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The Holidays

Happy 2007!

Wow! Can you believe another year has passed so quickly? It’s insane. Hopefully 2007 will be a heckuva lot better then 2006 – although, in all honesty, 2006 wasn’t that bad – if you put aside heartache, death, and friends moving too darn far away!!

Since I’ve slacked over the holidays here comes a super long update:

December 21 was my last day of work for the holidays..So, I finished up what little work I had to do (I made my monthly and YEARLY quota – yipee!), Rod made me a drink and then I cuddled up w/Brock (he’s 10) in front of Stevie (their new TV – I know – lame!) and watched part of Tokyo Drift. Then I left to finish my shopping and then to Amy’s to drop something off, then home. I was so happy to finally be finished and not having to brave the mall anymore. I get cranky when there’re too many people around me.

Friday morning I got up and within an hour I was bored. I hate not having anything to do, so I headed to my mom’s salon and visited w/her and the ladies for a bit then headed over to have lunch with Erica. Afterward I made my decision to go back to the City for the party at my new friend, Crystal’s. Got to Donna & Al’s, hung with the kidlets, Al and I went on a mission to find some sauce for Donna, Andrew and I made fudge for the party and then it was time to get ready and go. We had a good time (lots of wine) and then it was time for home and bed. Al made a nice resting place on the bathroom floor and I took over Victoria’s bed again since she was gone. At 4am I woke up with Scooby standing over me – WTF?? He was trying to coerce me down to his bed? What the eff for? I’m good…I’m in my bed (SLEEPING, mind you!), toasty, extra blankets, my nice little ass groove….leave me alone. Well, the coercion went on for another 17 minutes or so…Eff sakes! If you want to hear the rest of the story you’re gonna have to ask me – way too much to type.

Saturday morning we got up, vegged out, then it was time to head back to the Valley. In the evening I went over to Amy & Cav’s to watch “One Magic Christmas” – it’s my favorite holiday movie and Christmas isn’t complete until I watch this movie. Then it was home to bed.

Sunday, Christmas eve I woke up with a migraine and spent a few hours wrapping presents. Then I had a long day of laying around until it was time to get ready and go to my grandparents’ for our traditional (Acadienne) dinner. The boy was WOUND up (but so good), my brother was cranky (as usual), but the rest of the evening went well. Finally, I headed over to Steve’s as promised. We exchanged presents (he totally rocks! He bought me the Blue Rodeo: In Stereovision DVD that I’ve been lusting after!) then I went to my mom and dad’s. All I wanted to do was go to bed (still had the migraine) but had to wait for them to get home b/c my mom was harboring gifts for my dad for me and they needed to be wrapped. When they got home I begged my mom to take care of them so I could just (hopefully) sleep away the headache. I slept in my old room…it was nice…a lot neater then my days there :S

Christmas morning I heard my dad roaming around upstairs but my head felt like I’d been hit with a ton of bricks so I went back to sleep…I did this about 5 times and then figured I should drag my ass up and pop some Advil…it didn’t help. We opened presents – I did good. They did good. It was all good. I got ready while we were waiting for my brother and Cat to come over w/Jamie and also for Cat’s parents for dinner. I helped my mom w/the food (until she started playing crapola “music” and then I bailed…I couldn’t deal with the noise). We opened more presents, had fun with the baby and ate. Christmas was great – then I headed home to spend time with Winston and just to be quiet. Headache stayed until the 26th or so.

Boxing day Amy and I decided to go for “coffee” and chat. Smarty pants lost her keys again so I picked her up and we just hung out at the Tim’s in Coldbrook…then decided to have a little lunch at Wendy’s. Afterward I went to my parents’ again and chilled there for awhile then back home. In the evening they visited and Steve showed up for a movie. He picked out the third Indiana Jones (mmm..Harrison Ford) movie and when it was over he went home.

Wednesday Amy and I did some shopping and in the evening I had the second annual December 27 dinner with Steve, Kim D. and Veronica (and their mates). We had a good time catching up and drinking wine (I guess that was just me!) and oddly enough I spotted someone (Jerry) from school who I hadn’t seen in a few years. We chatted briefly and he asked the old “are you in the book?” To my surprise, he actually phoned me the next day. I told him I was surprised b/c I always tell people I’m gonna call and then don’t.

Friday (I don’t know what I did Thursday) after work I headed to Greenwood for some shopping with Amy and Jerry called again. He and Steve ended up coming over and we had a nice little visit. Around 11pm my mom called to tell me that Saddam Hussein was being executed and to flip on CNN. We watched that for a bit (I have mixed feelings about the issue) and eventually my boys went home and off to bed I went.

Every year my family gets together with my parents’ friends and their kids for Chinese food on NYE and then we all venture off our separate ways. This year we did it on the 30th. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. My headache came back early in the day (I still have it – today is Jan. 2!) so I really wasn’t in the mood for much. I went and had dinner with them and sadly, went home and vegged on the couch with Winston and finally to bed b/c I really just wanted to put my head thru a wall!

New Year’s Eve! Sunday plans got really screwy, parties got cancelled, Kellock’s was booked, Blue Rodeo concert was but a mere pipe dream at this point…but I made plans and headed out to a very VERY small (minute) house party (yeah, let’s call it that, Ames) and had a good time. Had some wine, told some stories, laughed a lot. Steve was good enough to put on the Jim Cuddy: Live at the Revival special he’d recorded for me in the background and the rest of the evening was nice. Happy New Year!

So, that’s it….not much else to tell…unless you want to ask me for the rest of the Scooby story. Lol. Very entertaining!



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