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Oprah’s Favorite Things

Can I just say (once again) how much I LOVE Oprah!  Not only is she OPRAH (I mean, really!), she has the best ideas.  I’ve always loved watching her Holiday show of her Favorite Things.  In fact, I loved it so much that I used to record it and throw a party with my girlfriends to watch it.  We’d get together usually on a Sunday afternoon and have a potluck type gathering and some pretty drinks and sit around watching this show.  It was a great way to kick off Christmas and the holiday festivities. 

This year, since Oprah is in her final season of her talk show, she had a second surprise show of more of her Favorite Things.  Obviously some of the items either don’t interest me or are ridiculously overpriced – but how amazing for all of her audience members to reap the rewards of receiving tickets on that particular day.  SO JEALOUS!!  (And I’m totally wanting an iPad now b/c I am a nerd and a bookworm – sorta!)

This year I wanted so badly to host another Favorite Things party but time has crept up on me and with one of my friends giving birth today (Congrats Jesse Whoreface *snicker*), another one having her baby shower this coming Sunday (which would have been the perfect option for the day), and with one of Amy’s twins still in the IWK NICU…and of course with the rest of the Yahtzee! girls being too damn far away (miss you H.Bo, ‘Nessa and Anic {Buddy the Elf.  What’s your favorite color???}) it seems like I made the right choice to watch it all by my-loser-self.  :s

Perhaps some evening I can round up a few troops and we can attempt to do something similar.  I mean, there’s ALWAYS a reason to drink wine and pomegranate martinis, right?  And eat fudge?  YUM!

And if not, well, there’s still my annual Oscar party!!

Cheers y’all!


Been Around the World…(okay, not quite, but still)

Whollllly!  What a busy week it’s been.  Last week was the week of travel and wine.  Monday afternoon I headed off to Toronto for a few days for a workshop.  Monday night was free so I had a lovely dinner with Blair’s lovely sister, Alicia.  She’s so cute.  I love her.  Lots of food and wine.  Wine is always the best part.  Aside from the company of course.

Tuesday morning came EARLY with some ahole knocking at 6:45 (and no one was there.  Good thing.  I’m pretty certain whoever put the newspaper down banged.  Accidental or not, I was not thrilled.) I called Blair since I was already awake.  🙂  And then of course got ready for a full day of workshopping.  (Shopping.  Wouldn’t that have been nice.)  In the evening we had a big group dinner away from the hotel/meeting place.  It was nice.  More food.  More wine.  🙂  And I FINALLY got to meet the incredible Greek Goddess, Elizabeth, in person.  So wonderful.  Thank you Blue Rodeo, for bringing us together. 😉

Back at the hotel lounge: More wine.  Then, of course, water.  LOTS of water.  And great conversation.  Some people you meet and you know instantly that you were meant to meet.  Even if only for one day, you were meant to make that friendship and that connection. 

Wednesday morning came early as well, although with no banging on the door.  Made my way down to finish off the workshop and then headed back home to NS.  Of course, I was only home long enough to feed the cat, change the litter and take out the garbage and then speed-demoned my way to see the man.  I missed him so much.  Which is silly b/c even if I hadn’t been away he was working the backshift so I wouldn’t have seen him anyway.  I guess just being out of province and so far away made me miss him more.

Friday I made my way to Steph’s in Truro and arrived to a glass of wine (what was left of the bottle.  Go Steph!!) and early, early, early (5am) Stephanie and I were up and getting ready for our stint in the US.  A great time and well needed time to catch up.  Almost a 20 year friendship and so much to talk about  and reminisce about.  Ah, high school and all that garbage.  (BTW – does anyone ELSE remember having to pick you booze up in the ditch b/c you were underage and you had to pay someone else to buy it and leave it????  Perhaps just a Valley thing??)  A little shopping.  Some food.  Groovy shoes.  Warming my poor, sad knees in the hot tub and then BEDTIME!  Thank goodness.  Baby needs her sleep.

Sunday morning we were up at a decent hour after a good night’s rest and headed back, and shopped on the way.  I left Truro around 11pm Sunday night and boogied my way back to my house.  Winston would have kicked my ass if I hadn’t come home AGAIN and, plus, I really missed my bed.  Monday morning I was up and headed to the man’s.  I missed him again.  One of these days he’s gonna have to clear out that damn garage to make room for my stuff so I can move in.  ❤


Right This Second…

Right this second:

Addicted to:

Bruno Mars: Just the Way You Are
Cee-Lo: F You (and even moreso the Gwyneth Paltrow “Glee” version)
Toasted Tomato and Basil sandwiches (yes, still.  YUMM!!)
CHASE: (NBC Monday nights at 11) – Cole Hauser deserves some recognition.  I’ve been saying the same thing since I was 15 and saw him in School Ties.  And the show is actually pretty good.  And I have to say it, without it being taken the wrong way, Kelli Giddish is pretty hot too!  I miss being blonde.
Hawaii Five-0: (Global Monday nights at 8.) – Danno and McGarrett have the coolest bromance on tv.  Well, maybe not quite as good as Dr. Will and Mike Boogie but pretty good.
John Grisham: The Client (not quite as good as The Rainmaker but better than A Time to Kill).
Blair.  The boyfriend.  Love him.
My new Zebra print Guess! stilettos that I picked up in Maine.  Hot hot hot!!!

Kinda Missing:
Former co-workers.
The Full-on YAHTZEE Team.  Too many places, not enough visits!
Legends.  Dancing.  Eh?
Being young and not caring about “important” things.
P.A. – T.O.
Working with guys.  So much more fun (at times!).  No crabbiness.

Not Digging:

How effing bitchy women are!  Seriously…Get OVER it!
The two-facedness I have to deal with.  See above.  I know your game, lady.
That there is NO place to dance other than in my car or in my living room.  (But then Winston looks at me weird.)
The fact that my tomato sandwich is almost gone and it was SOO incredibly good.  Dammit.


So, thanks to Vanessa for reminding me of all the crap I want/have to do this weekend.  Other than spending some much needed quality time with Amester (and of course baby Xander), my plan is to really start my Christmas shopping, to change around my bedroom and livingroom (and depending on if the damn carpenter is finished, cleaning and putting my bathroom back together *sigh*), making a big batch of meatless chili AND trying out some new recipes, especially one for pumpkin butter.  I am really excited about that one.  I’ll let you all know how it turns out and if it tastes good.  I love pumpkin so I’m thrilled to be trying out different recipes with such a healthy and yummy treat.

Thankfully all the holiday cookbooks are coming out and I’m excited to really get into planning for Christmas parties.  I may trade in my signature Candy Cane Cake this year for a Chocolate Candy Cake Cheesecake (or Cheescake Tarts).  YUMMY!!!  Is it TOO funny that I am already so excited for the holidays? 



Saturday Night Update:  1) Kitchen Counters cleaned!  (Totally lovin’ the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ({tm}!!!!)  2) Pumpkin Butter made (but still cooling).  3) Christmas shopping started!  4) Lotsa time with Amy today!  YAY!!!!!

Tuesday Afternoon Update:  I lost my internet connection at home Sunday morning and have not regained it yet.  So, right now I’m on my lunch break and figured it’s too cold and rainy to leave the office so here’s the update:  1) The pumpkin butter turned out nicely.  I made a trip to the Dollar store yesterday and picked up the cutest little jars and some decorations.  So, that little project will be on the go tonight.  They will make cute little gifts or parts of centerpieces.  Yay me!!  2) I cleaned and rearranged my bedroom Sunday.  INCLUDING cleaning out the drawers of my dresser and tossing lots of oldies and filling up a bag of things to give away.  It was a productive day.  3) I went to Blair’s yesterday and, as always, helped tidy up his place.  I think I have some sort of sickness.  🙂

OH!  Also on the agenda tonight is to get around to making that meatless chili.  I didn’t bother as I made a dish to take to Deanna’s potluck on Sunday and we all forgot about it…so I left it there and told her to dive in for dinner that night or the next.  *I MUST remember to pick up my dish set from her*  And since I was heading to Blair’s I figured why bother making it.  So…that will have to be a priority this evening.  

Christmas shopping got started the other day.  Whoot de WHOOT!!  🙂  Recipes are being looked at for the parties (as I completely drool over the pages of my cookbooks).  And I have to start getting ready for next week.  Part of it in Toronto, part of it in the Val (and at Blair’s) and the weekend in the USA with Steph.  Winston is gonna hate me.  😦

UPDATE November 10:  CAN I JUST SAY…that my Pumpkin Butter turned out ridiculously delicious.  I jarred and froze it last night.  It’s so good and healthy and it smells like the Holidays!!

A Month of Pledges


So I’ve come up with an idea (well, actually, I got the idea from somewhere else) to do one month of pledges.  I think it’s a great idea and that everyone can benefit from personal pledges.

 Here are my pledges:

 1) I PLEDGE to do a GOOD DEED each day.  Whether that be paying for someone else’s coffee at Tim’s or stopping to allow someone out in gridlock traffic.

2) I PLEDGE to allow myself SELF APPRECIATION – DAILY.  I’m the first one to jump on the bandwagon of self-loathing so this time I’m going to be turning the tables and loving myself and my little eccentricties and everything else.

3) I PLEDGE to eat less meat this month.  I think it’s great to allow a little Kind Life and not get my food from another living animal.  With my decision to eat less meat (which I’ve been attempting for several months) it will allow a beautiful creature to continue to graze and live and be.

 I will let y’all know how this fares out for the next 30 days.  Wish me luck.

 Cheers y’all!

 P.S. What are your pledges?


Day 1: Went very well.  I let out a crazy amount of people in traffic today.  Whoot.  And I didn’t have any meat yesterday.  And I admired my ass in my loose-fitting dress pants.  Yee-haw!