Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Things to Know About Me

Things to know about me (I’ll be adding over time)

1) I swear way too much!
2) I HATE Kraft Dinner! Yuck!
3) I usually have a blanket wrapped around me..even in the summer. (I get cold).
4) I’m a cuddle-slut and a couch hog (Vanessa – we miss your sectional!).
5) My best friend is the love of my life.
6) Older men rock (I love hot dads! – Yay Jim Cuddy & Harrison Ford).
7) I probably won’t tell you if there’s something in your teeth – it’s just funnier that way (Sorry Heather!).
8) I have a knack for getting out of (many) speeding tickets .
9) It’s not a lie if you believe it.
10) I’m convinced that if I sat on my hands I wouldn’t be able to speak.
11) Music is my ‘Jordan Catalano’
12) I ALWAYS wanted to be a "Goonie"
13) I play a mean air guitar (but lessons are expensive)
14) I had pneumonia every year from the time I was 3 thru 16 and probably 10 times since then.
15) I can recite all the words to "Adventures in Babysitting" (Kevin can vouch for this) {this was the movie I watched over and over whenever I was home from school sick (w/pneumonia – lol}
16) My mind is a vessel of useless information (such as celebrity birthdays, song lyrics, movie/song/video release dates, etc.)
17) I can give "Six" from "Blossom" a run for her money in the speed-talking department
18) I won all the spelling bees in elementary school
19) I won bubble gum contests {and came in 2nd for Chubby Bunny (pictures to follow)}

2 responses

  1. Anic

    You enjoy random adventures with quasi-pyschotic best friend Anic. LOVE YA!

    January 10, 2007 at 2:08 am

  2. sandy

    Scale a wall, shall we?

    August 21, 2009 at 11:04 pm

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