Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Take a Load Off

Holy crap – I’m late with these things these days.

So..let’s get right to it….work is calling (I’m trying not to answer – haha).

Friday night Amy and I headed out to the Union Street Café in Berwick to meet up with Kale (I met him thru Brad). It was open mic night and he was singing and invited me out. We had some drinks and chatter and eventually Jenn showed up with her coworkers and it was a big party. Kale played “The Weight” by The Band which made me very happy. We had too much fun (and too much wine) and before I knew it….ha! You’ll have to ask!!
After the place closed Jenn and Amy and I hit Subway really quick (yes, I flaked on the boys asking me to come home with them….a girl’s gotta eat!) and then we walked back to Jenn’s and hung out with Shawn and Nate for a bit – chatting and watching John Denver in concert. Yup, they know how to party in B’erk!

Saturday morning Jesse woke me up way too early and then she and Shawn popped over with the kidletts for a visit (and she went shopping in my closet!). Then I met up with Amy at Tim’s for coffee. We did a little shopping and then headed over to the beach where we relaxed in the sun for some time and then headed home. I made Saturday night “Sandy time” – boring, I know…but I was tired from the night before and the sun.

Sunday I headed over to Cat’s for a visit and then Amy met me there. We headed to the beach again w/Jamie in tow. He and Cat walked along the mud while Amy and I perfected our sun-goddessness. Eventually Cat and the boy headed home for a nap and Amy and I layed around for a while longer then headed home. I’m certain Sunday night was boring too…watched a movie and hit the sack.

But be cautious, y’all – this weekend is Apple Blossom. Be prepared for lots of stories…at least what I can remember!


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