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18 Again

18 Again

A while back I read an article “What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?”.  It took me a long time to finally get here but here I am and with (hopefully) some good advice.

 First of all, at 18, I had no idea who I really was or what exactly it was that I wanted out of life.  I was a student and I was out to have fun and, to be honest, just get through each day.

 At 18 I spent a lot time laying awake at night thinking “My God, what am I gonna do when I graduate in June?”…and then I’d panic.  I had no direction for my life.  I’d only ever wanted to do two things seriously in my life: one was to act and the other was to write.  Although I had been accepted to journalism school, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to be a journalist.  And my dad refused to pay for my education should I decide to study drama.  He said there was no way I’d make a living (he is very much a real-world type person and preferred that I had education and skills that would get me a career…at the very least, a paying job).

 If I could time-travel back to my 18th year I would tell myself “It’s okay to not know who you are or what you want.  Most teenagers don’t.  Hell, most people hit 30 and still don’t know what they want from life.  And it’s okay to dream.  Dreams are what keep us going. Just don’t let dreams stand in the way of rationality.  And it’s okay to be comfortable with yourself.  Or not be, for that matter.  Because one day you will be…..or at least you’ll be close.  Follow your heart and instincts wherever you go and with whatever you do because somewhere along the way, if it hasn’t happened already, someone will try to lead you off-path and you (I) will have to make your own decision to do what’s right or what’s wrong.  Try not to regret anything in life (unless it’s something that’s going to hurt someone) because our mistakes are what we learn from.  Just try and not to make too many. And don’t worry if your heart gets broken right now.  You’re 18!!  God has bigger and better things in store for you to worry about high school boys.  And to be honest, one of these days, sometime down the road of life, that high school boy will kick himself in the ass for ever letting you go.  And be sure to have fun!  What’s the point of living if there’s no fun?  Make the most of your time as a kid…because 18 is still a kid.  Enjoy it!  And live your life for you!”

Ain’t No Thing But A Chicken Wing….

Several weeks ago I attended (for several days) the Maritime Fall Fair expo at Exhibition Park. I was there as a “vendor” of sorts for my work, Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia. For those days we spent hours talking to people – children and adults of every race, religion and age – about chicken production in Nova Scotia and, of course, processing, buying and eating local, the differences between commercial, free-range and organic. And I’ve come up with this conclusion: People have no idea where their food comes from. It’s uncanny. I’m still baffled by the fact that most of the kids we talked to had NO CLUE that chickens (and other farm animals, for that matter) live in barns. No clue. It was idiotic. How can these people not know anything about their food…or at the very least about animals. I mean, it’s not rocket science. Even when I said to them “what’s that big red building called that animals live in?” most of them just stared at me. Some of them offered baffoon-like answers. What are kids learning these days? I mean, animals are the basics of our nurturing. Look at all the children’s books, toys, programs, puzzles, etc. Everything is centered around animals and the barnyard. And I find it even more puzzling that adults (again, of all ages and stations in life) have no idea where their food comes from or what they’re eating. Some of them, of course, will offer up what they think is truth and fact when, in reality they’re just spouting a lot of garbage they either have heard at the water cooler – or- just basically made up to look less stupid. Of course, thankfully, there are those who were happy to ask questions (which I prompt EVERYONE to do). The chicken industry in Canada, I must tell you, is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than that in the US. The Dr. Oz show gave us a run for our money that week (please note that Canadian chicken does not contain arsenic, contains no hormones or steroids, that chickens are raised in clean and warm barns {not in cages} and have the ability to roam free at their will. If anyone has any questions please let me know – as Program Coordinator it is now my duty and obligation to be informative and educate the public on the chicken industry). For everyone out there I urge you to find out where your food comes from. All food. Educate yourself on these things (and remember that organic is not always better or healthier). You will all thank yourselves (and me) for it later.

Oh..and for the record….once again, Chickens and farm animals live in BARNS!


Hello world!

Alrighty y’all…WELCOME to the new blog.  I didn’t have a choice…it was either migrate from the old space to the new one or else lose EVERYTHING from the old one.  And you know we can’t have that. 


Okay…so I was staring at this page and thinking it looked kinda empty.  So, I’m typing for the mere sake of filling up some space. 

I am saddened by the passing of summer.  I miss the sun and the warmth.  I do not like being cold!  How many times do I have to stress this?  Brr….my bedtime clothing of choice lately has been a pair of fleecy socks covered by a pair of wool socks that Blair gave me (makes it nice and cozy), jammie pants and a  tshirt….followed by my 16 blankets…the heat finally turned on..and a 25 pound cat going “Purrrrrrr” next/on top/beside me.  Oh, and on the nights that I’m lucky enough, Blair cuddles me.  Well, I steal his blankets and, in turn, he needs to cozy up to me for a little extra warmth.  See y’all….more than just a pretty face.  There’s a scheming mind with a hidden agenda lurking beneath.  One ex once told me I was “manipulative”….I believe that was the night I realized he was crazy and kicked him out of my house/life (completely certifiable……..STILL IS!!).  For those of you who know him, I’m sure you will agree.  😀

What else, what else?  Oh yes, the infamous BIRTHDAY WEEK has come and gone…although, it seems it’s still coming….had a visit with H.Bo (and of course, Ames) the other day for a belated birthday brunch and catching up (YAHTZEE!!).  Always a good time with my ladies.   ESPECIALLY when people are too damn lazy to get out of their pajamas and go out in public…it makes it too difficult NOT to make fun (which means I’m very much looking forward to getting bloodwork done this week and seeing all the sights.  I may just bring my camera.  If people don’t want to be judged on their appearances then they should dress better.  🙂 ).

Anyway, I guess that’s all for now.  I’m off to work at finishing another book (I’m now working on the John Grisham collection).  I recommend everyone read The Rainmaker and watch the new Hawaii Five-O and Chase (to support Cole Hauser’s career…b/c he really does deserve it!).


For the Love of Elephants!



 The other night CBC tv aired a documentary called “For the Love of Elephants”  (link provided above).  It was the saddest and most beautiful thing.  These poor baby elephants are orphaned in Kenya due to poachers and hunters killing off the adult elephants for their meat and tusks.  It is so sad.  Elephants mourn like humans do….just as deeply, if not more so.  The death of a herd member can traumatize a child elephant for life.

Thankfully, the babies are rescued by workers from an elephant rehab facility who lovingly work with the animals thru their trauma so they can be re-introduced to the wild.  The animal-human bond is amazing.  These workers have made it their life mission to save these animals.  It’s so beautiful. 

My boyfriend and I watched this program with laughs and joy and tears of sadness.  Elephants are beautiful creatures with great personalities.  They’re smart and funny and crave love and affection and touch, just like humans.  It breaks my heart to know that these are just one more species being hunted and killed for no reason.  I mean, really?  How important is ivory and how tasty is elephant meat?  I doubt very much if these poachers would like to be torn away from their babies and families for the fillings in their teeth.  They should learn to eat tofu!