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Foot in Mouth Syndrome, yes, thank you.

Man! Cat, you sure get mean when you’re waiting for your literature. 😛

Alrighty, here goes: First off, let me tell you all that I got the results of that disgusting Barium Swallow last week and SOMETHING actually showed up. FINALLY…a little bit of a break. I’ve only been sick since the start of AUGUST! So, now I’m on even more medication and have a list of foods that I can’t eat…the biggest one (for me, anyways) is chocolate. WTF? This is like telling me not to blink again *sad face*. Oh yeah, so, chocolate, peppermint, caffeine/coffee (no biggie), citrus, garlic (right up there with chocolate), anything acidic or raunchy (onions, apples, etc.), etc. The list goes on. Sucks, eh? Well, I suppose not for you but I live on chocolate and garlic. It’s bad enough that I already can’t have dairy and a bunch of other crap. What the hell? So, basically I’m livin’ on bread and water from now on (which really sucks b/c I don’t eat bread). *SIGHS LOUDLY*

Anyway, back to the update. Friday after work I went to my parents’ to pick up mail and all that jazz. Took my dad for a drive in my car b/c he wanted to see how I’m handling a stick now (I’m going really fast!). Then I got some groceries and was thinking what I was gonna do for the rest of the evening when Amy called and said she was coming over. We gossiped and watched a few episodes of "What Not to Wear" and then I fell asleep on the couch so she decided to go home.

Saturday, Amy and I spent most of the day shopping. We had made plans to hit a few Frenchy’s and we had a blast. I had the giggles and thought for sure we would be asked to leave the first location (I made a lovely "fatass" comment to Amy but not directed at her…not realizing there was a larger lady behind her – I wasn’t directing the comment at anyone, I just like nicknames). I don’t know what was wrong with me. Chocolate withdrawal probably. Got lots of good stuff tho. After we finished up at the second Frenchy’s we grabbed lunch and then scooted in to New Minas. We checked out the goods at Absolulety Fabulous and I got really excited to hear they were playing a Blue Rodeo CD (Outskirts, 1987). Yay for me. Then we made the mistake of going to the mall b/c I, of course, spent money into Suzy’s. More money on 2 items then I spent on the 7 or so at Frenchy’s. Ah well.

On my way home I stopped in to visit Cat for a bit and committed to hanging with the boy while she was picking up my brother at the airport and until my parents got back from dinner. So I headed over to their place and he and I had a great time. He’s too smart but he makes me laugh. Once my parents came home I finished my visit and headed home to rest my aching back (it’s getting better tho. Whoot!) when I got a call. It was Heather saying she was coming over for a visit. Double Whoot! She was down for a surprise visit for her dad and brother and apparently me. We had a nice time catching up and laughing at Facebook photos and then she had to go.

Sunday I was SO bored! Nothing to do on a gorgeous day and nobody home anywhere. I went out for a drive trying to find someone but everyone sucks! Haha. I eventually stopped in to visit Dean & Erica but Erica was asleep (sick baby) so Dean and I chatted for a few then I headed out. I stopped at Walmart for minute then headed back home to my den of boredom. Later on Stephanie called to go for coffee so I met up with her shortly after 5 and we caught up and gossiped. Fun times. Then I headed back home. I spent the rest of the night fighting off a migraine (I lost) and finally headed to bed.

Have a lovely week, y’all.

Don’t forget this coming weekend is the Junos which means the Juno Cup at my place Friday night….and, of course, Juno party Sunday evening. (Have I mentioned that Jim is up for a few nominations?)


“I’m Going Really Fast!!”

Hey Hobos…
Okay, so the title may not make any sense but the story is really funny…thank you Amy.  I’m now one of those simpletons you see driving down the street laughing to herself.  Wonderful.  All it takes is for me to think of that story, Kim and me saying "Mnore" (long but hilarious story) and the OBVIOUSLY drug-induced keyboard player on the Blue Rodeo DVD (Amy and I can’t have a visit without watching him over and over).
Anyways, let’s get the details over with.  I’m FINALLY starting to come around.  Have been going to physio and am hoping that within a week or two I’ll be able to walk upright and without pain again.  My back/walking problems sorta remind me of George Orwell’s Animal Farm ("Four legs bad, 2 legs good" – only for me, it’s the opposite.  Or I could just resort to the crawl thing, but I haven’t really had to partake in that since Kim and I went to Montreal for March Break 10+ years ago…and even then it was self-inflicted.  *sigh* THOSE were the days!)
Alrighty, so, early Friday evening my mom and dad were arriving home from the Dominican and Cat and I had been "instructed" to meet them at home around 6:30.  So, at 4 or so Amy and I met up at the Cobblestone for chatter and then from there I went to the house.  I took over the couch and waited for my parents.  Cat and the boy showed up around 7ish and I played with him (I didn’t move from my warm ass-groove, however, but he and I had fun) until ma and pa finally arrived.  Hung out with them for a bit and then I headed out around 8:30.
I stopped into Jeff’s as I hadn’t really seen him since probably mid-September but now that he’s single again I guess he’s permitted to see his friends again.  How lucky for us.  Anyhoo, ran into "Ralph Wiggum" when I got there who (apparently) is now a roommate of Jeff & Keith’s.  Interesting.  Good to catch up and get hugs tho.  So, Jeff and I vegged out on the couch, chatted and watched Bridget Jones 2 on TV.   When it ended I headed home.  Figured I should come home and feed Winston.
Saturday I got to sleep in…it was GOOD!  Amy and I met up at Books Galore in Coldbrook and did some browsing.  Then we hit Walmart and eventually we made our way back to my car.  From there I stopped in to visit with Heather’s parents, who I haven’t seen since just before Christmas.  It was a nice visit.  Caught them up and got caught up.  And even made plans with Jim, Heather’s brother, not Cuddy :P, to get working on a little massage therapy.  I suppose it can’t hurt.  Actually, that’s bullshit!  The last time I had a massage (for medical purposes, as well) I ended up with a neck injury and couldn’t move my head for 3 weeks.  See?  Things on me break easily.  Left the Boyd’s and came home.  Steve came over in the evening and we chilled and eventually we put on a movie.  He picked out "Jaws’ which I was more then happy with.  And finally, I hit the sack.
Sunday (today) I got to sleep in again!  Whoot!  Winston let me sleep till almost noon.  It was a little ridiculous.  I NEVER sleep that late…the little effer usually sits outside the door and scratches and whines at 8am.  I enjoyed my rest tho.  Mmm.  Amy and I met up around 3 for coffee in Coldbrook and then I went to my parents for dinner and then back home.  I did stop in to visit with Kim M. on the way home but she was busy with Miss Mallory so I had to take a raincheck.  I did a little bit of work this evening, since I’m gonna be late tomorrow 😀  Trying to be a good employee *rolls eyes*  Whatever.  And pretty much, that’s it.  I slept too long today to make anything of it. 
Next week is looking good for fun already.  Amy and I have some good plans for Saturday.
Wednesday is gonna be busy w/physio and doctor appointments (but I finally get to go back to the surgeon…wonder if he’ll ask me to drop my pants again.  He’ll have to get me drunk first (or AT LEAST buy me dinner).  Will let you all know when the leg’s comin’ off.
Have a great week….leave me comments dammit…I’m gonna attempt to put in a full week (minus the appts.) and will require some decent literature for sanity purposes.
PS – Is it wrong that I had a dream this morning of Greg Keelor aka homeless Greg circa 1993 last night?  Does this mean I’m cheating on Jim.  Lol.

Brokeback Mountain?..nah, Broke-back Port Rat

Just a quick note to let you all know that after a rough morning yesterday I finally got into physio today.  (Thank you Kim M.!)  My therapist, Annette, says I have a lot of swelling around my spine.  Not good.  Anyways, here’s hoping it all gets better soon – Kim wants me to go dancing and I’m dying to get there.

EDIT: Steve’s friggin’ dog tripped me last night and I ended up on the floor…It was like Keith Delorey and Blockbuster all over again: Sandy = Muppet……ahhhh. I hurt. Someone PLEASE buy me a bubble. And Amy, can I borrow your helmet? 😛

These are the Days in Between

Hey all,
Well!  FINALLY get to report on a fun weekend!  Yay for me.  My back is still crapped out but what can you do? 
So, Friday I did a little shopping and had some company (Tanya) for a bit, got to chat with Heather for a few and watched part of the "What Not to Wear" marathon (Heather and I had some laughs).  I didn’t really do too much more b/c, well, y’know, "broken" back and all and I knew I had a long day ahead of me Saturday.  My new dress (and top!) made Friday worthwhile.  😛
Early Saturday afternoon I met up with Amy at Cobblestone (as per the usual) and as I watched her try to get out of her car with her seatbelt still on I had a little laugh to myself.  Then when she opened her door and (Lord, I do NOT know how she managed to do this) smacked herself in the face with door/window I laughed my ass off and yelled "you get the shirt AND the helmet!"  We’ve decided that the helmet MUST be full-faced.  That made my day.  We looked at some pics (Yahtzee – cottage pics are coming soon – yay!), had some laughs and then went on our merry ways.  I headed to the City to Donna’s for the night (lots of Advil for my long drive – Heather, I did the car dance!!).  Met at her place and then we headed over to Ashley’s where we were doing girl night.  The 3 of us headed to the grocery store so we could decide on what we were making for dinner and then hit the liquor store.
Back at Ashley’s I was nominated as "chef" and made a yummy Asian chicken stir-fry while Donna played bartender and made drinks.  I made Ashley do the dishes b/c she was "just gonna leave them" – ah, no.  We don’t do that.  😛
We had a lovely dinner and after we cleaned up we moved to the den for a night of girl movies.  I took over the recliner and plugged in my heating pad – it was all good.  About half-way thru the first movie Amber (BTW – Met both Ashley and Amber at the Christmas parties) joined us and we continued with our night.  We had lots of giggles but eventually the night had to come to an end (thank God, I was so tired!).
Back to Donna’s for sleep.  I was bunking with Victoria and scootched her over.  Now, sometime during the night Scooby (Tim) came home.  I was passed out cold but heard my little voice again that told me to open my eyes.  I looked up and, sure enough, Scooby was standing over the bed.  WTF?  This is the 3rd time!  He wasn’t even supposed to be home that night.  He tried to coax me into coming down to his room "just to talk" – EFF THAT!  I’m good.  Coax, coax, coax.  "We’ll just talk.  You can sit on my bed and we’ll just talk."  Finally, after a few minutes of him doing this and pulling my blankets off me Victoria rolled over and snapped "She said no!"  Haha.  She’s 11…that’s my girl.  Eventually, he got it and stormed out of the room.  Victoria and I had a quick giggle over that and went back to sleep.
Sunday morning Donna, Elizabeth and I had plans to go to a fashion show and luncheon in Halifax.  We got prettied up (little black dress), picked up E. and headed into the City.  We had a lovely afternoon – enjoyed the fashion show, the keynote speaker and the treats (goody bags.  Yay!).  Afterward, we dropped off E. and then I went back to Donna’s, visited with the kids for a few minutes and then headed home. 
Last night Steve popped over (mostly to boost my car b/c I left my lights on and fatass upstairs has shit for jumpers and mine are still in my old car).  We went for a short spin and then chilled here for a bit.  Then he headed home and I headed back to my couch and heating pad – I missed it.
And that was my weekend. 

The Wet T-Shirt Story

Okay, here’s a good one to make you laugh.  Let me set up the scene for you:  I went to the same college that my dad teaches at.  While I was there my friend Heather (H.Bo) and I were co-chairs of pretty much every committee, including the social committe – which means we put together all the parties, beer bashes, winter carnival, awards & grad ceremonies (we were the student reps for the last two), etc.  So, fairly close to the start of the year (probably late September/early October) we were planning the first beer bash and decided, hey, we have all this money that came from the students, let’s get some insight from them to see what they want us to blow the dough on.  So we split up and went to a few different classes to chat w/the students and, of course, I headed down to my dad’s class.
Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with my dad, he’s not Bill Cosby and we did not have a relationship like Tony & Sam from Who’s the Boss?  He’s more like Red Foreman from That 70’s Show only a hundred times scarier when pissed off…and I’m Fez!
So, I mosey into the class and I’m explaining to these guys (yes, all his students were male – and creepy) what I’m doing there and ask for their feedback – no answer, just blank stares.  After a few minutes of trying to get some info (I want to scream out "use your words!") I finally just say "c’mon guys, this is your money we’re spending, whaddya want us to do with it?"  FINALLY one lone voice in the back of the room yells out "I want to see a wet t-shirt contest!"  I replied "Oh ya do, do ya?" (Hick, I know).  He says "I want to see you enter and win a wet t-shirt contest!" – LOTS of laughs from the rest of the guys.  Now, as far as my dad is concerned I’m still 8 and I don’t have boobs.  It’s never been discussed.  So I look at the guy, then look at my dad who’s half grinning but staring this guy down (you can tell that he just wants to rip him apart) and then back at the guy and I say "You realize your teacher is my father…" and the smirk instantly disappears from fuck-nut’s face and is now showing signs of sheer terror, and I point to him and finish "…and you just failed your class!"
Hmm…foot-in-mouth syndrome.


Okay, here’s a new one – Let’s all post quotes we’ve heard other people say that made us kinda go "WTF?"
1.  I stopped for coffee one day and there was a guy in line ahead of me, Ray.  He’s owns a business in the area but he’s a real dick and is one of those guys that walks around like he owns the world.  We all think he’s a nimrod.  Well, I came out of the store behind him and he was parked next to me on my passenger side.  When he got in front of my car he dropped his drink and freaked out a bit.  The cover didn’t pop off, luckily, and he picked it up but continued to sputter and be the dick that he is.  He took the cover off the drink and dumped the remainder of it on the hood of my car.  I stopped in my tracks, astonished, and said "Did you just dump coffee on my car?"  Ray looked at me and simply replied "It’s tea!" and got in his car and drove off.  I was still standing there, half laughing to myself and wondering WTF? and if that really just happened.
2. Right after college I was dating a guy, Josh, who was of mixed race (white mother, black father).  We were at a party one night and everyone was just sitting around and chatting.  I was still new to his crowd and getting to know everyone.  We started talking about race and family and how Josh was mixed when one of his friends asked me if I had any black in me.  I looked at Josh, grinned, and said "Not yet!"  Haha.
3. In September my ex (do we really even need to mention his name?  WE ALL KNOW who he is.) called my cell at work.  I haven’t spoken to him in 7 years b/c he’s been incarcerated.  I had no idea who was phoning and when he told me who it was I almost threw up on my desk.  It was very unnerving to know that this fool had found, not only my home number, but my cell as well (thanks to the internet, dammit!) – after 7 years of not speaking and no desire what-so-ever of speaking to him ever again.  We chatted for a few minutes (I was trying to get as much info out of him as possible to ensure that his ass was still locked up) and finally, finding out that he was, indeed, still "out of town" tried to get off the line.  I told him I had nothing more to say to him eventually was ready to hang up when he piped up "Will you write to me?"  ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING?
4.  One day I was stopped at a traffic light.  The lights were actually down so there was a cop directing traffic.  As I waited for my turn I heard a car horn but didn’t think anything of it.  Another honk, so I looked around but still saw no one I knew.  I glanced in my rearview mirror and watched as the car behind me was put in reverse, backed up a wee bit and then proceeded forward again INTO THE BACK OF MY CAR!  This idiot just hit me – on purpose!  I looked behind me in fury and yelled "pull the fuck over" (I was pissed) and pointed to a side parking lot.  We both pulled in and I jumped out of my car to freak out on this person but I recognized her.  It was a younger girl I used to work with.  I asked WTF she was doing to which she replied "I was just trying to get your attention."  True story.

70 Questions I Guarantee You’ve Never Answered

1.Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? I’m not sure.

2. What song describes your relationship status? I’ll have to give this one some thought.

3. How much does your dog weigh? I don’t have a dog…but Winston is a fatass…he weighs about 12lbs.

4. Are you a heart breaker, or the heart breakee? From what I’ve heard lately I’m the heart breaker.

5. Ever waxed your legs? Once

6. Earrings or necklaces? Earrings

7. Who have you talked to most today? Hm, tie w/my mom and Ames.

8. SEX!? Yes please.

9. Friend of the opposite sex that lives closest to you? Steve, I guess.

10. Color of your shirt? Shirt is pink, sweater is green (that’s hot!).

12. Who’s on speed dial 5? I have no idea.  I got pissed off at my SD phone over Christmas and threw it and broke it.  #5 on my cell is Amy K. though.

13. What color is your background on your computer mainly? It’s a b&w pic of Jim & Greg – very sexy.

14. Do you wish on 11:11? Hell yeah…if I am awake.

15. Good advice if you ever go camping? Don’t go during tick season.

16. Are you a bad influence? Not as much now as before.  Heh.  Sorry for Tanya, Brian.  😀

17. What color are your eyes?  Blue.

18. Would you rather have your name or your sibling’s name? My name is ok.

19. Would you do anything for someone? Maybe.  Depends. Some people are more important than others.  Haha.

20. Have you ever been called a whore? Yes. 

21. Favorite Color: Yellow.

22. Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot? Yeah.

23. What song is on? Falling by Jim Cuddy w/Oh! Susanna.

24. Are your grades good? In high school they were okay, not as good as they could/should have been.  In college I had honors and exceptional honors in most classes (Heather, we rocked!  Who else could go to class drunk and still be the top 2 (and favorite!) students?

25. Do you have any friends with benefits? No. 

26. Does your best friend have a facebook? Yes, but she doesn’t participate much.

27. Who’s page did you last visit? Carla’s.

28. Last time you went out to lunch? A few weeks ago – Amy and I went to Cobblestone for sandwiches (sandhammers).

29. Do you watch the Gilmore Girls? Nope.

30. Have you ever enjoyed listening to Jack Johnson? One song.

31. Have you ever watched the O.C and enjoyed it? Have never seen it (I don’t watch a lot of tv, but the darn thing is always on).

32. Do you have one or more Britney Spears CD? HELL NO!

33. Which radio stations are your favorites? If I’m listening to the radio in my car it’s C103 (classic rock in Moncton).  At work if I’m listening to a radio station it’s either classic rock or Sky fm 80’s.  But mostly I listen to CDs or iTunes (all BR, all the time).

34. Are you a Lost fanatic? YES!
35. How many in your cell contact list? 109 – Haha.
36. Do you have an Ozzy song in your library? Crazy Train is a favorite.  Got a few others on there too.
38. Alanis Morissette? I have a few of her CDs. 

39. Do you watch Family Guy Regularly? Have never seen it.

40. Favourite cat? Winston.  He’s the only one alive (I miss you Bo & Belle).

41. Do you read? Yes

43. Do you sing obnoxiously in the car? Sometimes.

44. Do you sing obnoxiously in the shower when no one’s home? Sometimes

45. Have you ever watched a little kid’s show when you were bored? I watch Saved by the Bell occassionally if it’s early in the morning and I’m bored…and I thank God I did not watch this show growing up.  I hate it.  It’s so stupid and they were such bad actors.

46. What’s your favourite memory with your crush (past or present)? Last Easter with Matt was really nice. And when Brad told me he loved me, that was a good memory too…the effin’ ahole! :p

47. Did you draw pictures for your first crush back in elementary school? Yes.  I even gave him a Valentine card but I was in grade 2 and he was in grade 6 and he threw it in the garbage.  I cried.  But a few years ago at Christmas at the "annual Horton Reunion" at the Anvil he appologized and gave me a hug.  (Kim M., he’s still so hot!).

48. Have you ever liked a girl/boy but didnt ask her/him out because you were afraid? Was never applicable.
49. Have you ever written a poem or story about your life? Yes.  Some of that crap is even published. And some day you’ll be reading my autobiography or watching the movie of my life.
50. Have you ever spent over an hour thinking about nothing but your boyfriend/crush? Yeah, more then likely.  Does JC count?
51. Have you ever liked someone solely for their appearance?  Yes. So?

52. Do you eat all the servings in the food groups on a daily?  No.  Haha. No.  I’m allergic to dairy (mm…soy) and don’t eat bread (or meat often).  I live on fruit and vegetables.  No wonder I’m sick all the damn time.

53. Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization? Oh frig, yeah!
54. Have you ever been to South America or Africa? No.

55. Do you know how to knit? No.  And I have no interest in learning.

56. Do you have a cell phone or iPod with a patterned cover? What does that mean?  My cell has a flower for the main background and a City scene for the rest of the background.

57.Have you ever written love song lyrics yourself and put them in your profile? Does poetry count as lyrics?

58. Do you keep a diary or journal online? I have a blog (what do you think you’re reading?).

59. When you open your closet, what is the dominant color? There are so many colors. 

60. Baskin Robins or Coldstone? Whats coldstone?  Doesn’t matter, I can’t eat ice cream. 😦

61. Physics or chemistry? English and Drama and Law and Soc. and gym and communications and…

62. Earphones or headphones? Earphones.

63. Pink or teal? Pink.

64. Earrings or a ring? Both.

65. Commitment, or casual dating? Commitment.

66. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or Star Wars? Star Wars, baby.  I grew up on that stuff.  Han Solo…yummy.

67. Fly or road trip? ROAD TRIP!  Way more stories!

68. Starbucks or Caribou? What’s Caribou?  Let’s go with Starbucks.

69. What is your favorite Disney movie? Cinderella, maybe.

70. How much jewelry do you own? LOTS but I don’t wear a lot of it.


Wednesday Night Club

Hey y’all,
Been sitting home kinda bored, thought I’d explore my thoughts a bit.
So, I re-injured my back yesterday.  Had a wee little mishap on my way to work – another snowstorm during the night and the roads were slippery.  I was taking my time but somehow ended up going in the direction I was coming from.  Is that a 180?  I think I have a goodluck charm up my butt  b/c everytime this happens there’s NEVER anything coming in the opposite direction – thank GOD!  Seriously, thank you, Jesus.
So, I made it to work and sometime after lunch I got up to go to the printer and could barely stand.  I had a shooting pain in my side/back from my original injury and down my leg.  I asked the bossman to drive me home but I ended up driving myself.  Woke up this morning at 5 to find that I could barely move.  Almost as bad as that night with the EMTs.  I waited till just before 7am to call my dad to see if he would bring me to the hospital but he said (though he would bring me) that all they would do for me is shoot me up w/more morphine and Lord knows I don’t want that again…no more puking for me, thank you.  So I just laid there for a bit then got up and did some work from home and then called the Dr. to see if I could get in…yes, but not till 3:30 and not my Dr., she was out.  No problem, I’ll take what I can get.  So, I spent most of the morning watching the rest of a really boring movie (sorry Cat, no trashy tv) and vegging.  I did dust my coffee tables and tv b/c it was kinda making me twitch and distracting me.
At lunchtime, Kim M. visited for a sec and brought me my BR book she got from Ebay (hee hee).  I read that after she left.  BTW – she trudged a little bit of slush on my kitchen floor and I can’t get down to clean it…volunteers?  Please?  Hullo!!  Meh!
At 2 I went to rest with Winston for a bit but spent most of the time on the phone with Amy then off to my appointment.  Receptionists say I’m getting my own chair in the waiting room and as they read my shirt (it says "I’m With the Band") I told them I was having one made that says "I’m With the Doctor" because I’m there so friggin’ often.
After a 45 minute wait the Dr. called me in and examined me…says I tore some more tissue or whatever down to my tailbone and whatnot and that I damaged my Sciatic nerve.  Dr. says I’m not allowed on the ice anymore :S
Afterward my mom went with me to the grocery store so I could get kitty litter (I can’t lift it) and then home I came.  Popped a few Advil and am enjoying my heating pad.  Am in torturous pain but thankfully Lost is on tonight and will take my mind off of it for awhile.  I live for this show.  So, Steve will be over here sometime for our ritual Wednesday Night Club (Monday is Monday Night Club with Amy) and when he arrives I will make him go up to my car and bring down the kitty litter.  Haha.  My bitch!
So, just wanted to let you all know that yesterday I finished my second book of the New Year.  I had started a different one but it’s so bloody boring I could bang my head against the wall.  But this one (The Gift) was really good.  I started it last week and read the last 100 pages yesterday when I got home from work.  Now have to move on to a new one.  My NY resolution was to read more books since most of my reading of late had been InStyle magazine and cookbooks (I love Rachael Ray) so I’m thinking I’m on a roll.
I’m listening to my man Jim Cuddy – I HIGHLY recommend his CD "The Light that Guides You Home" if you haven’t already heard it.  Crush aside, he is a talented songwriter and has the most heartbreaking voice. Once you hear his gorgeous harmonies you’ll be hooked.  He rocks.  Now if I could just get him to rock my world I’d be all set.
This weekend is set to be a hoot.  I promise: entertainment, y’all.  You’ll see.  No matter how gimpy I am.  I’ll be drinking some wine and wearing a pretty dress – provided I can find shoes that won’t A) kill me B) hurt my back.  APPARENTLY my hiking boots are too manly (Thanks Amy!! You know Ames, it never occurred to me to wear them when we hiked Cape Split in October.  It probably would’ve prevented the injuries, scarring and bruising.  Although, I’m certain that no matter what the hell we were wearing we still would’ve gotten lost.  But hey, as long as we have stories to tell around the campfire, right?).
Anyways, have a good one.  Till the weekend!
~Sandy Cuddy 


So, that test I had done last week, the barium swallow, THAT was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had done in my life. I’ll say it again…I’d rather go to the crotch doctor a thousand times before ever having this done again. Gross.

Well, it’s been a so-so week..only worked half-days since I’m still recovering from my back injury – but hey, I can tie my own shoes now. Whoopee! Thank goodness the boss man is so easy-going. I came to work, worked non-stop till everything was done and then out I went (back home to my couch).

Okay, for the deal on the weekend…let’s see, well, we’ll start with Thursday night b/c Darren (Black Magic) gave me tickets to the charity hockey game in Wolfville so Amy, Tanya and I went. We had an okay time. I took my mini heating pad with me but Amy stole it to keep warm. We spent a good amount of time making fun of the hillbillies that came out of the woodwork for the game – because that’s what we do (Heather, we missed you horribly for this). But it was a good time.

Friday night I didn’t do much – another snowstorm and I was tired and lazy. I went to bed fairly early, in fact. It was quite pathetic. Saturday night I had a date w/Cat to watch a movie. I went over early and played with the boy and got him wound up before bed, b/c that’s what aunts are for. 🙂 Cat and I watched the movie once he went to bed and then I went home and hit the sack myself. I know, still pathetic, but what can I do? Sunday afternoon I was so bored so I decided to go for a little drive. Stopped at Amy’s to drop off a movie and then popped in to see Steve. In the evening Tanya and I had a coffee date, got to see the old perverted roomie Steve S. and then finally home. Got to chat with Annie-Lou in BC for a few and again, time for bed.

I promise that once my back is better I will have fun and interesting things to say…I PROMISE.