Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Way Too Much Fun

Hello all….it’s been a few weeks since I updated but they have been quite busy. Following Apple Blossom was a wonderful visit with Anne & Chrissy – way too much fun! If you haven’t yet looked there are photos of our mock photo shoot on Facebook…Cat I will have to show them to you.

Man! There’s been so much going on that I can’t even write about it all. Lots of wonderful things happening…especially with certain people. Some of you know…some of you will have to ask. It’s that simple. I can’t take the chance of incriminating myself on the internet. Hehe.

This past weekend (and following few days) was fun. Randy and Pete came in from Toronto. It was very exciting for me. Randy and I have "worked together" for almost 4 years now – daily chatting and emails but never a face-to-face meeting. It was great. We had a little get together Friday night at Rod’s – Lobster, wine, campfire….lotsa fun. Saturday evening we headed to Paddy’s (Rod & Suzanne, Pete, Randy, me, Ames & Cav, Heather & Chris) and got hammered! Lol….Nova Scotia staff party is what I called it. Then we headed to Legends….always a fun time.

Agh…so many things have happened I just don’t have the time to write about them all. I should have been keeping tabs…it definitely would have made for great reads – Cat, you’re gonna have to be on top of this from now on. Hehe.

Tonight I’m heading to Sissaboo with Amy to camp for the weekend (I am NOT looking forward to peeing in the woods, dammit!) then Sunday morning (early early early!!!) we’re heading to the Nickelback concert….It should definitely be a fun weekend.

Carl was over the other night, he said I was a little high maintenance….he’s said it before….he said I take a lot of work…Maybe I do, but A) I’m worth it B) I’m funny as hell C) I’d make it worth his while…..haha….don’t get me started on D) E) and F) – I’m sure it’d be a lengthy list.

Happy Canada Day!



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