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My High School was NOT a Musical….

Since I’m not going to waste any time on a new Blog until someone posts something I thought I’d have a little fun in the meantime:
My High School was NOT a Musical….
1. Who was your best friend?
Kim P. (still is, for more than 15 years – wow, does that make me sound old?)
2. What sports did you play?
Rugby & softball – for a bit…after-school activities interferred with my social life.

3. What kind of car did you drive?
1984 Chevy Blazer 4WD

4. It’s Friday night, where were you?
Either at Laddie and Derek’s party or somewhere causing trouble with Kim

5. Were you a party animal?
Maybe a bit

6. Were you considered a flirt?
Yes and no

7. Ever skip school?
Gawd yes (and Mrs. Young liked me and would let me sign out whenever I wanted)

8. Ever smoke?

9. Were you a nerd?

10. Did you get suspended/expelled?
I got suspended at the end of grade 11 for a day and a half for fighting. It was a joke!

11. Can you sing the Alma Mater?
Um… Did we have one? Does “O Canada” count?….wait…we sang AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” at hockey games..and on occasion we did the “HD, HDH, HDHS LET’S GO!”

12. Who was your favorite teacher?
Shep, Lugar & Leslie – and Mr. Townsend was great for subbing b/c you could ditch class and he was just so not with it (and the stories to tell later in life never fail to entertain or to send me to Hell, eh Tanya?)

13. Favorite class?
I liked English, Drama, Soc and Law

14. What was your school’s full name?
Horton DISTRICT High School

15. School mascot?

16. Did you go to Prom?
Yes – I went to many

17. If you could go back and do it over, would you?
I don’t know if I’d do it all over again but I had a blast in high school – miss it

18. What do you remember most about graduation?
I broke my ankle the night before the prom while I was at the school decorating so I had to go to prom and grad on crutches – but I had a blast and the parties were worth it!

19. Favorite memory of your Senior Year?
Had so many great memories it’s hard to narrow it down to one but I remember getting in a car accident during the final English exam. Shep would let you leave after the vocab part and do whatever the heck you wanted as long as the exam was handed in by 5.  Kim & I grabbed lunch at McD’s and on the way back got rearended…other dude’s car was wrote off while mine had a little bump in the bumper (hence the name, I guess). We finished our exam after all the hoopla died down & parents were called and THEN went to the hospital. Turns out we got one of the highest marks on the exam.

20. Where were you on senior skip day?
We actually called it Senior Ditch Day and I went to the liquor store (yes, I was underage) and bought booze for my group, then we went to Lumsdens to swim and then to party

21. Did you have a job your senior year?

22. Where did you go most often for lunch?
Senior year I was either in the hallway by the woodshop room causing trouble or else Kim and I were in New Minas at the BK Lounge or wherever

23. Have you gained weight since then?
I lost weight, gained it and have lost it again (I broke the other ankle in college and put on some weight after that – I have bad luck with my feet)

24. What did you do after graduation?
Right after I went to the grad party.  🙂  Then I worked and then went to college and now I have a great career

25. What were you known for in high school?

Not being there 😉
26. Who was President?
When I left Bill Clinton was pres.  When I started it was Bush Sr.  And Jean Cretient was Prime Minister *waves Canadian flag*
27. When did you graduate?

Back by popular demand…..Sandy’sWEEKEND UPDATE

Hey y’all!
What a great weekend….for the most part.  Friday I dealt with a massive migraine so by the time I got home from job number 2 and went for my hour-long run in 40-friggin’-degree heat I was ready to do whatever it took to get the thumping to stop.  However, it was such a gorgeous Friday night I was eager to get out and do something….I was looking forward to sitting outside and having a glass of wine but eventually I decided against it and downed the last of my Advil and bummed around my house for the rest of the night.
Saturday morning I was up early for a run before heading to the City with Blair and Abby to see Emma.  We stopped to get Emma sneakers for her grading present (aw, those were the days, eh?) and I FINALLY got new sneakers.  I’ve been needing them.  I’ve been using the same Nikes since 1999.  Blair says I should have had new sneaks YEARS ago.  Here’s hoping the new ones will reduce the knee pain.
We took the girls to Atlantic Playland which is pretty lame but I think the girls liked it..and we all had a good time.  Once home and cleaned up from the hot hot hot day I headed over to give my brother his bday present, hug and kiss the boys and then stopped in to Serina (Blair’s Westville High schoolmate)’s with Kim MacEwan (Tom’s wifey, my co-worker) for some wine and girl talk (lots of chatter about boobs, boys and work).  It was a nice little night. 
Sunday I was up early for a run, to clean, into New Minas to get a new mop b/c mine was old and moldy (scrubbing bathroom floor on hands and knees in oven-like weather = NOT FUN!).  Back home to finish cleaning and getting ready for Jaime (Steve’s fiance)’s wedding shower.  Power goes off…dammit!  Finish getting ready regardless.  Head into Wolfville to buy these gorgeous black martini glasses I’ve had my eyes on.  Love them.  Go to shower…have some food, some fun, win a prize….back home and happy that I have power again.  Whoot.  Clean some more….going to relax for the evening, although I will probably run again since my run this morning seemed half-assed.  Gonna watch Big Brother, read and looking forward to some sleep.  I wish the weekends were longer…Much, much longer.


Hey y’all…just wondering where everyone is.  I know it’s summer and all but if my life has to suck yours should too..so you should be randomly checking here for updates and leaving comments.  Otherwise, what’s the point??
I am very excited to report that I will have exciting news soon (hopefully).  I would tell you all…but since there’s no one here to read….looks like y’all will have to wait.  🙂
(Is the intrigue killing you???  Because that is my lure.  Smile  )


Holy smokers….what a long week.  I’m having a hard time believing it’s mid-August already….where did the summer go?  Why have I not been to the beach yet?  WHy has it rained almost consistantly since June?  All I can say is that I am ecstatic that the sun is out and it’s going to be out all weekend.  My main goal for this weekend is to wash my car (note to self – Do Not park car under sap-filled tree!) and to work on my tan.  And read.  Amy Mac has loaned me the first of the Twilight series and,

although I’m not into it or addicted to it as she is, it is a good book….at least so far.  And It’s fun to read something fun after my long struggle with FINALLY finishing The Witching Hour….it only took me a year and a half.  But I did it.  *beams*


Poor Blair is working crappy backshift all weekend but I’m hoping to see him late tomorrow night on a break – I will bring him something cold to drink and pehaps some watermelon to keep him hydrated and cool – or maybe I can talk him into coming to my place Sunday morning instead of going home…but we’ll see what happens.  I miss him so much it’s ridiculous.


This evening I am going to visit Linda’s grave with Elizabeth….It’s going to be difficult but it will be good.  Neither of us have been there since the funeral.  I’m still reeling from her death…it’s still new and it was so sudden.  I continue to hear her voice and see her in cars…then I have to remind myself that she is gone.  But it’s funny b/c the same thing happens with my Nan….I keep thinking I see her….or someone will stroll by that reminds me of her.  I saw her sister Peggy one day from afar and my heart dropped to my knees….she looked so much like her. 


We’ll see how this weekend goes and how many adventures I can accumulate.  I’ll keep you posted!  🙂

Summer Lovin’….had me a BLAST!

Hey y’all…..so much has changed since I was faithful to my blog posts….unfortunately Facebook had taken over my obsession but even that these days I’ve become a little lackadaisical…but here I am on a warm August night ready to get back to work on this.
Let’s see…well, first of all, let me tell you about my wonderful, beautiful, amazingly loving boyfriend, Blair.  He’s awesome!  We’ve been together nearly a year and I couldn’t be happier.  What a great guy.  We were introduced more than a year ago, our eyes met, and then…well, eventually I was pissed off with the world enough to finally go have that drink with him.  But ever since that I have been madly in love.  Whoot WHOOT!!!!  ‘Bout damn time, yes?
But lovin’ aside, it’s also been a summer of loss….first, I’m sure we were ALL shocked with the death of Michael Jackson.  The media is still reeling from it and rolling with it.  Who would have thought that such a magnificent entertainer would have been taken so early?  But as my mom pointed out, people like that always die early…look at Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, JFK, JFK Jr, Princess Diana.  These people were all remarkable people.  Let’s just hope the best things happen for his children. 
As well, my beautiful Aunt Linda was taken from us a little more than two weeks ago.  It’s been a struggle dealing with this loss.  She was a wonderful woman with a big heart and a great sense of humor.  I know that she is dancing in the Heavens with my nan and grampie.  She is finally home.  RIP Linda, we all miss you and love you so much.
And of course, my dear Aunt Donna and family left us for their new home in BC.  We miss you Donna.  You are my big sister.  I can’t wait for those damn 5 years to be up!!  Stupid Military. 
It seems that this summer is also the summer for other peoples’ lovin’…..4 weddings in my office…Blair’s brother got married in June, my friend Melissa got ‘er done two weeks ago….plus, Jenn and Steve are both getting married in September and my dear Heather (H.Bo) tying the knot on my birthday.  (REGARDLESS it is still MY day!!  Haha…bridezilla, I think not…Birthdayzilla!! And I’m okay with it.)  I’m happy for them all…and a little jealous…and Im okay with that too.  I’m sure (eventually) my time’s a comin’.
Happy Summer Peeps!

Long Time Runnin’……(but nothin’ written)

Well hello all!  It’s been a helluva long time since I have updated this damn thing.  I guess the facination and addictions with Facebook have taken over the Spaces Blogs and I’ve lost my followers…..But NOT to worry.  New stories and updates are coming soon.  I feel like my flare for life, adventure, love and writing are still happily abundant and I want to share my creativity with anyone who is willing to read.
I shall return when I’m less pressed for time and will update y’all on my love life (WHOOOOOT!!!), my health (bbblltttttt! {That’s the sticking out the tongue and making a fart noise noise}) and everything else.
Enjoy your summery days.  I will be back.