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For the Love of Elephants!



 The other night CBC tv aired a documentary called “For the Love of Elephants”  (link provided above).  It was the saddest and most beautiful thing.  These poor baby elephants are orphaned in Kenya due to poachers and hunters killing off the adult elephants for their meat and tusks.  It is so sad.  Elephants mourn like humans do….just as deeply, if not more so.  The death of a herd member can traumatize a child elephant for life.

Thankfully, the babies are rescued by workers from an elephant rehab facility who lovingly work with the animals thru their trauma so they can be re-introduced to the wild.  The animal-human bond is amazing.  These workers have made it their life mission to save these animals.  It’s so beautiful. 

My boyfriend and I watched this program with laughs and joy and tears of sadness.  Elephants are beautiful creatures with great personalities.  They’re smart and funny and crave love and affection and touch, just like humans.  It breaks my heart to know that these are just one more species being hunted and killed for no reason.  I mean, really?  How important is ivory and how tasty is elephant meat?  I doubt very much if these poachers would like to be torn away from their babies and families for the fillings in their teeth.  They should learn to eat tofu!


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