Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Sometimes no plans are the best plans!

G’day all!
So, I decided to not make any plans for this past weekend….figured I’d fly by the seat of my pants and just go with the flow.  It’s the first weekend I’ve had no plans since before Apple Blossom.  It didn’t work out the way I’d intended…I get bored way too easily.
Friday evening I spent some time with my parents, the boy (who was a complete crank-box) and Cat.  Cat and I had dinner plans but b/c of Mr. Boy’s attitude she headed home and I went on my merry way.  I stopped in to visit with Elizabeth and we ended up going for coffee-talk.  While out, Matt called to see if I wanted to do something.  I hadn’t seen him since the week he moved home so I figured, why not?  We watched a movie and caught up.  It was nice.  Kinda brought back some old memories.  Lol.
Saturday, Amy and I did lunch and went shopping.  We REALLY need to stop doing that!  I spent way too much money when we’re together.  And then I suffer from Buyer’s Remorse and I don’t like how that makes me feel.  (Haha).  From there we visited with Cat and Jamie – he kept us quite entertained.  Once I dropped Amy off I ended up going for a little cruise w/Cat & Jamie (to get him to nap – too much energy!!) and then home.
Saturday night I headed over to Steve’s for a bonfire.  There were a few of us and we had a great time.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly. 
Sunday I went back over to Steve’s and sunbathed with him for a few hours (mmm…..SUN!).  He’s always great fun.  In the evening I did a whole lot of nothing – cleaned, vegged and watched Big Brother (my summer addiction).  And now the weekend’s over.  BOOOO!

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