Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Something to write home about..finally!

Good day all! Cat is getting impatient again so here I go.

I’m starting with Thursday again b/c Thursday seems to be more eventful than my Friday sometime.

So, Thursday evening I went to Jenn’s in Berwick. I ran into Nate (her roomie and the guy who had to pull over so I could get out and barf the last time I went w/Jenn) in the morning at the DMV and told him I’d be by that evening for dinner – but warned both him and Jenn both that I would not be drinking.
So, in the evening I get to Jenn’s and we have some much needed girl talk about the drama in my life while she made dinner. It’s so nice to catch up with her. In the midst of it all Nate had gotten in the shower and when he got out he just stood in the hallway w/nothing but his little burgandy towel on and grinning at me. I’m sure I blushed, and being the lady that I am (HAH!!), I turned my head the other way. He asked me if I wanted to see what was under his "dress" – I should have taken him up on that but instead persuaded him to get dressed. Gotta love them redheads!!
So, Jenn and Nate scoffed down their dinners while I took my time choking on the dressing w/5 cloves of garlic. I’m sure we all smelled lovely. After dinner Nate was our bitch and cleaned up while Jenn and I got settled to watch Dreamgirls." In the middle of the movie we had to run to the bank and then over to the restaurant for the guys. Quickly caught up with Kevin (the chef) and then back to Jenn’s to finish the movie. It was a great night!!

Friday I ran some errands and then completed the sale of my old Cavalier. I was sad to see her go but at least I know the lady who bought it (Amy’s mom) and will see it around). Ran some more errands and then home. I had intended to do something that evening but the darn phone wouldn’t stop ringing. First Melissa = 1 hour of conversation. Then Steph = close to an hour of conversation. Third Vanessa = 45 minutes or so of conversation. It was awesome to chat with everyone but there goes my evening. Finally, around 11pm I settled into the couch and put on a movie. Sandy time.

Saturday I picked up Tanya around lunch time as we had some things to do in New Minas. When I was going into her place Tommy (Brad’s friend) was coming out. I haven’t seen him in at least a year and a half and I’m certain he had no idea who I was. The last time he saw me I was driving a different car, had different color hair and was heavier. We spoke briefly and then I saw the lightbulb go on for him. Lol.
Tanya and I did some running around, stopped for "coffee" and then continued with our shopping. She asked me to help her pick out clothes = SANDY IN HER GLORY!! I had a ball. Lol. I think it may be my true calling. Sandy Pothier, Personal Shopper. After we finished shopping we grabbed a quick bite and then finished our errands and then back to my place. We had plans for the evening w/some friends so we decided to veg for a bit first. Finally, ready and time to go. Had to stop back at Tanya’s to drop off her laptop and pick up whatever. So, while I was in the car waiting Tommy came out and jumped in with me. We chatted for a good 20 minutes at least. He’s a nice guy. And very funny when he’s been drinking, which, clearly he had (he told me!).
We were offically late. Stopped in Hantsport to pick up Amy K. and then continued on to Dooly’s in Windsor to meet up Jeff, Becky and Chris. We had such a good time playing pool, taking photos and being goofy. Good wine!!
Finally, after a great night, it was time to go. On my way to drop Tanya off at her place we found her poor kitty Scrat in the road. He’d been hit by a car. Tanya was so upset. It was very sad. When we got back to her place I decided to run up and ask Tommy to give us a hand, since he was still up. We walked down to where the cat was and Tommy put it in a box. We then walked back to the house and buried it out back. Mind you, it’s pitch dark with only a pen light and it’s after 1 in the morning. Kinda creepy. But makes for an interesting story. See Tanya? Scrat didn’t die in vain.

Sunday – Hmm….I didn’t do too much. I think I vegged for a good part of the day. Went out for coffee with Tanya around supper time and later in the evening Steph came over for a visit. ‘Bout time since I hadn’t seen her since before she went to the DR. After she left I continued on in veg mode pretty much until it was time for bed.

And that, my dears, is all she wrote.

Have a great week!!




2 responses

  1. Ms Nothing

    haha… I read your blog for the 2nd time and here\’s your comment.

    May 14, 2007 at 1:28 pm

  2. Tanya

    :(Poor Scrat

    August 25, 2009 at 11:04 pm

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