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If I Could Change the World….

This is one of those things that I will be adding to as I think of them.  There are certain issues and situations that get me fuming….so here’s what I would do If I Could Change the World:

1) Adjust Child Support specifications.  Child support should be a set amount…it shouldn’t be based on what a parent/party makes in wages.  If it costs, for example, $300 (example!) per month to raise, clothe, feed, water and care for a child then that should be the set amount for every single child.  Child support should not increase or decrease because a parent makes more or less than another.  Too many parents (receiving child support) are taking advantage of this system.  One parent should NOT go into debt to pay for the other parent’s lifestyle. Sorry.  If it costs $300 a month to support a child then THAT is what it costs!  Of course you have to allow for medical expenses and the like, there are certainly exceptions but there should be a base amount set and whether a parent makes $15,000, $50,000 or $500,000 they should only have to pay that base amount.
2) And while I’m spewing out about children I am so fed up with people taking advantage of the system, that I am of the belief that if you can’t afford to take care of your child/children you shouldn’t have them.  This statement is directed at the many MANY (way too many) people who have decided to allow Welfare (an in turn US) pay for their children.  If you can’t afford to support your children then you should watch as your children are put into Foster Care UNTIL you get a job and can support them all on your lonesome.  Can you imagine how life as we know would change??  Wouldn’t it be great if we could stop paying for everyone else to live?  And isn’t it strange that these same people who are incapable of working or supporting themselves and their children ALWAYS seem to have money for Tim Horton’s, for cigarettes and, of course, for booze.  Oh Canada, eh?
3) I would make Social Services step in and assist with the job hunting.  If you are taking advantage of the lovely Welfare system, but are fully capable of working then you should certainly be forced to go out and (appropriately) apply for employment.  AND you should be forced to report your activities – job searching, interviews, applications filled out, etc.  Get on it!  I have two jobs….I’ll be happy to give you one of mine, dammit!!
4) People who make false claims of anything (abuse, harrasment, sexual assault/abuse, etc.) would get dinged AND HARD!  If a person alleges that he or she has been victimized by someone for his or her selfish gain (for the other party to lose custody, pay more child/spousal support, or for the allerger to get more money from Social Services, etc.) and the allegations are false, then that particular party should be reprimanded in the most harsh way.  The people who do these types of things are evil. Do they not realize that the accusations they’re making can ruin lives…and, in many cases, not only the alleged person but any children that are involved as well.  WTF?  If you want more money, go get a job, asshole! 
5) Spousal support is stupid.  If you are an individual who is fully capable of working then get a job!  Why should you rely on other people to support you? 
6) I also don’t necessarily agree with an ex-spouse latching onto his/her ex-spouse’s pension.  I think if a person worked for 40+ years for that pension then no one else should be entitled to it….especially when the other party is capable of working.  Again, get a job and support yourself.

7) Kanye West would NOT be invited to anymore award shows!!  This man is an idiot yet the media keeps giving him outlets to prove himself idiotic.  Let’s see if we can ignore him (and his childish antics) and maybe he and his mediocrity will go away.
8) Education would be FREE!!  All of it.  For everyone.  Every single person would be entitled to continue their education..no matter if they choose university or community college or another program.  People should not lose out on their future because they can’t afford an education now.  Every individual should be give the same opportunity – should they choose to take take advantage of a higher learning is up to each person.  But at least the option would be there.  We all have dreams…why not be given the opportunity to live them?


The other day Blair and I went for a hike to find falls down by his place.  We had a great little trip on the trail (even in my brown capris and mismatched {one pink, one burgandy} socks) and once we got to our destination it was worth the trek…breathtaking.
There was a lady sitting on a rock watching as her husband and younger sons jumped from a high cliff into the pool of water below.  I would have loved to have jumped along with them but I wasn’t going to walk all the way back to the car soaking wet and freezing.  But I was envious of them.  And it got me to thinking….about how I am a lot less fearless than I was 10 and 15 years ago.  There was a time when NOTHING would have stopped me from jumping off that cliff and flying through the air like a free bird (or an idiot).
In fact, there were times when I did JUST that!  I remember when I was about 17 jumping many-a-time from the cliff at the White Rock Reservoir.  Just me and my tan swimsuit and holding on for dear life to Marcie Lane’s hand as we ran and jumped into nothingness until we eventually plunged into the rolling river below.  
I can’t recall how many times I’d jumped off the bridge at the start of the Canal….and the times when Kim and I jumped off in the dark in our underwear.  I think about doing multiple shots of Tequila until the bottle was empty on a dare (to which the end results were not pretty). 
I remember being able to ride any roller coaster or carnival ride and not giving a second thought to the height or the speed or the rickety bolts squeaking as we turned upside down and every which way.  I can’t imagine doing that now.  I keep playing thru my mind the thought of the coaster speeding off trail and into the open air and then plunging at unidentifiable speeds into the concrete and crowds below (thank you CSI). 

 I wonder at what point did I become such a pussy?  I’m a huge wimp now and I reflect on my life and wonder when it happened.  When did I become such a *gulp* grownup?? 

Certainly, it’s great to be safe and mature and cautious….but wasn’t fearlessness about fun and freedom?  Don’t get me wrong, I am still having fun…I’m my own barrell of monkeys…but it seems these days I am choosing fun that’s more risk-free and responsible (anyone for a game of cards??  No?).  WTF?  I am such a wiener.  So here it is…when next I have the opportunity I WILL be jumping off a cliff (or bridge)….I will take the plunge into the open air and fall gracefully (well, maybe gracefully SCREAMING) into the water that awaits me.  Unless, of course, it’s too cold.  🙂

 I will let you know how it turns out.



Pothiers UNITE!

What a great weekend!  Friday evening I worked for a bit and had planned to relax for then night…but Ames called when I was leaving the office and wanted to have a 90210 session.  So, of course I said yes.  I would never turn down our 90210 nights.  It was lovely.  I miss the old school episodes.  TV was so much better back then.  God I’m old!!
At some point Saturday I knew my cousin Anne would be arriving (in tow with Uncle Andrew and cousin Alicia) with her husband, Jason from BC.  And Blair was due to arrive after work.  Once I heard that they wouldn’t be getting here until later I made plans to do coffee with Amy K.  We grabbed our drinks and headed back over to her place (too much A/C at the Tim’s in Hantsport…brrrr.).  We chatted for a bit and had a nice little visit.  Eventually when I got back home I finished the cleaning that I’d started in the morning and finally the Pothiers arrived (this time only for a brief visit).  Andrew, Jason and I had some wine and then they took off for a visit with my parents’, back to my grandparents’ for dinner and then Anne and Jason here to crash.  Once they left I got to work on dinner and waited for my hunny to get here.  Blair and I ate and waited for the rest of the gang to show up.  Once they arrived we did some chatting and eventually vegged.  Blair fell asleep on the couch and Anne was tired so we headed off to bed. 
Sunday Anne and Jason left to sightsee with Andrew and Alicia and Blair and I went for coffee and to Walmart and then came back here where I kicked his ass in a wrestling match and then relaxed until he had to leave to pick up Abby.  I had dinner at my grandparents’ with the whole family and then Anne and crew and I went to visit Cat and the boys.  Then home.  I was exhausted so I crashed out pretty early.
Monday we all spent the day together…giggling and likely getting on Andrew’s nerves…oh well…Then to the grandparents’ for a visit then back home where Alicia, Anne and I made a couple of cakes.  Then I dropped the lot of them off at the Old O for dinner while I went for a run…then back to pick them up for a gathering and Grace and Piotr’s.  A little wine, a little food,  A LOT OF LAUGHS and photos.  Then finally home to bed…well, for me anyway. 
It was a great visit…I wish Anne lived closed.  She’s a hoot…and I LOVE to laugh.