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WTF Was that?

Alrighty….here’s the latest from the weekend. Actually, let’s start with a day or two before the weekend. I went to see the ears, nose and throat specialist on Thursday (It was 5 months on Friday since I’ve been sick!) – what an effing quack and a waste of my time. Seriously. I was super-pissed at this guy. He wouldn’t stop a) snuffing his post-nasal drip b) singing c) telling jokes. He had no answers and he kept making stupid commments (which I’m sure in his world he thought were funny), making jokes and bursting into song. After a bit I’d had enough and finally interrupted him and said sternly “You should seriously consider changing careers!” – I was more than annoyed. Coincidently, Steph saw him the day before and had a similar experience with him…so it’s not just me. After I left him I figured I’m right there, I might as well run over to the hospital and get my blood work done. When the desk clerk was checking me in she asked the clerk at the next cubicle something about one of the tests…the clerk answered her and then looked at me and said “Oh my God, this girl is here all the time..just do what we normally do for her!” How frigging sad is that? I’m recognized at the damn hospital! My Dr. said she’s putting a plaque on a chair in reception for me. A better idea, find out what the hell is wrong with me and send me on my jolly way! Okay, so back to the weekend. Friday night, Steve, Amy & Cav and I went out for dinner. We had fun chatting and making fun of everything and everyone (We got talking about the last blog and how anal I am. Cav now thinks I have OCD and Amy wants to commit me for a free toaster!). I really REALLY wanted to go camping (it was so nice I was in short pants and flip flops….in January…in NOVA SCOTIA!! Crazy!) but apparently, I was the only one. So the 4 of us watched a movie instead. My company left me around midnight and shortly after I got the best phone call from Anic in Alberta. She and I had lotsa laughs and giggles and, oh my LORD, she totally got the shirt! (Anic, I love you for that. I hope you watched your Dane Cook DVD. Happy birthday to you and Vanessa!). Saturday, Amy and I met at the Cobblestone for coffee and then did some shopping. Smarty-pants forgot her wallet again. I tell ya, it’s always something with her…lol. Either she forgets her wallet or can’t find her keys…or locks them in the car. I told her it was her way of making me her bitch and me getting stuck with the banking fees. Haha. Afterward, I headed up to my parents’ for a few minutes (my mom is just getting over Norwalk so I wasn’t allowed in the house last week – since my immune system is “in the toilet” as my Dr. put it). Then I headed home, cleaned, vegged with Winston and waited for my company. Jerry (who I ran into over Christmas) came over for the evening to “shoot the shit” – he brought some wine and before the morning came we’d gone thru 2 bottles (minus the 2 glasses that ended up on my carpet when I tripped over the stool…oops!). It was an interesting evening..lots of stories, laughs, ga-gas over Jim & Greg (by him too) of Blue Rodeo, etc. He left around 3:30am and I finally crawled into bed. Thankfully, Amy called Sunday morning and woke my ass up. She popped in for a quick visit then I headed up to my parents’ to scan some pics and pick up my remaining Christmas crap. Ran some errands then home. I spent the late afternoon reading, listening to tunes and finally popping in a movie. Too tired to do much but not ready to go to bed. My days are sometimes less then exciting but they keep me occupied. Cheers!

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  1. Anic

    I can\’t believe you told your specialist to change careers! LOL! I love calling you! You made my night!

    January 10, 2007 at 2:05 am

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