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Welcome Back, the return of Drunk Al!

Hello everyone…well, another exciting weekend has passed by – and again I’m starting with Thursday.

Matt moved back from Fredericton last weekend so Thursday evening we hit the pub for a few drinks. It was nice to catch up after not seeing him since September (the same day we dropped Vanessa off at the airport – rough day all around then) and not speaking with him since he called on my birthday. We’ve chatted lots online, but it’s not quite the same. I was a little unsure of how I’d feel about it all but it was fine. Same smart-ass Matt. Strangely enough, Potter was at Paddy’s too and I haven’t seen him in a few years so it was interesting to catch up quickly with him. Although, he seems to have an over-active imagination and I don’t have time for that crap. A good night for the most part.

Friday, Winston had his sex-change operation so I left work early to pick him up and he and I spent a quiet night together. Lol. We watched a movie and I continued my obsession with Facebook.

Saturday evening I had plans to meet up with an old friend, Peter or go to the City. After discussing the evening w/Peter and realizing that it would probably be a quick visit/drink I opted for the latter and headed to Donna’s for an evening at "Camp Cooper’s." Mm…bbq, wine, friends and of course, the infamous return of Drunk Al! It was a great night…lots of fun…and lots of wine. And even a kiss from a cute boy w/pretty eyes.

I left Donna’s with a hangover at lunchtime Sunday morning and drove back to the Valley to have my shopping date with Ames. We met up and went to Suzy’s and, of course, spent our damn money. Then I headed home – back to Winston. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, reading and attending to my FB addiction. Finally, it was time to hit the sack and I was happy to close my eyes and head off to dreamland.

Now, if we could just get some sun for the rest of the week I’d be quite pleased.


My Name is Sandy, and I’m a Facebook-a-holic!

Well, Cat is getting back to her demanding self so I figured I’d better get on this while I have the time.

Hm, let’s see, Friday after work Amy and I met up at BK for a bite and then grabbed a movie. We had a “What Not to Wear” fest and watched “Empire Records” Fan Edition while she did laundry. A fun and relaxing evening.

Saturday was FINALLY a beautiful day with lots of sun and warm weather. I had errands to run so off to shop I went. Got some stuff taken care of and then back home to my headache. Around supper time I went to Cat’s and played outside with the boy for a bit while she did some gardening. And then Saturday night Steve and I headed over to Jamie & Sara’s w/some other folks to BBQ and watch the UFC fights. Jamie and I were glued to it….no one else seemed to give a shit. Lol. Eff ‘em!

Sunday I got up early and made a stack of food to bring with me to Katie’s baby shower…she’s moving on to kiddo #2 – another boy! Spent part of the afternoon there and then went off on my own for the remainder of the day. I can’t remember if I did anything else exciting before heading home. In the evening I had Facebook (aka Crackbook b/c it’s so addictive) foreplay with CB for a few hours before heading off to bed….sad, isn’t it.

Yesterday (Monday) I worked for half the day and then headed off for a biopsy at the hospital. Came home, had some more of the FB foreplay and then went to Paddy’s in Wolfville for dinner w/Amy K. We had a hoot of a time. Live music, wine, food, Regan, what else could we have asked for.

Have a great week! The sun is still shining!


Another Bandwagon

Hello all, The weekend was not nearly long enough! Friday night was fairly boring – I wasn’t in the mood to do much so I vegged out on the couch and watched a movie. I enjoy having “me time” but sometimes it gets a little down.

Early Saturday afternoon I met up with Amy at her office in Kingston and we headed into Greenwood to do some shopping. We spent all afternoon at the mall and then finished the day up with dinner. In the evening I ended up going to Legends (two weeks in a row!! Whoot!) with Kim Masters and we met up with a few of her friends as well as Keith D. and his friend Blake. We had a great night, lots of laughing and dancing – it all makes up for that funk I’d been in.

Sunday I headed out for the afternoon with Cat and Jamie. We grabbed a little lunch and then did some grocery shopping and then to Walmart – note to self: Do NOT laugh at Cat chasing Jamie thru store while attempting to take a drink or you’ll end up choking. So embarrassing. Ran into a lot of people I haven’t seen in a while and even saw his holy-hotness, Mr. C.B. *sighs loudly while heart pitter-patters* Lol. By the time I left Cat and the boy I had a full blown migraine. I was supposed to have dinner w/my parents but I turned right around and came back home and to bed. Slept for a few hours, woke up, headache still there. Decided to rent a movie, “The Secret” as suggested by C.B. And now have fully jumped on the bandwagon. It makes complete sense. I also rented “Postcards from the Edge” b/c Blue Rodeo are in it – but I have yet to watch it. By the time I headed back off to bed (had a great convo w/Jesse in the late evening and, of course, she got me into giggle mode) my migraine was 100% worse. Woke up with the damn thing the past two mornings and it seems that no amount of drugs will get rid of it. Clearly, sitting in front of a computer is the last place I want to be but work calls. I’m sending out positive thoughts and energy to ensure it goes buh-bye.


Go FUNK yourself!

Hello all.

Yeah, so I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last few days…working on digging myself out of it but sometimes you just can’t help but feel blue. I really don’t need this right now, either. I was doing so well.

Okay, let’s get this over with. Ready? Here it comes:

Thursday was fairly slow at work and I had major issues with the internet, and with Rod being away I wasn’t in the mood to deal with it. I had to go into the gross, creepy basement 2 or 3 times in my new dress and was just disgusted and contemplating pitching the computer out the window….so I went home and worked from there. I ended up cleaning my house from top to bottom and getting a bit of work done on the side.

In the evening I went to Cat’s and played with the boy and then made my way to New Minas around 9 for my movie date with Carl, who I hadn’t seen in probably 5 or 6 years. It was crazy to hear from him (he found me on Facebook). After the movie he came to my place for a drink (oh my, we’re grown ups!) and to catch up. We had some good conversation and he left a little to 1am.

Friday I don’t think I did much, vegged out a bit. Can’t really remember. In the late afternoon Amy and I went to BK and had lots of chatter. In the evening she came over and we had a “What Not to Wear” marathon. It was great.

Saturday afternoon I met Jamie and Cat at the park and had some fun with them. Then we went for a little drive to get the boy asleep. Afterward I went home and started getting ready for my evening. Amy picked me up around 6 or so and we went back to her place to finish getting ready and then headed out to Legends. We had a good time – saw lots of old friends and schoolmates, got hit on, got in a fight with some dude – good times in the Valley. And finally, it was time to head home in the massive snow storm we were having. Cav had a great time pulling the E-brake on the slick roads.

Sunday morning was a boring one but I went to my parents’ house in the afternoon for Easter dinner. We had a little egg hunt for Jamie and then I headed home for a completely boring night. Spent half the night on the phone and the other half getting in some reading. And finally, the weekend was over.


And the Juno goes to…..

Hey y’all…figured I’d better get on this before Cat turns mean again.  It was an interesting weekend.
Let’s see…let’s start with Thursday.  Jennifer and I had dinner plans so after work I headed out to Berwick to her place.  From there we headed over to Kellock’s and of course with dinner with Jenn comes wine.  Always wine at Kellock’s.  Well, we had a glass while we were waiting for our food,then Nate, her cute little red-headed roommate, joined us.  He joined us for a drink and Kelly O. waited on us.  It was great b/c I hadn’t seen Jenn or Kelly if forever and had only met Nate once before.  Had some more wine with the food and of course another glass after.  Then the 3 of us headed to Lake George to see Kevin (the usual chef) and the owner’s son (Mitch?  I can’t remember).  Once we got there I started feeling a little *uneasy*.  Not good at all.  And as the evening wore on the worse I felt.  I went for a walk or two and made many trips outside for air and eventually I started vomiting.  It was wonderful.  You’d think as the night went on I’d be feeling better but it was the exact opposite…I kept getting worse and worse.  I even had to get Nate to pull over on the way home so I could get out and puke and get some air.  I KNEW early in the evening that it wasn’t the booze – I’ve drank way more than that without getting sick and I had such an unusual feeling about it.  Once back at Jenn’s I continued my barfing expedition.  Eventually, she (and Nate) went to bed and I took over the bathroom.  I laid on her bed with her a couple of times and eventually (finally!) I was well enough to walk back to the restaurant and headed home.  Now, don’t go getting all huffy on me thinking I was drinking and driving b/c dinner was at 6, we were outta the restaurant by at least 8 and now it was close to 11:30pm.   Once I got home I pretty much just hit the sack.  I got up early Friday morning for physio but even after my shower was STILL extremely ill.  WTF?  Cancelled my appt. and called in late to work.  Tried getting up a few times but just kept resetting my alarm.  Finally at 10:30 I got up and showered again and headed to work.  Spent the whole day feeling like shit and when I got home I checked the instructions on my new medication and, just as I’d suspected, read "DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL!"  I knew it!  So, Sandy knows now a) not to drink on meds b) read instructions w/meds. 
So, Friday night was the grand Juno Cup – the charity hockey game played Juno weekend.  As always, it was the Rockers (headed by my future husband, Jim Cuddy) versus the NHLers (featuring the legendary Hound Line). I was so excited for this game (yes I’m an obsessed nerd, thank you) and Steve came over to watch it with me.  It wasn’t on till 10 so we vegged out for a bit and at 10 we flicked on the Broadband, turned around the couch and watched the game on the computer.  It was great!  Lots of laughs and Jim Cuddy looks great sweaty.  When it was over Steve went home and I went to bed.
Saturday morning Cat and I went to a movie (Wild Hogs – very funny) and then I went home.  By the time I got stuff done that day it was 8pm and I didn’t feel like doing anything so I had a "me" night.  I had a late dinner and watched Jaws 2 (corny but still good). 
Sunday afternoon Amy and I met up for coffee and gossip and I ran into an old friend who’s name I couldn’t (for the life of me!) remember.  I had to go thru a network of people to come up with Ryan…still not 100% but it’ll do for now.  Afterward I headed to my parents for our Easter dinner since my brother was leaving again the next day.  Cat’s parents were there too so it was a nice time.  Afterward I headed home to do some work that, honestly should’ve been done on Thursday.  But who wants to work on the weekend?  And THEN it was time for the Junos.  Jim was nominated for 2 awards so I was excited to watch.  He won one (which was awarded the effin’ night before) and lost one to Nelly Furtado.  But, HE WON ONE!  Lol.  After the Junos I watched some 90210 (from my DVDs) and headed off to bed.
Okay, so it may not seem like the most exciting weekend but I had a good time.  Love the me time.