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“Is ‘F*ck’ spelled Right?”

Ahh…another weekend come and gone. It was actually kind of interesting and eventful.

Friday night I went from work to my parents’ for dinner (my pa’s birthday). It was interesting…my mother and the boy were both “in a mood” – Fun times. Afterwards, I headed home and waited for Tanya to drop by so we could head out for a cruise. We drove for an hour and a half and sang to the “Rent” soundtrack (Anic and Vanessa – you can both appreciate this!). Tanya just watched it recently after my 14 month nagging people to see it. We had a blast, giggling and taking our turns as Mimi & Roger. The funniest thing that happened tho, was seeing three deer on the side of the road and Tanya yelling “Fuck that’s a big dog!!” Yes Anic – SHE GETS THE SHIRT!! It was interesting to hear us since she has bronchitis (I keep telling her to get her ass to the doctor) and I’ve had this unexplained hoarseness and wheeziness since August-friggin’-fifth! I told Cat that night I was “so wheezy I could be a Jefferson!” – she didn’t get it…our poor little foreign girl. Lol.

Once Tanya dropped my back at home I spent pretty much the rest of the night on the phone: chatted w/Anic, Steve (who was too damn late leaving JH’s so I took back my invitation!) and Cat. Cat and I had incredible giggles over stories of ex-boyfriends who’re in prison and will remain nameless and idiotic, stories of bad driving and accidents (YES I hit a parked car!! – but if it’s ever brought up to the wrong people I will deny it to my death), and plain ol’ dumb things we did. Cat is the best person to get the giggles with b/c her giddiness is so contagious that you’ll likely pee your pants just watching/listening to her.

Saturday I met Amy at the Cobblestone for what’s becoming weekly “coffee” and waited for Steve to get back from Chester. We met up with him and went car shopping. I’ve blown a head gasket and you know what? EFF it! It’s time for another darn car. It was time for a new car 4 years ago about accidents happen, bones get broken and, really, what’s the point in buying a car you can’t drive, right? I suppose when I have surgery on my knee fairly soon I’ll either have to work from home or trade with my mom and drive the “old lady mobile” for a bit. (Sorry Matt!)

We hit every single car lot from New Minas to Coldbrook and the car I fell in love with was, of course, the first car I looked at…just like prom dress shopping. Try on a thousand dresses and end up buying the first one you see. LOL. Have a few prospects but am not committing yet. Will have a look-see and finally make a decision.

After we finished car-hunting I made Steve take us to The Market in Wolfville so we (I) could look at records. Rick has thousands of records in the back room and I would be happy to spend days in there searching and sorting. I would love to have the opportunity to get in there and clean the bins too but that’s just me. I asked Rick a few years ago if I could come in and sort all the records and alphabetize them, etc. but only if I could have free range over my finds. He was down with it. Someday…I’ll get in there and git-er-done!

So, once we left The Market we all went to our respective homes. We’d made plans for the 3 of us (plus Cav) to go to a movie that night. Steve picked me up and we met up w/Ames and waited for Cav – he didn’t show up for another 40 minutes or so but I filled Amy in on what she’d missed. And that’s all we’re gonna say about that. We say “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith. It was a good movie but my advice to anyone who gets motion sick at all – wait till it comes out on DVD. You’d think that with the amount of money put into this project, especially with Will Smith co-producing, they could’ve hired someone to hold the damn camera steady!! I left that movie dizzy, headachy and nauseous. Amy wasn’t up to par either. Was certain that I’d have to get Steve to pull over on the way home so I could barf but I made it home (thank goodness…y’all know that once I start I’m a big barfing machine!). Steve came in for a bit and I was not up for TV since my eyes still weren’t focused so we put in the Blue Rodeo DVD for a bit and I took a Gravol and told him I was booting him out within an hour – since I would likely be passed out before that.

Sunday I got up and did a little bit of nothing for awhile. Then I headed into New Minas to pick up some groceries. Coincidentally, I met up with Steve and then with Veronica when we were leaving. A nice little reunion since the 27th.
I spent the afternoon making a nice little Italian “feast” and had Cat and Jamie over for dinner (my brother is working away again). Jamie and Winston played together quite nicely. I made Cat watch some BR and eventually they left. I had the rest of the evening to myself (FINALLY got to talk to H.Bo) and then headed to bed w/a full blown migraine. It was so bad at 2:30am that I put on my hoodie and let Winston come to bed with me and knead my head to try and relieve any pressure at all…but I ended up having to get up an hour later and change my shirt b/c the weirdo drooled all over the shoulder. Gross. Kitty drool. How lovely.

And now we’re back at Monday. My headache has subsided since 9:30am, I hate my neighbors, am working on getting that car, and there’s a snow storm on the way.

Good times.


PS – Good luck Tanya on your first day of work….Congratulations Vanessa…when were you gonna tell me?