Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

My Name is Sandy, and I’m a Facebook-a-holic!

Well, Cat is getting back to her demanding self so I figured I’d better get on this while I have the time.

Hm, let’s see, Friday after work Amy and I met up at BK for a bite and then grabbed a movie. We had a “What Not to Wear” fest and watched “Empire Records” Fan Edition while she did laundry. A fun and relaxing evening.

Saturday was FINALLY a beautiful day with lots of sun and warm weather. I had errands to run so off to shop I went. Got some stuff taken care of and then back home to my headache. Around supper time I went to Cat’s and played outside with the boy for a bit while she did some gardening. And then Saturday night Steve and I headed over to Jamie & Sara’s w/some other folks to BBQ and watch the UFC fights. Jamie and I were glued to it….no one else seemed to give a shit. Lol. Eff ‘em!

Sunday I got up early and made a stack of food to bring with me to Katie’s baby shower…she’s moving on to kiddo #2 – another boy! Spent part of the afternoon there and then went off on my own for the remainder of the day. I can’t remember if I did anything else exciting before heading home. In the evening I had Facebook (aka Crackbook b/c it’s so addictive) foreplay with CB for a few hours before heading off to bed….sad, isn’t it.

Yesterday (Monday) I worked for half the day and then headed off for a biopsy at the hospital. Came home, had some more of the FB foreplay and then went to Paddy’s in Wolfville for dinner w/Amy K. We had a hoot of a time. Live music, wine, food, Regan, what else could we have asked for.

Have a great week! The sun is still shining!


One response

  1. Cat

    Well! It\’s about time you had this up! *grin*
    Thanks for coming to play with the boy, you are a lifesaver.
    Another boy, huh? Does that mean that I get to have a girl to even things out a bit? I guess time will tell.
    At first I imagined that you went to your place to watch the movie, and I was wondering WTF Amy was doing your laundry for… Har!
    Did I mention I hate heartburn?

    April 25, 2007 at 4:03 pm

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