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These are the Days in Between

Hey all,
Well!  FINALLY get to report on a fun weekend!  Yay for me.  My back is still crapped out but what can you do? 
So, Friday I did a little shopping and had some company (Tanya) for a bit, got to chat with Heather for a few and watched part of the "What Not to Wear" marathon (Heather and I had some laughs).  I didn’t really do too much more b/c, well, y’know, "broken" back and all and I knew I had a long day ahead of me Saturday.  My new dress (and top!) made Friday worthwhile.  😛
Early Saturday afternoon I met up with Amy at Cobblestone (as per the usual) and as I watched her try to get out of her car with her seatbelt still on I had a little laugh to myself.  Then when she opened her door and (Lord, I do NOT know how she managed to do this) smacked herself in the face with door/window I laughed my ass off and yelled "you get the shirt AND the helmet!"  We’ve decided that the helmet MUST be full-faced.  That made my day.  We looked at some pics (Yahtzee – cottage pics are coming soon – yay!), had some laughs and then went on our merry ways.  I headed to the City to Donna’s for the night (lots of Advil for my long drive – Heather, I did the car dance!!).  Met at her place and then we headed over to Ashley’s where we were doing girl night.  The 3 of us headed to the grocery store so we could decide on what we were making for dinner and then hit the liquor store.
Back at Ashley’s I was nominated as "chef" and made a yummy Asian chicken stir-fry while Donna played bartender and made drinks.  I made Ashley do the dishes b/c she was "just gonna leave them" – ah, no.  We don’t do that.  😛
We had a lovely dinner and after we cleaned up we moved to the den for a night of girl movies.  I took over the recliner and plugged in my heating pad – it was all good.  About half-way thru the first movie Amber (BTW – Met both Ashley and Amber at the Christmas parties) joined us and we continued with our night.  We had lots of giggles but eventually the night had to come to an end (thank God, I was so tired!).
Back to Donna’s for sleep.  I was bunking with Victoria and scootched her over.  Now, sometime during the night Scooby (Tim) came home.  I was passed out cold but heard my little voice again that told me to open my eyes.  I looked up and, sure enough, Scooby was standing over the bed.  WTF?  This is the 3rd time!  He wasn’t even supposed to be home that night.  He tried to coax me into coming down to his room "just to talk" – EFF THAT!  I’m good.  Coax, coax, coax.  "We’ll just talk.  You can sit on my bed and we’ll just talk."  Finally, after a few minutes of him doing this and pulling my blankets off me Victoria rolled over and snapped "She said no!"  Haha.  She’s 11…that’s my girl.  Eventually, he got it and stormed out of the room.  Victoria and I had a quick giggle over that and went back to sleep.
Sunday morning Donna, Elizabeth and I had plans to go to a fashion show and luncheon in Halifax.  We got prettied up (little black dress), picked up E. and headed into the City.  We had a lovely afternoon – enjoyed the fashion show, the keynote speaker and the treats (goody bags.  Yay!).  Afterward, we dropped off E. and then I went back to Donna’s, visited with the kids for a few minutes and then headed home. 
Last night Steve popped over (mostly to boost my car b/c I left my lights on and fatass upstairs has shit for jumpers and mine are still in my old car).  We went for a short spin and then chilled here for a bit.  Then he headed home and I headed back to my couch and heating pad – I missed it.
And that was my weekend. 

3 responses

  1. Cat

    Victoria is a riot! Hah. And this Scooby creepy dude needs to stay the eff out of people\’s bedrooms when they are sleeping. Or other times, too, unless he\’s *invited*. Creepy!

    March 13, 2007 at 9:10 am

  2. sandy

    Victoria cracked me up.  And yes, the standing-over-the-bed-watching-me-sleep thing is getting old but it\’s still effing creepy.

    March 13, 2007 at 7:00 pm

  3. Ms Nothing

    Victoria is awesome but she\’s a bed, blanket and pillow hog… and let us not forget the dog and the cat who want to sleep with her and anyone else lucky enough to get to share her bed… Donna really needs a pull-out sofa…I only had the pleasure of meeting Scooby once and well he strikes me as a bit odd…

    March 15, 2007 at 9:55 pm

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