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The (long awaited) Return of the Weekend Update

Hey y’all, Well, it’s been more then a year since I wrote my last weekend update…after separating from Brad I was in a funk and didn’t really feel like writing and sharing my adventures…but alas, the time has come for me to suck it up and move on…so here it is…Elizabeth, this is for you! Okay, so we’re well into Christmas season (although it really doesn’t feel like it…maybe a bit more eggnog and kahlua will help!), which means party time is also here. This past weekend was the start of it all. Thursday after I scooted out of work early to head to the City (thanks Steph for the drive! I miss bonding – see you in Mexico!) for the Navy formal with Donna, Al & company. We got seriously dolled up and headed out for an evening of food, drink and dancing. Our "company" included Donna, Al & myself, Scooby, Geraldine & Cooper, Crystal, and Amber & Dave. It was so much fun, everyone was really nice…sometimes when I’m with Donna I have to remind myself that I’m not 15 and it’s okay to have a drink and talk about boys…lol. So I did. We danced all night and I even made friends with the DJ so that he would play a Blue Rodeo song for me….I was really happy that Al & I got to dance to "Try" – it made my evening. Plus, I LOVE Drunk Al…in the 10 years he and Donna have been married I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to see Drunk Al…I think he’s my favorite…we should keep him around more often. The night wasn’t long enough – seemed to end before I was finished dancing…but I had enough white wine in me (seems like everytime I came back from the facilities or had a glass of H20 in my hand there was a glass of wine waiting for me…thanks to Scooby – I was drinking water for a reason, dude! But thanks.) so when the music stopped I was ready to go….but of course there always to be some form of drama happening wherever I go. So, at the end of the night a few of us ended up having to give statements to the police (oh, what do you do with a drunken sailor??) and then home we went. Friday morning I rolled outta bed with a baaaad headache, sore feet and really fuzzy teeth. But, we had major Christmas shopping to do so off we were. Donna, Al & I ended up "meeting" Cooper & Geraldine at the Lionhead Tavern for lunch (I think I actually inhaled my salad – foliage…mmmm!) and then off to the mall. My feet were too sore for heels so I was in flip flops and short pants…got a few odd looks but what the hell? I have a severed ligament in my ankle..I can do whatever the hell I want. Lots and lots of shopping later it was time for me to head back home…had another party to get to that evening. Got home around 8:30, cleaned up, had brief quality time with Winston and then out the door to Carol (Heather’s mother)’s party. Spent a few hours there chatting with Heather, Ames et al and then back home. Of course, got sick when I got home (it was a new record..I actually held food down for 30 hours….it was nice while it lasted…it’s been more then 2 weeks now…my stomach lining must look wonderful), unpacked everything, straightened up a bit, watched a bit of Jim Cuddy’s special, cuddled with Winston and then off to bed. Saturday morning I woke up in a panic that I wouldn’t have enough time to get everything done before my party that evening. So off to the mall I went. Got a little shopping done then met up with Cat and the boy for lunch. Again, wolfed down my salad and got to color with Jamie and then he was on his way to see Santa and I had more crap to get out of the way. Got a few errands finished then met up with Ames to finish up shopping and picking up "supplies." Smarty-pants locked her keys in her car tho, so I had to drive her to Cambridge so she could grab her spare. I got a good laugh outta that..then dropped her off to a friend and headed home. Got home around 4pm (so much for my bit of shopping to do, since I was at the mall at friggin’ 11:30am!). Four hours to go. Cleaned profusely (Winston helped *rolls eyes*), then hopped on my eliptical to get that outta the way, shower, baking & food prep., got ready and at 5 to 8pm I finally got to sit down. Then the guests started to arrive. We had a great night eating, drinking and being merry. Stories were told, people were hit on, and the mistletoe was HIDDEN! Eventually, the night was over and it was time to go to bed. Sunday morning up early to prepare another dish for my annual family party – this year in Digby at my aunt Linda’s. Once my food was prepared, I had to get ready, then headed over to Cat’s to bring her eggs and hang out with the boy. My mom & dad picked us all up there and then had a long drive. Had a great time at the party; good food, lots of presents, stories and laughter. Then time to head back home….Jamie, Cat and I all fell asleep in the back seat. I was zonked. When I got home I decided to get back on the eliptical and work off some of the goods, then cleaned up and plunked down on the couch. Watched SNL (favorite show) from the night before and then headed off to dreamland. And that’s the way the weekend went. It was great! Kinda glad it’s over since I’m more then exhausted but it was worth all the typing. Cheers! ~Sandy PS – Check out the party pics in my album section!