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How Picky Am I?

You can call me picky, high maitenance, stubborn, etc. I am more then happy to admit that I am anal…Here’s why: 1) Towels and blankets needed to be folded a particular way. Brad was not permitted to fold the towels when we were together. Amy and Steve both know too well that if you fold a blanket when you’re finished with it I WILL go behind you and refold it! Even if it’s your blanket. There are rules – corners need to be perfectly aligned, no wrinkles, folded horizonally and a precise number of times. 2) The toilet paper roll needs to flow OVER (this no longer applies in my house since I have to hide it away from Winston!!)! This debate has been ongoing…even Oprah herself did a show on this. The answer is OVER OVER OVER! Before the cat was an ahole it was always flowing over in my house. And if I’m at your house I WILL change the roll if it’s going under. Sorry. I can’t help it. It makes me twitch. 3) The car seats (in a two-door) have to be placed upward before closing the door. It makes no sense for them to be leaning forward (if you had to reach in the back for something or to let someone out of the back) and it just looks bad. 4) The dishes need to be done ASAP. If this means before eating, then so be it. Amy knows the rules. I taught her well. 5) Yes, I vaccuum my stove. Dwayne and Matt had a good laugh over this. But you know what? It gets dirty too. 6) Magazines, books, photos, mail, CDs, etc…all have to be facing the same way. Otherwise, things just look disorganized. 7) A bed cannot go unmade. ‘Nuff said! 8) I have an unusually bad habit of correcting people’s spelling, grammar, punctuation. It’s insulting to them, I’m sure, but even more insulting to the English language. Just be happy I don’t slap you. 😛 9) Okay, below I’ve attached a photo of Blue Rodeo from the late 80’s (Jim Cuddy looks super hot (as always) in this pic), and as much as I love the picture itself, how bad is it that I want nothing more to get in there and clean that room? Seriously, it’s like a disease. 10) Maybe it’s the potential OCD (Cav will have a feild day with this one, Brad sure did), my food can’t touch and can’t be mixed – and certain foods have to be eaten first. If, for instance, there are peas, carrots and corn on a plate then they have to be in their separate piles and the corn would have to be eaten first. If we’re out for a burger and fries…it’s one or the other…I can’t take a bite of a burger and then have fries…it’s just wrong. *Sigh* Help me! I’m certain there are more and more (and even more) reasons as to why I’m anal…I will add them (and any you want to offer) as they come to me. Cheers!

6 responses

  1. Amy

    Yes, Sandy has tought me weel. But I like to screw things up somtimes, just to piss her off!!

    January 5, 2007 at 2:12 pm

  2. Anic

    Absolutely the toilet paper goes over! That way, if your really fancy you can make a triangle when you have company!
    And yes, towels and blankets get folded a certain way. My way at my house. And my towels get rolled and put in a basket. I\’m like you hunnie, or at least tryin\’ to be.

    January 6, 2007 at 12:24 am

  3. Tanya

    Ok, I slightly agree that you sound like you have OCD. Mind you, I pretty much the same way, but would never admit it. I am CONSTANTLY correcting peoples grammar and spelling (in text, not in person). I play a game called a MUD that is all text based and it pisses me off when people can\’t spell, or dont know which they\’re/there/their to use. Like, eff!
    -I also eat my food in order. No mixing for me thanks. I also go one step further and MUST do all the work to the food before I eat. That means I cut my meat, butter my potatoes, put on the salt, etc.
    -I also agree about the car seats being pushed forwards. Not that I made of a habit of making sure they were forward when I had my 2 door, but it does look bad.
    -I also must do a pre-shake everytime I take the cap off a drink (not pop, duh). This counts for juice, milk, etc.
    -My water must have NOOOO taste.
    Ok, enough admiting my OCD.

    January 9, 2007 at 3:47 pm

  4. Anic

    LOL! You vaccum your stove! Maybe I should try this… YOU\’RE SO SMART!! DVDs in the computer!

    January 10, 2007 at 2:02 am

  5. Cat

    Not getting into my own OCD here… (much), just wanted to say that:
    2. yes, tp goes over, but there are exceptions! Like, pets and toddlers. Therefore, some tp must go under. Must.
    4. this is a sickness. It is wrong. Dishes are totally a pain and can be left and ignored until such a time as the food has been comfortably digested. THEN you get to them. And put them in the dishwasher the right way!
    5. you VACUUM your STOVE? What\’s wrong with just wiping it down like the rest of us? 😀
    7. beds can SO go unmade. Why bother if you will just mess it up again? However, if the blankets get too messed up, one must get up at 3 am and remake the bed then.
    9. Seriously, it IS a disease.
    10. You mean you don\’t take the second patty of "meat" off your Big Macs so you can eat it after the rest of it is gone? You heathen!

    January 10, 2007 at 8:55 am

  6. Cat

    Yeah, that last one is me, your dear SIL, but apparently I have no clue how to put in a name. It won\’t let me.

    January 10, 2007 at 8:57 am

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