Welcome to SANDYLAND!!



 What a great week.  Last week I had a wonderful time in ol’ Westville with Blair and his family.  It was a great couple of days (for the most part) with lots of sun.  And Blair and I even (FINALLY) got our first movie date (sans kids).  He took me to see “Eclipse” – and it was his suggestion.  How great is that??


This week he and I ventured into Yarmouth together for a little twosome get-a-way.  It was lovely.  Blair had never been down that way and I haven’t been there since I was a teenager.  It seems that we’re always headed the other way…toward the City. 


We had a great time.  A little touring, LOTS of fog, and some adventure.  We stayed at a shitty little motel that was reminiscent of Bates Motel from “Psycho” and if it weren’t for a cancellation notice we certainly wouldn’t have stayed in that dump.  But we made the most of it.  I mean, really, all we needed was a place to sleep, shower and pee.


We saw some beautiful houses and lovely scenery…actually, to me, anything by the water like that I think is lovely, and scouted out the Cape Forchu Lighthouse.  http://www.capeforchulight.com/   Once there we climbed the rocks leading down from the lighthouse to the ocean….being careful not to fall.  I found a gorgeous chunk of crystal and had to work my ass of to loosen it from the rock’s grasp but eventually I made it.  I am happy.


On the way home we took the old route and saw some beautiful spots.  Lots of little shanty towns, boats and more fog.  We stopped at the Museee Eglise Sainte-Marie, the tallest wooden church in North America (which the point of it reaches higher than the Statue of Liberty).  It was one of my favorite places when I was little and I was so excited to be taking Blair there.  I don’t think he was prepared for it.  It is even more amazing now that I am older and can truly appreciate it.  http://www.museeeglisesaintemariemuseum.ca/index.htm


Of course, every road trip has its ups and downs and devastations.  Mine was running over a rabbit that had darted out in front of me on a rural road.  I didn’t really have any other option.  A woman was walking on the side of the road, a pickup truck was travelling a little too close on my ass and the fog was just a little too thick for me to risk being on the wrong side of the road.  Poor little Thumper (literally) didn’t have a chance.  I yelped and threw my hand over my mouth.  Blair will tease me now for a while.  But I didn’t mean it…honest.  And THAT is why my cat doesn’t go outside. 


Dead animals aside, I do love a good adventure.  Anyone up for a road trip?


Cheers y’all.

2 responses

  1. Cat

    Sounds like a great weekend. Sorry about the wabbit.

    July 18, 2010 at 8:47 am

  2. Tanya

    I think we learned no cats outside when we found Scrat on the side of the road…

    July 24, 2010 at 7:30 pm

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