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Five Christmas Parties and a Funeral

Wow!  What a shitty time of year to lose someone you love.  I mean, it’s a shitty time, period.  But to lose someone at Christmas seems even harder.  Sadly, my nan died a little more than a week ago – on December 11.  She would have been 89 this past Saturday, December 18.  Although I wasn’t as close to her as I was to my mom’s parents, it’s still a loss and it’s still sad.  It hit me that I have no grandmothers left.  WTH?  That REALLY doesn’t seem fair.

Thankfully, one thing to make this sad time a lot easier was my cousin Anne’s arrival from BC.  She CRACKS me up.  I think we crack each other up.  God love her!!  I miss her so much now that she’s gone.  ANNE:  YOU SUCK!!!  But thank you for not letting that little family argument “ruin my fun!”  Bahahaha!  Hilarious.  I’ll be sure to say hi to Grimp for ya.  🙂  Annie-Lou…you’re my BEST COUSIN!!

Other than the funeral and whatnot and that massive wind storm that knocked power off in most of the Valley and then some and cracked power poles in half, knocked over the big-ass community mailboxes, ripped giant-assed old trees out by their roots, blew a bbq tank up and over the deck above me  (WTH??) and left a shed in my neighbor, Greg’s backyard that has yet to be identified by an owner, I have been working on getting ready for Christmas and for the last two parties – which were both this past weekend.  What fun, what fun!  Seriously.  Thank you to everyone who made it out to my place and to Anne for helping me bake (and eat the damn truffles.  Damn you!).  Winston enjoyed the company as well.  As did Blair.  I think Blair’s tummy is going to be sore for a while from laughing so hard at us.  Good times.  And I was happy that my grumpy brother and Cat came and stayed.  I even got a “late” night call from Aidan..but he just wanted to talk to his mommy.  😦

The family party on Sunday was busy but fun.  So much food.  And, of course, Miss Donda made me cry.  Thanks.  That was very kind of you.  OH…and you were supposed to call ME last night, ‘member?  Perhaps you (Donna) can ring me tomorrow (Wednesday) night.  I’ll be with the man tonight.  Although, I could use up his LD.  🙂

All in all, it’s been a great December…of course, minus the death of my grandmother.  😦   And I’m having a hard time grasping that Christmas is merely a few days away.  OMG.  SERIOUSLY…OMG!!!!  I’m *this* close to being ready.  But not quite there.



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