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And the Juno goes to…..

Hey y’all…figured I’d better get on this before Cat turns mean again.  It was an interesting weekend.
Let’s see…let’s start with Thursday.  Jennifer and I had dinner plans so after work I headed out to Berwick to her place.  From there we headed over to Kellock’s and of course with dinner with Jenn comes wine.  Always wine at Kellock’s.  Well, we had a glass while we were waiting for our food,then Nate, her cute little red-headed roommate, joined us.  He joined us for a drink and Kelly O. waited on us.  It was great b/c I hadn’t seen Jenn or Kelly if forever and had only met Nate once before.  Had some more wine with the food and of course another glass after.  Then the 3 of us headed to Lake George to see Kevin (the usual chef) and the owner’s son (Mitch?  I can’t remember).  Once we got there I started feeling a little *uneasy*.  Not good at all.  And as the evening wore on the worse I felt.  I went for a walk or two and made many trips outside for air and eventually I started vomiting.  It was wonderful.  You’d think as the night went on I’d be feeling better but it was the exact opposite…I kept getting worse and worse.  I even had to get Nate to pull over on the way home so I could get out and puke and get some air.  I KNEW early in the evening that it wasn’t the booze – I’ve drank way more than that without getting sick and I had such an unusual feeling about it.  Once back at Jenn’s I continued my barfing expedition.  Eventually, she (and Nate) went to bed and I took over the bathroom.  I laid on her bed with her a couple of times and eventually (finally!) I was well enough to walk back to the restaurant and headed home.  Now, don’t go getting all huffy on me thinking I was drinking and driving b/c dinner was at 6, we were outta the restaurant by at least 8 and now it was close to 11:30pm.   Once I got home I pretty much just hit the sack.  I got up early Friday morning for physio but even after my shower was STILL extremely ill.  WTF?  Cancelled my appt. and called in late to work.  Tried getting up a few times but just kept resetting my alarm.  Finally at 10:30 I got up and showered again and headed to work.  Spent the whole day feeling like shit and when I got home I checked the instructions on my new medication and, just as I’d suspected, read "DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL!"  I knew it!  So, Sandy knows now a) not to drink on meds b) read instructions w/meds. 
So, Friday night was the grand Juno Cup – the charity hockey game played Juno weekend.  As always, it was the Rockers (headed by my future husband, Jim Cuddy) versus the NHLers (featuring the legendary Hound Line). I was so excited for this game (yes I’m an obsessed nerd, thank you) and Steve came over to watch it with me.  It wasn’t on till 10 so we vegged out for a bit and at 10 we flicked on the Broadband, turned around the couch and watched the game on the computer.  It was great!  Lots of laughs and Jim Cuddy looks great sweaty.  When it was over Steve went home and I went to bed.
Saturday morning Cat and I went to a movie (Wild Hogs – very funny) and then I went home.  By the time I got stuff done that day it was 8pm and I didn’t feel like doing anything so I had a "me" night.  I had a late dinner and watched Jaws 2 (corny but still good). 
Sunday afternoon Amy and I met up for coffee and gossip and I ran into an old friend who’s name I couldn’t (for the life of me!) remember.  I had to go thru a network of people to come up with Ryan…still not 100% but it’ll do for now.  Afterward I headed to my parents for our Easter dinner since my brother was leaving again the next day.  Cat’s parents were there too so it was a nice time.  Afterward I headed home to do some work that, honestly should’ve been done on Thursday.  But who wants to work on the weekend?  And THEN it was time for the Junos.  Jim was nominated for 2 awards so I was excited to watch.  He won one (which was awarded the effin’ night before) and lost one to Nelly Furtado.  But, HE WON ONE!  Lol.  After the Junos I watched some 90210 (from my DVDs) and headed off to bed.
Okay, so it may not seem like the most exciting weekend but I had a good time.  Love the me time.

2 responses

  1. Cat

    Whee, yay, I got mentioned 3 times! I\’m *special*. (Har!)
    You forgot to mention the annoying lady at the movie, and the popcorn you had with your butter. And the other food. Always the food.
    And I just realized that we managed to get through an entire family meal without anyone pissing off anyone else! Yay us! 🙂

    April 4, 2007 at 8:34 am

  2. sandy

    Popcorn is *supposed* to be wet….mmm….butter.  I don\’t eat butter at home.  In fact, the last pack of butter I bought went moldy.  WTF?  I didn\’t know it could go moldy.  Gross.
    The annoying lady at the movie was likely out on a day pass…and she DIDN\’T turn off her damn cell phone.  Probably didn\’t stash her trash either.  Do we need to have the little tutorials EVERYTIME we go to a movie now?  I think it might be applicable.

    April 4, 2007 at 2:26 pm

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