Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Wednesday Night Club

Hey y’all,
Been sitting home kinda bored, thought I’d explore my thoughts a bit.
So, I re-injured my back yesterday.  Had a wee little mishap on my way to work – another snowstorm during the night and the roads were slippery.  I was taking my time but somehow ended up going in the direction I was coming from.  Is that a 180?  I think I have a goodluck charm up my butt  b/c everytime this happens there’s NEVER anything coming in the opposite direction – thank GOD!  Seriously, thank you, Jesus.
So, I made it to work and sometime after lunch I got up to go to the printer and could barely stand.  I had a shooting pain in my side/back from my original injury and down my leg.  I asked the bossman to drive me home but I ended up driving myself.  Woke up this morning at 5 to find that I could barely move.  Almost as bad as that night with the EMTs.  I waited till just before 7am to call my dad to see if he would bring me to the hospital but he said (though he would bring me) that all they would do for me is shoot me up w/more morphine and Lord knows I don’t want that again…no more puking for me, thank you.  So I just laid there for a bit then got up and did some work from home and then called the Dr. to see if I could get in…yes, but not till 3:30 and not my Dr., she was out.  No problem, I’ll take what I can get.  So, I spent most of the morning watching the rest of a really boring movie (sorry Cat, no trashy tv) and vegging.  I did dust my coffee tables and tv b/c it was kinda making me twitch and distracting me.
At lunchtime, Kim M. visited for a sec and brought me my BR book she got from Ebay (hee hee).  I read that after she left.  BTW – she trudged a little bit of slush on my kitchen floor and I can’t get down to clean it…volunteers?  Please?  Hullo!!  Meh!
At 2 I went to rest with Winston for a bit but spent most of the time on the phone with Amy then off to my appointment.  Receptionists say I’m getting my own chair in the waiting room and as they read my shirt (it says "I’m With the Band") I told them I was having one made that says "I’m With the Doctor" because I’m there so friggin’ often.
After a 45 minute wait the Dr. called me in and examined me…says I tore some more tissue or whatever down to my tailbone and whatnot and that I damaged my Sciatic nerve.  Dr. says I’m not allowed on the ice anymore :S
Afterward my mom went with me to the grocery store so I could get kitty litter (I can’t lift it) and then home I came.  Popped a few Advil and am enjoying my heating pad.  Am in torturous pain but thankfully Lost is on tonight and will take my mind off of it for awhile.  I live for this show.  So, Steve will be over here sometime for our ritual Wednesday Night Club (Monday is Monday Night Club with Amy) and when he arrives I will make him go up to my car and bring down the kitty litter.  Haha.  My bitch!
So, just wanted to let you all know that yesterday I finished my second book of the New Year.  I had started a different one but it’s so bloody boring I could bang my head against the wall.  But this one (The Gift) was really good.  I started it last week and read the last 100 pages yesterday when I got home from work.  Now have to move on to a new one.  My NY resolution was to read more books since most of my reading of late had been InStyle magazine and cookbooks (I love Rachael Ray) so I’m thinking I’m on a roll.
I’m listening to my man Jim Cuddy – I HIGHLY recommend his CD "The Light that Guides You Home" if you haven’t already heard it.  Crush aside, he is a talented songwriter and has the most heartbreaking voice. Once you hear his gorgeous harmonies you’ll be hooked.  He rocks.  Now if I could just get him to rock my world I’d be all set.
This weekend is set to be a hoot.  I promise: entertainment, y’all.  You’ll see.  No matter how gimpy I am.  I’ll be drinking some wine and wearing a pretty dress – provided I can find shoes that won’t A) kill me B) hurt my back.  APPARENTLY my hiking boots are too manly (Thanks Amy!! You know Ames, it never occurred to me to wear them when we hiked Cape Split in October.  It probably would’ve prevented the injuries, scarring and bruising.  Although, I’m certain that no matter what the hell we were wearing we still would’ve gotten lost.  But hey, as long as we have stories to tell around the campfire, right?).
Anyways, have a good one.  Till the weekend!
~Sandy Cuddy 

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