m more then exhausted but it was worth all the typing. Cheers! ~Sandy PS – Check out the party pics in my album section!

One of those things

Hey y’all…taking some time here in the afternoon to participate in one of those survey things where you tell all your dirty little secrets and hope that because we’re on the internet, it doesn’t really count. 😛   Okay… Here is what you are supposed to do. Cut and Paste this questionnaire, then change the answers to fit your personal response. Then, send it to all of your friends INCLUDING ME!!! About You: 1. Name: Sandy 2. Phone Number: TMI for the internet 3. Address: The Port 4. Email: You should know/see it 5. Birthday: 10/03 6. Birthplace: Kentville, NS What’s your favorite: 7. Book: White Oleander / To Kill A Mockingbird 8. Movie: Almost Famous, White Oleander, The Goonies, etc. 9. Song: Right now it’s "Pull Me Through" by Jim Cuddy and ANYTHING JC / Blue Rodeo-related…all time is "Summer of ’69" – Bryan Adams 10. Color: Yellow 11. Number: 11 12. Letter: ?? That’s just stupid! 13. Board Game: Trivial Pursuit (I’m friggin’ awesome, right Matt?) 14. Computer Game:  Rock & Roll Jeopardy, Tetris (although I’ve banned myself so I don’t see blocks everywhere I look) 15. Card Game: Crazy Eight Countdown w/Cat – we get the giggles 16. Food: Chicken 17. Non-Alcoholic drink: H20, Carrot Juice 18. Alcoholic drink: White wine, Strawberry Daquiris (made w/vodka) w/Heather 19. Name: Bertha-Ruth (LOL…inside joke for Timmie’s gals) 20. Person: Um, me…I’m my biggest fan…and Jim Cuddy! 21. Quote: "When you get a second, will you FUCK OFF!!!" – made famous by me, Jesse and Shawn V. 22. Smell: Roses…and bacon cooking 😛 (Heather, let’s do brunch) 23. Sound: Music, Winston purring (b/c it means he’s resting and not into things), Jamie laughing 24. Place: In my bed..sleeping and not at work, at my parents’ house (HOME!), anywhere w/Kim b/c I’m likely laughing my ass off, in my car…and the list goes on 25. Magazine: In Style (I just got a subscription) 26. Animal: My Winston What Is… 27. The worst feeling in the world: A broken heart, a baaad hangover, breaking bones (lots of experience with that one), a migraine, mourning 28. The best feeling in the world: Hanging out with your best friends, falling in love, waking up on the weekend and realizing you don’t have to get up and go to work!!!, laughing so hard your face hurts or you pee your pants!, getting stuff on sale (eh, Jess?)   29. First thing you think of when you wake up: What the hell is Winston into now? Hmm…should I call in late? 30. First person you talk to: The voices in my head 31. First thing you say: Effing cat! 32. Last thing you do before bed: I always say "Goodnight Winston, be good, love you" before shutting the bedroom door on him 33. Last person you talk to: God 34. Your future daughters name: Princess Consuela Bananahammock a la Phoebe Buffett 35. Your future sons name: We’ll determine these when it happens A few others… 36. Korn or Limp Bizkit: Limp Bizkit did a cover of George Michael’s "Faith" so I gotta love them. 😛 37. *Nsync or BSB: New Kids on the Block! No, seriously. Jon Knight was my man! 38. Half Empty/Half Full: Depends on what the hell’s in the cup 39. Left or right: Where am I going? 40. What are you afraid of: Spiders, the water….spooky 41. Who’s your best friend: Kimer 42. Have you ever lost someone: Yes and it still hurts! 43. What’s on your mouse pad: My hand, the mouse 44. How many rings before you answer the phone: Depends on who’s calling! What is your sign?: Libra 46. If you could have any job in the world what would it be: Headwriter and weekend update cohost on SNL / singer, writer, Oscar winner / Lawyer (that was the initial plan) 47. Who is your best online friend: Kim, E., Ames 48. What were you known for in high school? Not being there! And if I was there, not being there on time (Mr. Alcoe will be happy to vouch for that!), having a little crush on Mr. Alcoe (Lorrie, he was awesome in his cowboy boots and Hammer pants!), being kinda yappy 49. What was the last movie you saw? "8 Below" w/Steve in the snow storm the other night…no wait, Jurassic Park w/Steve the next night 50. Favorite fast food restaurant? Burger King but only so I can see Scottie (too Hottie) and throw my fries at Lorrie (Ah, the good ol’ days!) 51. What did you do last night? Watched "Jim Cuddy: Live at Revival" on CMT….and taped it!! Then finished decorating w/Christmas lights 52. Favorite Holiday: My birthday!! (No, really…it’s like a national event….lots of parties, dinners, friends, drinks, etc.), Christmas 53. Weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked: "Are your eyes real?" – No dillhole, they’re glass (tap tap) – WTF?? For anyone else wondering…yes, the eyes are real…it’s the leg that’s fake 😛 54. Best song to dance to: Brian (Legends DJ) ALWAYS has either "I Will Survive", "I Love a Rainy Night" or "Sweet Home Alabama" for me….but I can dance to anything. (Check out the pics to see my and Heather’s awesome moves :P) 55. Plans for today/tonight: Less then an hour left of work (probably gonna bust out early), then proverbial coffee & chatter w/Tanya, getting crap done for the weekend (5 parties in a row…eekks!) (And I’ll be listening to Blue Rodeo / JC while doing it!) Cheers ~Sandy

Jim Cuddy Rocks! (and so do I!)

Hey Y’all! Wow! It’s been a long time since my last and only entry…apparently I suck. It’s been a long and exhausting year. Brad and I split up late last November – it was a hard time…my heart shattered and I’ve still not fully recovered. He was the one. Oddly enough, we’ve remained the closest of friends and, with the exception of my week in beautiful Mexico, have talked every single day. He is an amazing person – even when he is cranky.

In January, my granddad, the great Brent Reid, became quite ill and in early February he left us here to continue on with my wonderful and beautiful grandmother, Betty, who we lost to cancer in ’99. For those years in between he was waiting patiently to be with her again.

In April I vacationed with Steph in Mexico in the Mayan Riviera…I would consider leaving this place for the evenings alone..I loved it and can’t wait to go back..hopefully this coming spring.

In May, poor Belle got sick with Leukemia, which is what Bo died from. I suspect Bo passed it on to her and it took this long for it to rear its ugly head. The illness settled in Belle’s tummy and she couldn’t keep a darn thing down. Poor thing…I can’t tell you how many times I had to clean up kitty puke from my lovely beige carpet. I was distraught to say the least, but made the choise and finally took her to the vet. She now resides in the backyard of my mom and dad’s house.

(And to top this off, I decided to take BJ to the vet to get him tested/vaccinated and the effer got out of his harness and my arms and I haven’t seen him since. I believe this was God’s way of saying "Girl, you cannot put down another cat!").

In August, September and November Matt, Vanessa and Heather all moved away, respectively. Anic left us in May but when she was home for a visit in September we reunited the Yahtzee girls and got everything back on track. I miss all of you and can’t for us all to be together again. Thank goodness for Amy who’s keeping me sane with gossip and her bad spelling (bad spellers of the world unite – so I can slap you all in the face! – lol).

On August 1 I suffered a neck injury…on August 5 I developed a cough which turned into bronchitis and then full-blown pneumonia. After about 3 & 1/2 weeks my neck was back to normal but I was still sick…and here, on December 6 the doctors are still trying to determine what the hell is wrong with me. In the last 4 months I’ve been on more drugs and inhalers then you can imagine. For the 1st two months I was at the Dr. at least once a week….tests, blood work, xrays, cat scans, ultrasound of my heart, internal medicine – yadda yadda yadda. The pharmacist says to me "It’s a good thing you have a drug plan!" Doctor says she’s going to put a plaque on a chair in the waiting room for me. Receptionists all say "see you next week!" This week Dr. tells me she’s at "the end of her rope" b/c she has no idea what’s wrong with me. Four more Dr. appointments this month including internal medicine, ears, nose and throat specalist and the surgeon (for the tumor in my knee – completely unrelated for once). We’ll see what the new year brings. Hopefully some answers or better lungs.

In June, after being kitty free for awhile, Brad and I went to Kingston to bring me home a new baby. He’s actually BJ’s sibling (from another litter). He was only a few weeks old when we picked him up but I was in love instantly. We went STRAIGHT to the vet to get him tested and vaccinated. Nice and healthy boy. He’s all white (with a few spots of pink lately b/c he won’t stay out of the makeup!) and purrs like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I named him Winston after a client…a strange little Asian man with no phone etiquette.

If any of you reading this haven’t heard Jim Cuddy’s new CD "The Light that Guides You Home" I highly recommend it. I’m totally in love with it right now. I had a huge crush on him in the 80’s (this was after Kirk Cameron and pre-New Kids on the Block) and his voice will make you melt. Blue Rodeo is one of the hardest working, if not the hardest working, bands in Canada and Jim Cuddy has the best voice ever! And those eyes…..*sigh*….what else can I say? He’s hot in every respect.

A little note for Ames and the rest of you…"a lot" is two words; unless you’re sending them, it is never "regards’ but instead "regard" (ie. In regard, with regard, etc.); "Your" shows ownership, "you’re = you are"…I could go on and on but unfortunately, no one will listen to me.

Work is going well, I’ve hit every quota for the past year and have made lots of moola in bonuses, alone. Have one more to reach and then we start all over again. With Christmas right around the corner, extra money will always come in handy, although I’ll probably end up buying myself a new purse or something.

Until the next time, be sure to check out Blue Rodeo or Jim Cuddy music, be nice to each other and go to savedarfur.com to see what you can do.