Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

All Hail Richard-the-Great!!!

So, this morning I woke up super early (as in Four friggin’ Thirty!!) and could NOT for the life of me get back to sleep.  Winston was very content laying at the foot of the bed (well, he moved after I’d rolled on him attempting to get up to pee) and I hated to disturb his fat ass but I eventually decided to get up and get ready for the day – which included lining up early with the old men at the Wolfvegas hospital to get my overdue blood work done.  Stupid people with their stupid needles poking me!  But now it’s overwith for another six months UNLESS something shows up again (this would be thyroid and liver/iron testing….AGAIN). 
So, because I am the super wiener that I am, and I believe in giving recognition to other superheroes, I emailed Richard – the dude I began the insanity with.  I’ve worked out with him on many occasion (okay, not inperson, but we’ve become very close friends via my tv screen) and I checked out his website and blog.  This morning I emailed him (not stalking, PROMISE) to let him know that I’ve started the program and that his results are crazy-amazing…and asking if I could link his blog (which I will get around to doing).  He is SUCH a nice guy (via email and Facebook) and I’m learning so much about his fitness routines and regimes.  (All hail RICHARD!!!)
Yesterday I ventured into Halifax to visit Amy.  (The rain was ridiculous on the highway and the City was even more crazy b/c of that AND the visit from the damn Queen).  Stephanie and I got SOAKED trying to get to and from my car.  But the twins are doing great.  Xander is now up to 3lbs and came off his central line.  The little turkey may even have a double chin but Amy says it was just the way the photo was taken.  Jacob is getting better after his scare a few weeks ago.  I can’t wait till he’s old enough for me to kick his ass for scaring us.  Smile with tongue out  I am so looking forward to holding the little monkeys for the first time.  I can’t wait.  At least I don’t cry when I see them anymore.
After we had lunch with the Amester and had a visit, Stephanie and I went and did a little wedding dress shopping.  I CANNOT wait to do this for ME.  When the time comes and I DO get a dress I will be wearing it everyday and everywhere I got.  Seriously.  I will be the crazy lady a Walmart.  You will then be able to find me at www.peopleofwalmart.com.  If anyone is in need of a toaster after this time, please come and find me.
Cheers y’all!

One response

  1. Cat

    Hey crazy lady. You don\’t need to wait, you could be the crazy lady at Walmart now. Go for it! LOL SO glad that the babies are doing well.

    July 5, 2010 at 8:32 am

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