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One of those things

Hey y’all…taking some time here in the afternoon to participate in one of those survey things where you tell all your dirty little secrets and hope that because we’re on the internet, it doesn’t really count. 😛   Okay… Here is what you are supposed to do. Cut and Paste this questionnaire, then change the answers to fit your personal response. Then, send it to all of your friends INCLUDING ME!!! About You: 1. Name: Sandy 2. Phone Number: TMI for the internet 3. Address: The Port 4. Email: You should know/see it 5. Birthday: 10/03 6. Birthplace: Kentville, NS What’s your favorite: 7. Book: White Oleander / To Kill A Mockingbird 8. Movie: Almost Famous, White Oleander, The Goonies, etc. 9. Song: Right now it’s "Pull Me Through" by Jim Cuddy and ANYTHING JC / Blue Rodeo-related…all time is "Summer of ’69" – Bryan Adams 10. Color: Yellow 11. Number: 11 12. Letter: ?? That’s just stupid! 13. Board Game: Trivial Pursuit (I’m friggin’ awesome, right Matt?) 14. Computer Game:  Rock & Roll Jeopardy, Tetris (although I’ve banned myself so I don’t see blocks everywhere I look) 15. Card Game: Crazy Eight Countdown w/Cat – we get the giggles 16. Food: Chicken 17. Non-Alcoholic drink: H20, Carrot Juice 18. Alcoholic drink: White wine, Strawberry Daquiris (made w/vodka) w/Heather 19. Name: Bertha-Ruth (LOL…inside joke for Timmie’s gals) 20. Person: Um, me…I’m my biggest fan…and Jim Cuddy! 21. Quote: "When you get a second, will you FUCK OFF!!!" – made famous by me, Jesse and Shawn V. 22. Smell: Roses…and bacon cooking 😛 (Heather, let’s do brunch) 23. Sound: Music, Winston purring (b/c it means he’s resting and not into things), Jamie laughing 24. Place: In my bed..sleeping and not at work, at my parents’ house (HOME!), anywhere w/Kim b/c I’m likely laughing my ass off, in my car…and the list goes on 25. Magazine: In Style (I just got a subscription) 26. Animal: My Winston What Is… 27. The worst feeling in the world: A broken heart, a baaad hangover, breaking bones (lots of experience with that one), a migraine, mourning 28. The best feeling in the world: Hanging out with your best friends, falling in love, waking up on the weekend and realizing you don’t have to get up and go to work!!!, laughing so hard your face hurts or you pee your pants!, getting stuff on sale (eh, Jess?)   29. First thing you think of when you wake up: What the hell is Winston into now? Hmm…should I call in late? 30. First person you talk to: The voices in my head 31. First thing you say: Effing cat! 32. Last thing you do before bed: I always say "Goodnight Winston, be good, love you" before shutting the bedroom door on him 33. Last person you talk to: God 34. Your future daughters name: Princess Consuela Bananahammock a la Phoebe Buffett 35. Your future sons name: We’ll determine these when it happens A few others… 36. Korn or Limp Bizkit: Limp Bizkit did a cover of George Michael’s "Faith" so I gotta love them. 😛 37. *Nsync or BSB: New Kids on the Block! No, seriously. Jon Knight was my man! 38. Half Empty/Half Full: Depends on what the hell’s in the cup 39. Left or right: Where am I going? 40. What are you afraid of: Spiders, the water….spooky 41. Who’s your best friend: Kimer 42. Have you ever lost someone: Yes and it still hurts! 43. What’s on your mouse pad: My hand, the mouse 44. How many rings before you answer the phone: Depends on who’s calling! What is your sign?: Libra 46. If you could have any job in the world what would it be: Headwriter and weekend update cohost on SNL / singer, writer, Oscar winner / Lawyer (that was the initial plan) 47. Who is your best online friend: Kim, E., Ames 48. What were you known for in high school? Not being there! And if I was there, not being there on time (Mr. Alcoe will be happy to vouch for that!), having a little crush on Mr. Alcoe (Lorrie, he was awesome in his cowboy boots and Hammer pants!), being kinda yappy 49. What was the last movie you saw? "8 Below" w/Steve in the snow storm the other night…no wait, Jurassic Park w/Steve the next night 50. Favorite fast food restaurant? Burger King but only so I can see Scottie (too Hottie) and throw my fries at Lorrie (Ah, the good ol’ days!) 51. What did you do last night? Watched "Jim Cuddy: Live at Revival" on CMT….and taped it!! Then finished decorating w/Christmas lights 52. Favorite Holiday: My birthday!! (No, really…it’s like a national event….lots of parties, dinners, friends, drinks, etc.), Christmas 53. Weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked: "Are your eyes real?" – No dillhole, they’re glass (tap tap) – WTF?? For anyone else wondering…yes, the eyes are real…it’s the leg that’s fake 😛 54. Best song to dance to: Brian (Legends DJ) ALWAYS has either "I Will Survive", "I Love a Rainy Night" or "Sweet Home Alabama" for me….but I can dance to anything. (Check out the pics to see my and Heather’s awesome moves :P) 55. Plans for today/tonight: Less then an hour left of work (probably gonna bust out early), then proverbial coffee & chatter w/Tanya, getting crap done for the weekend (5 parties in a row…eekks!) (And I’ll be listening to Blue Rodeo / JC while doing it!) Cheers ~Sandy