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Sometimes no plans are the best plans!

G’day all!
So, I decided to not make any plans for this past weekend….figured I’d fly by the seat of my pants and just go with the flow.  It’s the first weekend I’ve had no plans since before Apple Blossom.  It didn’t work out the way I’d intended…I get bored way too easily.
Friday evening I spent some time with my parents, the boy (who was a complete crank-box) and Cat.  Cat and I had dinner plans but b/c of Mr. Boy’s attitude she headed home and I went on my merry way.  I stopped in to visit with Elizabeth and we ended up going for coffee-talk.  While out, Matt called to see if I wanted to do something.  I hadn’t seen him since the week he moved home so I figured, why not?  We watched a movie and caught up.  It was nice.  Kinda brought back some old memories.  Lol.
Saturday, Amy and I did lunch and went shopping.  We REALLY need to stop doing that!  I spent way too much money when we’re together.  And then I suffer from Buyer’s Remorse and I don’t like how that makes me feel.  (Haha).  From there we visited with Cat and Jamie – he kept us quite entertained.  Once I dropped Amy off I ended up going for a little cruise w/Cat & Jamie (to get him to nap – too much energy!!) and then home.
Saturday night I headed over to Steve’s for a bonfire.  There were a few of us and we had a great time.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly. 
Sunday I went back over to Steve’s and sunbathed with him for a few hours (mmm…..SUN!).  He’s always great fun.  In the evening I did a whole lot of nothing – cleaned, vegged and watched Big Brother (my summer addiction).  And now the weekend’s over.  BOOOO!

…Another One Bites the Dust!

Hey all,
Well, what can I say but another full weekend bites the dust.  Friday I left work early and met up with Elizabeth.  We ran some errands and did the proverbial coffee thing. It’s so nice to have her back in the Val. 
That evening I had a movie date with Greg…we went to see Stephen King’s "1408" – I was not down with that…..I am a big baby now that I have to live alone.  After the movie we grabbed some food and wine and spent the rest of the evening at my place.  Interesting.
Saturday I headed to my parents’ to play with the boy for a wee bit…he was their house-guest for the weekend as Cat was at her brother’s wedding in ON and Terry is still off working somewhere in Middle Earth.  Then I headed back to my place to get ready for Amy’s cousin’s wedding.  I have no idea who these people are but A) someone needed a date B) I got to wear a pretty dress.  So, off we went.  In between the wedding and reception a crew of us headed over to Paddy’s for food and wine….a pre-reception reception.  Good times.  Then over to the actual reception.  It was a fun evening, a little convo, a little more wine, a little dancing….seeing people make fools of themselves and it has absolutely NO BEARING on me!!  Love it!  And after the reception back to James’s to finish off the evening.
Sunday I drug my ass outta bed to meet up with Elizabeth and Missy (haven’t seen her in years).  On my way I decided to do a drive-by of a house Carl was telling me about and oddly enough he was sitting in the driveway waiting to show it.  So I got a quick sneak-peek and short chatter with the handsome, CB.  The day went from good to excellent.
Met w/E & M and we grabbed lunch and coffee and I had them both in stitches laughing: "Seriously, if I had a wedding dress I would wear it ALL THE TIME!" "I don’t need a wedding, don’t need a husband…I just need the dress, the party and the presents!"  – Apparently, they thought that was comical.
From there I met up w/my parents and the boy again…they had him at the park.  That child had way too much energy for me, my lazy ass and my hangover.  God love him!!
Then home to clean and veg for the rest of the evening.
Till next time…

Rock My World!

Hello all…Man, I know.  I’ve been sucking at this lately.  I will attempt to pay more attention to my blog….Facebook seems to be taking up all of my time lately.  Hehe.
This past weekend was a hoot!  Amy and I went camping with Cav and friends in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere aka Sissaboo (Donna, that’s down near "not-Digby").  Okay, so to me, camping is like what Brad and I did – park a tent in a lot, have a washroom facility nearby complete with running water, soap AND showers, etc.  No, down in butt-fuck nowhere we parked our vehicles in a field and hiked our gear down into the woods in the damn dark..I swore I heard the Blair Witch lurking about.  Not so cool.  And WTF is up with this peeing in the woods stuff???  I am not high-maintenance, Carl and Steve, but I am not an animal either.  I was raised with heat, electricity and plumbing.  Yikes.  I managed the weekend tho and had a great time.  Amy and I even spotted some whales on our drive so it was exceptional.
Sunday morning she and I got up way too early (nature was LITERALLY calling), packed up our gear and headed back to the Valley to clean up.  And then mozied on our way to the Concert on the Hill in Halifax for Canada Day.  Lots of good bands, including the headliners, Nickelback.  Good fun.  Lotsa pictures and video.  Most of it is already posted on FB..I will get to posting on here eventually.
Monday I spent most of the day chilling in the sun on Steve’s deck with him (and his mom for a short while).  It was great.  I love the sun.  Vitamin C…it’s good for you.  Went over to play with the boy for a bit afterward but he had way too much energy for me after my weekend….I headed home to finish unloading my camping gear and hit the sack.
Lots of love.