Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

And THESE are the days of our lives!!

Hey y’all!

What a weekend! Friday night Amy K., Ames and I headed to Boston Pizza to see Har-Money Made (Kevin Davison’s band). We arrived early to have dinner and drinks and Suzanne (Rod’s fiance) stopped by to have a drink with us. Lots of wine = Sandy talking non-stop. You should all prepare yourselves if you’re heading out with me.
Ran into Greg Whynot (who owns BP). He sat w/us and he and I chatted and reminisced about being bus buddies back in high school.
Eventually we moved over to the lounge side of the restaurant when the band was starting. What a hoot! Met up with tons of people I haven’t seen or talked to in years. Kinda ridiculous. Danced. Sang. Got hit on. Got my ass grabbed and everything. Oh, weekends in the Valley. And to top off the evening, Kevin played me a Blue Rodeo song (think the Ding Dong vid, Tanya!!) – although he forgot the words part way thru and yelled that he was waiting for me to sing. Um, no. Not enough wine. 😛
Great night. Hugs and kisses to end it.

Saturday Amy and I dragged our asses up and grabbed lunch and did a little shopping but I was half hungover and half dying so in the late afternoon I dropped her off and decided it was nap time. Once I woke up Tanya and Elizabeth popped over for a short visit and then I headed out for my movie date w/Erica. It’s always nice to catch up with Erica. Lots of chatter and stories about Dean or the “old days.” On my way home I popped in to Tanya’s for a bit and visited…but it was so late and I was ready to drop so I made it a quick visit and headed home.

Sunday I had to meet up for a little fam jam for Mother’s Day. My parents, Terry & Cat, Cat’s parents and of course t he boy! Had a nice little lunch with them (although I was sick so I was counting down the minutes to leave) and then moved on. Picked up E. at a friend’s house in Kentville and then headed back to my place. Spent the afternoon in recovery on my couch and in the early evening headed down to the City w/Tanya to drop off E. and Donda – picked up Jeff along the way. Crowded car. But an interesting road trip – to say the very least. (Apparently I’m sorta being portrayed as a home-wrecker – even tho I have nothing to do with the whole scenario…if you want the full story you’re gonna have to ask me b/c it’s just not important enough for me to type all out. Oh the drama!!) Speaking of drama….Tanya helps E. lug her stuff into her apartment while I sit in the car and listen to Jeff tell me what’s up. Jeff puts hand on Sandy’s leg…Sandy shoots Jeff “the look” and says “move it” – Have never seen an arm move so quickly in my life. I refuse to contribute to the soap opera that is his life in Windsor. There’s enough of Melrose Place in my life now.
SO MUCH DRAMA!! (Besides, my heart is sorta on reserve for someone else these days.)

Anyway, that seems to be all I can remember from the weekend. Good thing or bad, it was fun.


2 responses

  1. Cat

    I know it was a long weekend and all, but Sandy – it\’s _Wednesday!_
    Har. And I know I get a mention this week, so come on. I need my moment of fame.

    May 23, 2007 at 10:35 am

  2. Tanya

    *chuckle*Jeff loved you. He even wrote a poem about your blue eyes.Which Becky then found. Ahhh, the awesome-ness of being stuck in the middle of other people\’s lives.

    August 25, 2009 at 10:58 pm

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