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BIRTHDAY WEEK (and Heather’s Wedding)!!

Wow…what a couple of weeks….let’s start with my birthday bash aka Wine & Cheese.  I decided that I wanted to have a fairly laid back evening with just a small group of people.  I had a lovely buffett set up with a dozen different types of cheeses, crackers, meats, chips, etc. and of course a few different types of wines.  It was nice.  My friends (and brother!!) and I had a nice evening.  And Nicole, being as thoughtful and considerate as she is, brought two gourmet chocolate cakes.
Unfortunately, the next day I got hit with a bad flu (and sent the cakes far away) and dealt with that for the next few days.  Monday was a complete write-off…I didn’t/couldn’t get out of bed until 7:30 in the evening (and back to bed by 10pm)…and Tuesday was another day home in bed.  But my main goal was getting better by the time Friday rolled around as I had to head to Amherst for Heather’s wedding.
Of course, with me taking preventative maintenance and trying not to develope the Swine Flu or infecting anyone else with my bug I had to put Birthday Week on hold….sorry Cat…I know I still owe you a gift but at least A) you got a card  B) I told you what your gift is.  Hehe.  However, Thursday evening my parents forced me to come there for a somewhat birthday dinner.  Although I hadn’t eaten since Sunday and the mere thought of any form of sustenance made me cringe and narrowly vomit, I actually was kind of excited for barbeque.  Of course, that never happened as (of course!) something was wrong with the BBQ and it wouldn’t work…so I had something else and went on my merry way to pack and get things in accordance before leaving for the weekend.
Friday afternoon I scooted out of work early and headed to Amherst with Amy and Cav.  We met up with Heather, Chris and company at the Church and went over roles for the next day….then back to Chris & Heather’s for dinner.  A houseful of people and lots of food (which I took full advantage of) and some wine makes for a great evening.  The wedding party were all great and fun (and Heather I’m still waiting for that email address) and the flower girl gave me lessons in playing her DS (??) game….to which I responded in telling her about Atari.  🙂
Heather sent us back to the hotel to get a good night’s rest (which I did indeed) and the next morning after Amy, Cav and I grabbed breakfast we began the deed of getting ready. In between birthday wishes and phone calls Amy and I managed to get each other’s hair done, got our make up done and got dressed and all within our time limit.  And eventually, we were shuttled off to one of Chris & Heather’s friend’s home to finish up and get photos, etc.  Unfortunately, my dress was a wee bit big on top and the lady of the house (whose name {Patty} I discovered later) offered to help pin my dress and then changed her mind and loaned me a much better strapless bra.  People in Amherst are so nice.  🙂

From there we got some pictures taken and munched a bit and sipped on champagne as the bride finished getting ready….and shortly before we were getting ready to leave for the church I had to scream to Amy: "BROKEN ARROW:  BRIDESMAID DOWN!!"  Unfortunately, during my last minute pitstop (as we were all taking them) the top layer of my dress dropped into the toilet.  But no worries…Patty saved me again…she took me downstairs and dried my dress with the hair dryer (I love this woman).
Okay…onto the church.  We’re there, we’re ready to walk down the aisle…I’m waiting for Janitor Jimmy to give me my cue – and I was nervous as hell b/c I was the first one to stroll down….but then Blair came out of nowhere (on his way back to his seat) and made everything better (awww!).  I was just so excited to see him.  He gave me a birthday kiss (actually, I accosted him right there in the church and made him hug and kiss me) and then we got the show on the road.
It was a beautiful ceremony and I thank Heather for being who she is….bubbly and excited…otherwise I would have been bawling thru the ceremony.
After the ceremony, everyone was sent outside for the Honour Guard, which was quite lovely and then the bridal party was whisked away for photos and eventually to the reception hall….where I once again dropped my damn dress in the toilet.  What the hell is wrong with me??
Amy and I had quite a bit of wine and Heather and Chris announced my birthday to the guests and everyone sang Happy Birthday…it was very nice.  I eventually gave a speech…and of course I cried…I tried not to, Heather, I promise…but I cry a lot.  I’m a big baby.
But, we ate, we danced (Amy, Heather and I did, well attempted, our ABC/Jackson 5 routine from our karaoke night in college circa 2003 – we almost rocked) , we celebrated, I caught the bouquet (AGAIN!!) and we drank wine.  And when I got back to the hotel I threw up.  It wasn’t very pleasant but I did.  Sunday morning everyone went for brunch and then we were on our merry ways and headed for our respective homes.
When we finally got home Blair and I relaxed for maybe an hour and then it was off to Birthday supper with my family (to celebrate my and Cat’s birthdays).  The boys were spunky, the food was good and the piano player was loud but it made for a different atmosphere.  Then Blair headed home and the rest of us headed to Terry & Cat’s for presents.  And finally back home to relax and go to bed.
However, Birthday Week is not over…I have decided to spread it out and celebrate sporadically…no flu allowed.  🙂