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LESSONS in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (this will be updated often)

Alrighty….I figured it’s about time for me to start keeping a record of misspelled words or bad grammar, etc. So, it seems, I am going to be posting continuously on this one. This kind of stuff makes me twitch and if I can’t correct it, I feel like my head is gonna [sic] explode.

The destruction of the English language is a sad, sad thing.

Okay, here goes:

1) REGARDS – Unless you’re sending them, it is never "regards", but instead, regard (ie. with regard, in regard to, etc.) – I have clients who think they’re so smart by saying "in regards to….yadda yadda" and I want to slap them!
2) A LOT – IT’S TWO WORDS, PEOPLE! Yeesh. Where were you in grade 1 when we were learning this. MY LORD! If I see it written as "alot" one more time I’m gonna throw something!
3) Amy, it’s REmember…not "member" 😀
4) Please don’t say "Mike’s and I’s" – seriously. Are you a bit retarded? It’s "Mike’s and MY" – or you can say "Leave a message for Mike and ME" and not "Leave a message for Mike and I." Basically, the sentence has to MAKE SENSE if you take out the other person. You wouldn’t say "Leave a message for I", would you? If you would then this conversation is over!

MORE TO COME (work is calling).


29 responses

  1. Ms Nothing

    Well the Mike and I was not about Mike and myself… woohoo… I have had a few grammer lessons from Sandy… Yes if you take the other person out, the sentance has to make sense… Takes a while but it all sinks in after a while.

    January 26, 2007 at 3:26 pm

  2. sandy

    Elizabeth, dear, you spelled "sentence" wrong. LOL. It\’s spelled with an "e" not an "a".


    January 26, 2007 at 3:29 pm

  3. Amy

    Why do you have to use me as an example. I always spell a lot as two words, unless I am typing to fast and don\’t catch it. I know you didn\’t refer to me in the example, but I know you were think it, considering you corrected me on it the other day. And don\’t even get me started on my speech. Remember is just the beginning and a lot of it has to do with the fact that I mumble and you need to clean the shit out your ears to hear the \’re\’. Do I make you twitch a lot Sandy??? It must be internal, because you definitely don\’t twitch like me. Effin\’ Ahole. LOL

    January 26, 2007 at 3:48 pm

  4. sandy

    Okay Ames, the "alot" thing wasn\’t directed at you…you\’re forgiven for that. HOWEVER, if you are "typing too fast" you need the extra "o" in too. Also, I wasn\’t "think it" I was THINKING it. Haha. Sorry.
    And no one twitches like you do. I look forward to your twitching. It makes me laugh.

    January 26, 2007 at 4:01 pm

  5. Amy


    January 26, 2007 at 4:06 pm

  6. Ms Nothing

    What a great way to get out all of our frustrations with Sandy\’s attempt to fix out grammer and typing… LOL

    January 26, 2007 at 5:20 pm

  7. sandy

    Elizabeth, you spelled "grammar" wrong. **rolls eyes**

    January 29, 2007 at 1:17 pm

  8. Cat

    Hey, can we add our own pet peeves here? Like, if I am reading along somewhere and see something I want SOOOO badly to correct but obviously can\’t without pissing people off, can I come here and post a vent?

    January 31, 2007 at 11:59 am

  9. sandy

    Please feel free to vent.


    January 31, 2007 at 12:30 pm

  10. Cat

    Ok, here\’s one I see A LOT:
    "once and a while"
    People! You do things "once IN a while", as in once in a year, or once in a month, once in some undetermined stretch of time… like a while. ONCE IN A WHILE!!!!!
    Very nice resource here for all of you who wish to better yourselves:

    January 31, 2007 at 12:41 pm

  11. sandy

    LOL. Funny. I need to start writing down all the things I see/hear from idiots.

    January 31, 2007 at 2:28 pm

  12. sandy

    Oh…and I just thought of something that really gets on my nerves and I hear it all the time…"I thought to myself" or "I was thinking in my head." Um, if you\’re not thinking in your head or to yourself then you\’re TALKING!

    January 31, 2007 at 2:29 pm

  13. Cat

    I\’m sorry, I have to take exception to that last one. To me, thinking to yourself or in your head is describing the times when you think in actual words as opposed to when you think something but do so automatically, as in, it passes so quickly it is a feeling or concept rather than, "oh my gawd, that dress is fugly!" Am I making any sense? And are my sentences possibly long enough???!

    February 1, 2007 at 1:21 pm

  14. sandy

    Nope…doesn\’t make a difference. You\’re a fool. 😛

    February 2, 2007 at 10:00 am

  15. Cat

    Yeah, ok. Whatever!
    Here\’s one I just read:
    took longer then it should of
    Should have. It SHOULD\’VE taken longer. Dammit!

    February 7, 2007 at 8:35 am

  16. Cat

    Another one!
    "now I have a whole in my ceiling"
    Really? A whole what?

    February 7, 2007 at 12:28 pm

  17. sandy

    OMG! I know what you mean with the "should of" thing….how did these morons get thru school? I\’m surprised most of them can dress themselves.

    February 7, 2007 at 2:39 pm

  18. Cat

    😦 That was actually written by a friend of mine, who is a very nice lady. And smart, too. I feel guilt.

    February 8, 2007 at 10:42 am

  19. sandy

    Heh heh. Guilt schmilt!

    February 8, 2007 at 11:23 am

  20. Cat

    Whee! Some people do get it, they just get it wrong IRREGARDLESS…. *hehe*
    "now has to fix the hole (which I keep typing as Whole) "

    February 8, 2007 at 12:06 pm

  21. sandy

    THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS "IRREGARDLESS" DAMMIT! *SIGH* Brad and I have this ongoing discussion/battle for years. I think he used that "word" just to see me twitch.

    February 8, 2007 at 3:05 pm

  22. sandy

    THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS "IRREGARDLESS" DAMMIT! *SIGH* Brad and I have this ongoing discussion/battle for years. I think he used that "word" just to see me twitch.

    Here\’s one…I think we talked about it the other night: "supposably" – I can\’t even fathom how to spell that. It\’s "supposedly."

    Oh oh, and another one: "intristing" – let\’s all say it together now "in-TER-EST-ing!"


    February 8, 2007 at 3:08 pm

  23. sandy

    THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS "IRREGARDLESS" DAMMIT! *SIGH* Brad and I have this ongoing discussion/battle for years. I think he used that "word" just to see me twitch.

    Here\’s one…I think we talked about it the other night: "supposably" – I can\’t even fathom how to spell that. It\’s "supposedly."

    Oh oh, and another one: "intristing" – let\’s all say it together now "in-TER-EST-ing!"


    February 8, 2007 at 3:10 pm

  24. sandy

    Um…my computer froze and it seems my trying to shut the darn thing down has caused some repetition. MY BAD! Please ignore.

    February 8, 2007 at 3:19 pm

  25. Cat

    Yeah ok. Blame your crazy multi-posting on your computer. Sure.
    And by the way, since we are being picky, it\’s Griffin (or, in 1980, Gryphon), but NOT Griffen. So there. 😛

    February 12, 2007 at 1:23 pm

  26. sandy

    Actually, Smarty Pants, the \’94 yearbook spells it with an "e" – I prefer the Gryphon, myself.

    Believe me, if I could figure out how to edit this darn thing I would have actual paragraphs instead of the big piles o\’crap blogs. ANIC – HELP ME!


    February 13, 2007 at 10:06 am

  27. sandy

    I edited the "e" to an "i" – much better, no?

    February 13, 2007 at 10:17 am

  28. Cat

    Actually, Smarty Pants…  LOL …then maybe the year book people were dummies, because Mr. Sheppard\’s little write-up clearly states that it\’s the Griffin… I wonder what all my year books used?

    February 13, 2007 at 1:09 pm

  29. sandy

    Just a note…I graduated in \’95, not \’94 so I can\’t take credit for the inaccuracies printed by my "elders" – haha. But, I\’m certain that my school jacket had the correct spelling with the two "i"s.

    Oh…so you know what really pisses me off? People who use apostrophes in places they\’re not required…such as "DJs" – so many people write it as "DJ\’s" (as in, "Our DJ\’s wear blue shirts") – this is wrong. You should be saying "Our DJs wear blue shirts." The apostrophe is mostly used to show ownership. You don\’t need to use the apostrophe when the word is plural! Go back to elementary school.

    Cat – let\’s teach the world how to read, write and spell – one moron at a time. 🙂

    February 13, 2007 at 1:45 pm

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