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Weird Things…

So quite a while back I blogged about how anal I am (i.e. my foods can’t touch, my towels and blankets have to be folded a certain way, the bed can’t go unmade, etc.) and I’ve decided to post a few little weird things about me:
1) I hate dusting.  I do.  It is the most annoying thing.  I’d rather clean the toilet and I REALLY hate cleaning the toilet.
2) I am allergic to my inhaler.  Which is really not good if I ever have one of my rare (as in only had 2 or 3) asthma attacks.
3) My eyebrows are drawn in.  Well, for the most part they are.  My eyebrows are very light in color and don’t go all the way down the way that eyebrows should.  When I went blond it was an easy thing b/c my eyebrows are light.  So, every morning when I’m applying my makeup I MUST be sure and take proper care of the damn brows.
4) I hate it when people (usually left-handed people) put paperclips on backwards!  The long end goes in FRONT, damn you!
5) I failed woodshop in high school.  Seriously.  I failed by a few points but still, it was a fail.  And not b/c I’m THAT much of an idiot but b/c I had no desire to be there.  I thought it was pointless and usually bailed when I could get away with it.  And if memory serves me correctly, I believe Greg M. did my work for me.  The most exciting thing that ever happened was when Julian L. cut his thumb almost off on the ban saw.  I fell asleep during my exam.
6) I have a nervous "twitch", if you will.  I have the constant urge to press on one of my teeth (a specific one).  I’ve been doing it for a few years and it’s gotten worse with time.  It’s a little loose now and my dentist is worried I will someday put too much pressure on it and knock it out.  The incessant urge is so bad that while I’ve been in her (the dentist) chair for cleaning and whatnot I’ve actually moved her hand out of the way so that I could put the pressure on.  She said she’s never seen anything like it.  The neurologist said I was high strung.
7) I hate celery.  I’ve actually spit out food in public before b/c there ended up being celery in it.  WTF is with the taste and the texture??
8) I have the ability to remember EVERYTHING.  I’m sure I’ve talked about this before.  My mind is a vessel of useful and useless information.  I’m great for remembering the little details of things that happened YEARS ago and for knowing birthdates of celebrities whose lives have absolutely no bearing on my own.



 What a great week.  Last week I had a wonderful time in ol’ Westville with Blair and his family.  It was a great couple of days (for the most part) with lots of sun.  And Blair and I even (FINALLY) got our first movie date (sans kids).  He took me to see “Eclipse” – and it was his suggestion.  How great is that??


This week he and I ventured into Yarmouth together for a little twosome get-a-way.  It was lovely.  Blair had never been down that way and I haven’t been there since I was a teenager.  It seems that we’re always headed the other way…toward the City. 


We had a great time.  A little touring, LOTS of fog, and some adventure.  We stayed at a shitty little motel that was reminiscent of Bates Motel from “Psycho” and if it weren’t for a cancellation notice we certainly wouldn’t have stayed in that dump.  But we made the most of it.  I mean, really, all we needed was a place to sleep, shower and pee.


We saw some beautiful houses and lovely scenery…actually, to me, anything by the water like that I think is lovely, and scouted out the Cape Forchu Lighthouse.  http://www.capeforchulight.com/   Once there we climbed the rocks leading down from the lighthouse to the ocean….being careful not to fall.  I found a gorgeous chunk of crystal and had to work my ass of to loosen it from the rock’s grasp but eventually I made it.  I am happy.


On the way home we took the old route and saw some beautiful spots.  Lots of little shanty towns, boats and more fog.  We stopped at the Museee Eglise Sainte-Marie, the tallest wooden church in North America (which the point of it reaches higher than the Statue of Liberty).  It was one of my favorite places when I was little and I was so excited to be taking Blair there.  I don’t think he was prepared for it.  It is even more amazing now that I am older and can truly appreciate it.  http://www.museeeglisesaintemariemuseum.ca/index.htm


Of course, every road trip has its ups and downs and devastations.  Mine was running over a rabbit that had darted out in front of me on a rural road.  I didn’t really have any other option.  A woman was walking on the side of the road, a pickup truck was travelling a little too close on my ass and the fog was just a little too thick for me to risk being on the wrong side of the road.  Poor little Thumper (literally) didn’t have a chance.  I yelped and threw my hand over my mouth.  Blair will tease me now for a while.  But I didn’t mean it…honest.  And THAT is why my cat doesn’t go outside. 


Dead animals aside, I do love a good adventure.  Anyone up for a road trip?


Cheers y’all.