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How many days till Flip Flop season??

Hello all,

My oh my, what a tiring weekend. It was a fairly busy one this time around.

Friday night I went over to Cat’s to help her clean the house for Jamie’s party the next day (my brother is still working away in AB.). We cleaned the kitchen mostly – swept, mopped, cleared counters and tables, did dishes, organized salt & pepper shakers, etc. Cat wanted to change her table cloth but it was wrinkled so I volunteered to throw it in the dryer for a few minutes. While I was waiting for it to warm and straighten I sorted and folded her laundry. Sick, I know.

After cleaning I went to Amy’s and we watched a movie and gabbed (I told her how the hot pilot I’d gone on one date with almost a year ago asked me out for Sunday. My rule was that he had to call me and make plans since we were corresponding via IM. He said he would phone me Saturday evening). Please don’t rent “The Black Dahlia” unless you want to waste a few dollars and are determined to be confused and super-pissed at the end of the film that you’ll never get those 2 & 1/2 + hours back…ever. From Amy’s I went home and had quality time with Winston and then went to bed.

Saturday was Jamie (aka The Boy)’s 2nd birthday (which Cat and I were cleaning for). I skipped the kids’ party (family party is happening when my brother is back). Amy and I met at the Cobblestone around 1pm and from there went to the matinee. We say “Catch and Release” – it’s a really good girl movie. Very yummy boy (Timothy Olyphant) with nice, white teeth in it. He gets the shirt…but not the Yahtzee shirt, the Rachel Ray “YUM-O” shirt. Hee hee.

Ironically, the hot pilot was at the theater…with a woman. Interesting. We made eye contact a few times but he seemed pretty clueless as to who I was and I wasn’t going to approach him.

From the theater I went to my parents’ for a quick visit and then home. In the early evening I went over to Cat’s to see the boy on his birthday. He’s so funny. He’s very interested in his trucks and tractors – and loved the Tickle me Elmo Extreme my parents got him…until you took him out of the box. Then Jamie had a fit and begged us to put him back in the box. Heartbreaking. Once my mom and dad left, Jamie and I played and Cat and I chatted and then it was time to go.

Steve came over and we hung out for hours (he hogs Winston when he’s over, but Winston knows who feeds him, so it’s all good!) while I waited for Clinton (Clin-Tone!) to call. He works for Eastlink and was covering the basketball game at Acadia. I told him to crash at my place since none of the Yahtzee heads have seen him in close to 3 years.
Mid-evening, Mr. Pilot (who’s actually less-hot since last year) called to make plans for the following date. “Are you available?” he asked…”Are you?” came my glib reply. I confirmed that it was him who I’d seen that day and could actually hear the “deer-caught-in-headlights-look” in his voice. He attempted to make plans for the next day (still!) and I told him I wasn’t about stepping on toes, etc. and didn’t want to do things that were gonna get me in trouble, as it seemed he was already doing. I don’t understand guys (and gals) who feel the need to cheat. He told me he was divorced…so my only remaining question is “who is this lady?” Is she a wife? A girlfriend? The mistress? Meh. I’m not worried about it. He’s off the radar. Although, I might go a little further with my bitchiness and post a picture or two of this dude. Is that wrong? Heh heh (evil laugh ensues).

Well, Mr. Clinton didn’t phone until after midnight but he did come over and of course the 3 of us gabbed for a few hours. Eventually, Steve went home but Clinton and I caught up on who we still see and what everyone’s doing, looked at pics, told our sob stories and finally I told him I was going to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up and when Clinton woke we made plans to go for breakfast. I tried to catch Amy in time to join us, but she was already on her way to her dad’s to help him paint. So, Clinton and I got ready and headed out. (I was very excited to, having tried on my “Kingstec jeans” found that they fit and were wearable. In fact, I was so excited I called and woke Heather just to tell her. Standing-only pants back in!).

After brunch, Clinton went on his merry way and I had to run back up to my mom and dad’s since I forgot what I went to pick up the day before. From there did a wee bit of shopping then headed home. Steve stopped by for a bit and brought me the Jim Cuddy interview we’ve been trying to burn for forever. Yay. I made him watch the whole thing. 😀 After he left, Amy popped by. We gabbed then she left me. I laid on the couch and read for a few hours – too tired to do anything else. I finally finished my book (“The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold. Very good, I highly recommend it. You’ll cry.) I continued my lounging on the couch for the rest of the evening and then at 10pm, called it an early night. My eyes were burning. I needed sleep.

That’s it!

Just a note, today is the 1st anniversary of my grandfather’s (the great Brent Reid) death. I hope he is in heaven dancing with my nan and playing his fiddle.




LESSONS in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (this will be updated often)

Alrighty….I figured it’s about time for me to start keeping a record of misspelled words or bad grammar, etc. So, it seems, I am going to be posting continuously on this one. This kind of stuff makes me twitch and if I can’t correct it, I feel like my head is gonna [sic] explode.

The destruction of the English language is a sad, sad thing.

Okay, here goes:

1) REGARDS – Unless you’re sending them, it is never "regards", but instead, regard (ie. with regard, in regard to, etc.) – I have clients who think they’re so smart by saying "in regards to….yadda yadda" and I want to slap them!
2) A LOT – IT’S TWO WORDS, PEOPLE! Yeesh. Where were you in grade 1 when we were learning this. MY LORD! If I see it written as "alot" one more time I’m gonna throw something!
3) Amy, it’s REmember…not "member" 😀
4) Please don’t say "Mike’s and I’s" – seriously. Are you a bit retarded? It’s "Mike’s and MY" – or you can say "Leave a message for Mike and ME" and not "Leave a message for Mike and I." Basically, the sentence has to MAKE SENSE if you take out the other person. You wouldn’t say "Leave a message for I", would you? If you would then this conversation is over!

MORE TO COME (work is calling).

Shout Out to Horton Griffins!

Last night I had dinner with a friend from high school and ended up running into a few other school mates as well. So, here is a shout out to Amy K., Regan and Kyla. Looking forward to girls’ night in February.

It was a great evening. Amy K. and I went to elementary and high school together but haven’t seen each other in close to 2 years…which is sad b/c we don’t live too far away from each other…just scheduling conflicts, etc. But it was nice to catch up with her. We had dinner and drinks at Paddy’s in Wolfville and had lots of laughs over stories of how much of a bitch I am to my neighbors (they deserve it!!), high school and ghost stories & nightmares (and we’re not gonna talk about it anymore!!). There was a drunk sitting at the bar and was singing a bit. He looked a little homeless…maybe it was Greg Keelor.

Lots of gossip..Gossip is always good when it’s about other people. And last night it was. Haha.

I love catching up!

Regan, here’s to Ms. Freeman’s math class and getting kicked out on a daily basis! Cheers!

Tell Me Why (I Don’t Like Mondays)

Another great weekend has passed us by. Let’s make this one quick.

Friday night my cousin Tanya visited. We basically had a late dinner and watched TV and gossiped. We’re both sick so when we get together it’s a pretty sad sight. Lots of coughing, barking, wheezing and complaining. Good times.

Saturday morning I got up and headed to my parents’ house. My dad and I went into the City to get me a car (yay for me!). He made my mom take his truck to work and we took her car (the “old lady mobile”) to the Halifax – it’s a lot easier on gas then his beast so it only made sense. I made him drive my new car out of the bumper-to-bumper Saturday afternoon traffic then we switched on the highway. The new car, which I’ve named (thus far) Fernando (no more Dave, Kim), is a standard and I’ve always driven automatics, except for the occasional joyride or “stealing” Gary’s car to go to Bridgewater, etc. so I was a little trepidatious about driving it my first time. But I’ve got ‘er all under control now. So, drove the car home, put my new winter tires on it and then headed home.

Saturday night Steve and I went to a party at Angel’s. My old roommate, Sherry (Angel’s sister), was there as well and the 3 of us reiterated stories from our times together at Tim Horton’s and waiting for the school bus. Their mom had made wine and it seemed that every time my glass was empty their dad would be right there filling it back up. It was really good wine tho, so I had no problem with it. After a great night of stories and laughter and catching up (congratulations, BTW Angel!) it was time to go. All I wanted out of life was a burger so Steve swung by McDonald’s on the way home and then we headed back to my place to eat and watch a little tv. Then I booted him out so I could go to sleep. 🙂

Sunday morning I woke up way earlier then I wanted to. I decided to take advantage of the time and (after watching SNL) spent a good chunk of the morning reading. My book is one that is so good you can’t put it down..even though there are other things to be done. Finally, I put it down and made plans with Amy. I picked her up and we grabbed a quick bite and then headed to the mall. Did a wee bit of shopping and then headed home. Dropped her off, visited my parents real quick, took my mom for a spin and then headed home. I made the most of my evening and had quality time with Winston. Eventually I put on a movie and then it was time for bed.


Blue Boys

Okay, so by now you all know that I have a great admiration for Blue Rodeo, and specifically for Jim Cuddy. Following is a link (you’ll probably have to copy and paste since I submitted this on a Mac aka paperweight) for their 1990 video "Till I Am Myself Again" – I love it. Great song, video au fromage, Jim in leather, Greg looking superfly in his jeans…and white doves, what more could you ask for. Enjoy.

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADYMP1uWPUM >

EDIT: I’ve just added a few pics..one of the band and one of Jim & Greg. They rock!


PS – I will be adding to this blog periodically so keep checking back for the goods.

“Is ‘F*ck’ spelled Right?”

Ahh…another weekend come and gone. It was actually kind of interesting and eventful.

Friday night I went from work to my parents’ for dinner (my pa’s birthday). It was interesting…my mother and the boy were both “in a mood” – Fun times. Afterwards, I headed home and waited for Tanya to drop by so we could head out for a cruise. We drove for an hour and a half and sang to the “Rent” soundtrack (Anic and Vanessa – you can both appreciate this!). Tanya just watched it recently after my 14 month nagging people to see it. We had a blast, giggling and taking our turns as Mimi & Roger. The funniest thing that happened tho, was seeing three deer on the side of the road and Tanya yelling “Fuck that’s a big dog!!” Yes Anic – SHE GETS THE SHIRT!! It was interesting to hear us since she has bronchitis (I keep telling her to get her ass to the doctor) and I’ve had this unexplained hoarseness and wheeziness since August-friggin’-fifth! I told Cat that night I was “so wheezy I could be a Jefferson!” – she didn’t get it…our poor little foreign girl. Lol.

Once Tanya dropped my back at home I spent pretty much the rest of the night on the phone: chatted w/Anic, Steve (who was too damn late leaving JH’s so I took back my invitation!) and Cat. Cat and I had incredible giggles over stories of ex-boyfriends who’re in prison and will remain nameless and idiotic, stories of bad driving and accidents (YES I hit a parked car!! – but if it’s ever brought up to the wrong people I will deny it to my death), and plain ol’ dumb things we did. Cat is the best person to get the giggles with b/c her giddiness is so contagious that you’ll likely pee your pants just watching/listening to her.

Saturday I met Amy at the Cobblestone for what’s becoming weekly “coffee” and waited for Steve to get back from Chester. We met up with him and went car shopping. I’ve blown a head gasket and you know what? EFF it! It’s time for another darn car. It was time for a new car 4 years ago about accidents happen, bones get broken and, really, what’s the point in buying a car you can’t drive, right? I suppose when I have surgery on my knee fairly soon I’ll either have to work from home or trade with my mom and drive the “old lady mobile” for a bit. (Sorry Matt!)

We hit every single car lot from New Minas to Coldbrook and the car I fell in love with was, of course, the first car I looked at…just like prom dress shopping. Try on a thousand dresses and end up buying the first one you see. LOL. Have a few prospects but am not committing yet. Will have a look-see and finally make a decision.

After we finished car-hunting I made Steve take us to The Market in Wolfville so we (I) could look at records. Rick has thousands of records in the back room and I would be happy to spend days in there searching and sorting. I would love to have the opportunity to get in there and clean the bins too but that’s just me. I asked Rick a few years ago if I could come in and sort all the records and alphabetize them, etc. but only if I could have free range over my finds. He was down with it. Someday…I’ll get in there and git-er-done!

So, once we left The Market we all went to our respective homes. We’d made plans for the 3 of us (plus Cav) to go to a movie that night. Steve picked me up and we met up w/Ames and waited for Cav – he didn’t show up for another 40 minutes or so but I filled Amy in on what she’d missed. And that’s all we’re gonna say about that. We say “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith. It was a good movie but my advice to anyone who gets motion sick at all – wait till it comes out on DVD. You’d think that with the amount of money put into this project, especially with Will Smith co-producing, they could’ve hired someone to hold the damn camera steady!! I left that movie dizzy, headachy and nauseous. Amy wasn’t up to par either. Was certain that I’d have to get Steve to pull over on the way home so I could barf but I made it home (thank goodness…y’all know that once I start I’m a big barfing machine!). Steve came in for a bit and I was not up for TV since my eyes still weren’t focused so we put in the Blue Rodeo DVD for a bit and I took a Gravol and told him I was booting him out within an hour – since I would likely be passed out before that.

Sunday I got up and did a little bit of nothing for awhile. Then I headed into New Minas to pick up some groceries. Coincidentally, I met up with Steve and then with Veronica when we were leaving. A nice little reunion since the 27th.
I spent the afternoon making a nice little Italian “feast” and had Cat and Jamie over for dinner (my brother is working away again). Jamie and Winston played together quite nicely. I made Cat watch some BR and eventually they left. I had the rest of the evening to myself (FINALLY got to talk to H.Bo) and then headed to bed w/a full blown migraine. It was so bad at 2:30am that I put on my hoodie and let Winston come to bed with me and knead my head to try and relieve any pressure at all…but I ended up having to get up an hour later and change my shirt b/c the weirdo drooled all over the shoulder. Gross. Kitty drool. How lovely.

And now we’re back at Monday. My headache has subsided since 9:30am, I hate my neighbors, am working on getting that car, and there’s a snow storm on the way.

Good times.


PS – Good luck Tanya on your first day of work….Congratulations Vanessa…when were you gonna tell me?

Weirdest Pickup Lines Ever Heard – EVER!

1) "Do you have a bandaid? I scraped my knee falling for you." (puke puke)

2) "Wanna go see the side of the house?" (oh sweetie, I’ve already seen it)

3) This is my favorite..it takes the cake: "Yeah, I slept in a ditch once." Um, seriously, what am I supposed to do with that?

4) "Nice set!!" ‘ Nuff said.