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Tell Me Why (I Don’t Like Mondays)

Another great weekend has passed us by. Let’s make this one quick.

Friday night my cousin Tanya visited. We basically had a late dinner and watched TV and gossiped. We’re both sick so when we get together it’s a pretty sad sight. Lots of coughing, barking, wheezing and complaining. Good times.

Saturday morning I got up and headed to my parents’ house. My dad and I went into the City to get me a car (yay for me!). He made my mom take his truck to work and we took her car (the “old lady mobile”) to the Halifax – it’s a lot easier on gas then his beast so it only made sense. I made him drive my new car out of the bumper-to-bumper Saturday afternoon traffic then we switched on the highway. The new car, which I’ve named (thus far) Fernando (no more Dave, Kim), is a standard and I’ve always driven automatics, except for the occasional joyride or “stealing” Gary’s car to go to Bridgewater, etc. so I was a little trepidatious about driving it my first time. But I’ve got ‘er all under control now. So, drove the car home, put my new winter tires on it and then headed home.

Saturday night Steve and I went to a party at Angel’s. My old roommate, Sherry (Angel’s sister), was there as well and the 3 of us reiterated stories from our times together at Tim Horton’s and waiting for the school bus. Their mom had made wine and it seemed that every time my glass was empty their dad would be right there filling it back up. It was really good wine tho, so I had no problem with it. After a great night of stories and laughter and catching up (congratulations, BTW Angel!) it was time to go. All I wanted out of life was a burger so Steve swung by McDonald’s on the way home and then we headed back to my place to eat and watch a little tv. Then I booted him out so I could go to sleep. 🙂

Sunday morning I woke up way earlier then I wanted to. I decided to take advantage of the time and (after watching SNL) spent a good chunk of the morning reading. My book is one that is so good you can’t put it down..even though there are other things to be done. Finally, I put it down and made plans with Amy. I picked her up and we grabbed a quick bite and then headed to the mall. Did a wee bit of shopping and then headed home. Dropped her off, visited my parents real quick, took my mom for a spin and then headed home. I made the most of my evening and had quality time with Winston. Eventually I put on a movie and then it was time for bed.