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Blog Challenge #13 – MY FAVORITE CAKE RECIPE

#13 – My Favorite Cake Recipe:

So, one of my favorite cakes is a Chocolate Candy Cane Cake.

But, I’m sorry.  I refuse to give away the recipe for this.  🙂  People have been asking me for the recipe for several years and I haven’t been broken yet.  If you like, you can go to Kraftcanada.ca for a similar cake (that’s where this picture came from) but I refuse to give away my recipe.  🙂  It’s bad enough I had to give away my Chicken Dip recipe.


Blog Challenge #12 – A PHOTO of the TOWN I LIVE IN

#12 – A Photo of the Town I Live In

Port Williams, NS


So, this wasn’t actually as easy as it sounds.  I live in Port Williams aka Port Vegas (obviously just outside of Wolfvegas).  It’s a smaller well-to-d0 community with a lot of farm land.  It’s not a town but a small village.  We have a post office, a huge church, a few stores and, of course, The Port Pub gastropub (where, BTW, Blair and I had our first date!! *insert smiley*).

The Port Pub

Although I’ve lived here only 7 years, I grew up less than 10 minutes away (by car) and Port Williams kids and Canaan kids all went to the same high school.  There is a different atmosphere in Port Williams.  I love it here.


Blog Challenge #11 – MY HOBBIES

#11 – My Hobbies:

I wish I were lucky enough to be one of those people who could get paid for their hobbies.  🙂

Let’s see.  I LOVE to write.  Writing is my passion.  I’ve been published several times and have written short stories, poems, articles, kids books and have been working on a non-fiction book for a while now.  It’s my baby and I have a hard time letting it go.  It’s very personal, as it’s based on true events.   One of these days you’ll see it in written form tho. 

I also love to read.  I love books and magazines and sometimes I just want to throw myself into the written word.

I love to cook.  Like I said in an earlier post, once you’re able to embrace food you’re able to have fun with it.

I love blogging.  Obviously.

I love to shop.  Although, is that really a hobby or is it an addiction?

I love to exercise.  Again, that’s more of an addiction and a way of life.  My day-to-day schedules are usually planned around my workout time.

I love to act.  I haven’t been involved in theater in so long but my life-long dream was to be on stage or in film.  I’ve been a performer since I was 3.  And though I haven’t done anything in a long time I still, and will forever consider myself an actor.

I think that pretty much covers it.  At least for now.


Blog Challenge #10: MY FAVORITE PAINTER

#10:  My Favorite Painter

Okay.  I’m gonna be honest.  I don’t really have a favorite painter.  I’m just not that into art.  I mean, I love it, but I just don’t pay that much attention.  There are a few things by Durer and Monet and of course classics like Michaelangelo and Da Vinci, etc.  But the few paintings I have in my home are by unknown artists.  I have 3 beautiful paintings that I picked up in Mexico and a gorgeous framed floral painting that I picked up a yard sale several years ago (more than likely destined for The Antique Roadshow). 

I am also a fan of my friend David Lacey.  He is a local artist and does beautiful work (http://www.davidlaceygallery.com/).

All in all, I’d have to say that if I had to choose just one artist to live by it’d likely either be Dave Lacey or Monet.  Monet’s work is filled with so many beautiful colors.  Actually, the more I look at Monet’s work the more I’ll say he’s my favorite artist.

Here’re a few pics of the paintings in my home:

Cheers y’all.



#9:  How Important is Education?

I posted a while back that if I could change the world something I would implement is this: Education would be FREE!! All of it. For everyone. Every single person would be entitled to continue their education..no matter if they choose university or community college or another program. People should not lose out on their future because they can’t afford an education now. Every individual should be given the same opportunity – should they choose to take advantage of a higher learning is up to each person. But at least the option would be there. We all have dreams…why not be given the opportunity to live them?

Did you know that in Iran (of all places!) there are both free public schools and private schools at all levels, from elementary school through university?  At the university level, however, every student attending public schools is required to commit to serve the government for a number of years typically equivalent to those spent at the university, or pay it off for a very low price (typically a few hundred dollars). AND women make up more than 50 percent of Iranian university students with some fields in science and engineering having more than 70 percent of their alumni comprising of women.

For me it should be a number one government priority to ensure every person, male/female, black/white/Asian/Indian, gay/straight, etc. is entitled to education and enforce it. It should not be permitted for high school students, of any age, to drop out. That means if you’re a lazyass and you’re 22 and still living at home but in the 9th grade you’re gonna have to stay there until you finish grade 12.

And, like I said above, everyone should invest in their future by attending, at minimum, a community college or something of the like. There are too many brilliant people out there doing very little to help their situations b/c they can’t be bothered to. If everyone had a post- high school education there would be more opportunities and, personally, I think more self-respect and whatnot. There wouldn’t be as many people on welfare or assistance b/c the opportunity that they so-called “missed out” on in the real world would be there for them now.

I could ramble on this topic for hours.

Blog Challenge #8: MY FAVORITE QUOTE

#8 – My Favorite Quote

One of my favorite quotes is the following:

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

There’s something about this little saying.  It’s beautiful and it’s true (or at least it should be).  It’s actually been my signature email for years and years.

The quote is often credited to Hillary Cooper but many suggest that the original author was a Canadian man, but his name unknown.

Another favorite (which comes in handy in life and in advice giving) is:

“No man is worth your tears and the one that is won’t make you cry.”

I think this little reflection is more just a reflection thing for women.


Blog Challenge #7 – MY DAY in DETAIL


Alrighty….here’s what I did today:

Woke up at 7:30 to the wonderful sound of the cat barfing.  Got up and cleaned it then laid in bed to stay as warm and cozy as possible (it’s minus 30 with the windchill – brrrr!!!).  Did some messaging back and forth with Jaime – her telling me about how her and Steve’s house kinda caught fire this morning (well, technically the furnace).  Scary stuff.  Glad they’re safe.

Fell back asleep for a few minutes until I got a call from the Eastlink tech telling me he was almost here.  Got up and fed and watered my animal and let in the dude.  He fixed my modem.  YAY!!

Had a work out (as usual), changed the kitty litter, showered, unclogged my vacuum cleaner and vacuumed my carpets.  Watched the rest of last night’s Hawaii Five-0 as I straightened my hair.  Dressed and makeup.  (Okay, maybe not in that particular order).

Dropped off my recyclables to the depot.  Picked up Elizabeth.  Got gas.  Went and paid my stupid (srtupid, Tanya) speeding fine.  Dammit.  Elizabeth and I went for coffee at Tim’s.  Had a few old school giggles with Tasha while she was trying to work.  Took a picture of the girl with the hideous vinyl pants.  Chatted with Amy (and emailed said photo).  Dropped Elizabeth off.  Stopped at the grocery store.  Went home.

Cuddled with Winston on the couch and phoned Amy back to finish conversation.  Chatted for nearly an hour.  Watched Oprah.  Looked at cook books.  Started dinner.  After Oprah continued to look at cook books and chit chat a bit online.  At 5 ate dinner and watched Judge Judy and then folded laundry.  Started a new load of laundry.

Bummed around.  In and out of FB, fitness websites, looking at cook books (I KNOW!!). 

Talked to my mama, tried calling the man, emailed photos from phone to computer (and deleted from phone).  Still trying to get a hold of said man (who’s likely at the gym).

Lounged.  Chatted.  Got a hold of the man.  Did a few dishes.  Hit the sack.

 There….that’s preeeettty much my day in detail.

PS…I’m including a photo of the dipshit from Tim’s who could’t keep her damn kid under control (Tim Horton’s is NOT a playground) AND had on the worst vinyl pants. 

Blog Challenge #6 – MY FAVORITE BOOK


This was rather easy.  My all-time favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  This was one of those books on a reading list for 9th grade English.  I fell in love with it.  It’s obviously a classic.  I’m hoping that junior and senior high curriculum is still what it used to be.

To Kill a Mockingbird


Another of my favorites is White Oleander by Janet Fitch.  This book was so eloquantly written that I couldn’t put it down.  The characters are beautifully described and there are several moments that should leave tears in your eyes.

From the very first sentences: “The Santa Anas blew in hot from the desert, shriveling the last of the spring grass into whiskers of pale straw.  Only the oleanders thrived, their delicate poisonous blooms, their dagger green leaves…” I was hooked.  It’s one of the few, very few books that I have finished and immediately flipped back to the front and started all over again.  My ex (yuck* would even get me to read aloud to him because of the beauty in the words.  White Oleander was made into a movie – which is excellent – but so much was left out from the book.

White Oleander (book)

White Oleander (movie)


I also have to give a nod to a few others that I found addictive:  The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and The Rainmaker  and The Client – both by John Grisham.  I’m currently working thru Grisham’s collection.  So far, so good.   And, of course, The Twlight Saga.  I wasn’t keen on reading these books but at Amy’s nagging 🙂 I decided to give them a whirl and got completely enthralled in the stories.  Very addictive.


Blog Challenge #5 – WHAT’S IN MY PURSE


Okay, on any given day this is what my bag contains:
8 Lipsticks/Lipglosses
Hand Cream (I NEVER leave home without it!)
A Chocolate
Pack of Gum
Pack of Hot Chocolate Mix (don’t ask)
My Winter Hat
Hair Tie
Barretts & Bobby Pins
3 Wallets
Change Purse
Cheque Book
Business Cards
Ear Bud Covers
Pay Stub
Emergency Baggy (napkins, bandaids, etc.)
Hand Sanitizer
Personal Care Kit (sewing kit, T-tips)
Lady Products
Eye Drops
Bag Balm (ask me if you have to)


Blog Challenge #4 – MY FAVORITE MOVIE

Challenge #4:


*Sigh* This challenge is a little tougher than others.  I LOVE movies.  I grew up on movies….well, not so much but you know what I mean.  I grew up in the 80’s when movies ROCKED!  There were so many movies you could sit down with your family and just laugh and have fun and get lost for about 2 hours without having to think of or worry about bad language or nudity (okay, yes, there were movies with bad language and nudity but not as much as there is now…I mean, good grief!!).
But, because I love movies so much it’s hard to narrow just one down.  So I’ve narrowed down a few…some I could not imagine my life without.  And of course I have to give honorable mentions to The Indiana Jones series (original), Star Wars (original) – and YES!  I DO have a Harrison Ford fetish – and E.T.  I mean, c’mon.  E.T. should be on EVERYONE’s list of favorites.  Oh, and for my family members:  Rhinestone – starring Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton!!  Yay!  (And for re-living my youth – Dazed and Confused.  Have you seen it?  “It’d be a whole lot cooler if you did.”)

But for now, here’s my List of Favorites:
I don’t think my life would have been the same without Annie.  I LOVED her.  Back in the day when you had to rent VCRs and movies, Annie was always on my list of movies to rent. Annie introduced me to the life of musicals.  Thank you.
The Goonies
Those who know me know that my lifelong desire was/is to be a Goonie.  These kids had the best adventure.  AND they got the rich stuff in the end.  Goonies never say die.  (BTW – This movie introduced the world to the original Brandon Walsh.)
This is one of the main reasons I don’t go in the water.  Hello!!  Good book.  Better movie.  Scary as shit.  So much fun.
Adventures in Babysitting
The movie that I know ALL the words to.  It’s a lot like The Goonies in that it’s just a fun adventure. Joe Gibb: “I like danger, alright.”  Chris: “You should try babysitting.”  This was one of my go-to movies when I was home sick.
Mad Love
First of all, I love Drew Barrymore.  Love her.  She’s my woman.  Second, I saw this movie for the first time when it came out in ’95.  I went to see it with Kim M. and we both cried.  it’s a beautifully sad movie.  I have watched it over and over.  I have several copies and the soundtrack.  Drew and Chris O’Donnell were so real and sad and in love.  Go see it.
Almost Famous
The characters’ love of music could SO be modelled after my life.  This is such a beautiful movie.  Set in the 70’s at the height of the best music time EVER, with a wonderful soundtrack and honest-to-goodness great actors.  If you’re ever having a bad day “just go to the record store and visit your friends.”  Or, just go watch this movie.  The Tiny Dancer scene alone will make it worth it.
There.  That’s a list of SOME of my favorites.

Blog Challenge #3 – A Picture from 10 Years Ago and a Recent Picture

PEACH[1]Okay…so this challenge was easy.  A photo of me from 10 years ago and a recent photo of myself.

I guess not too much has changed in 10 years.  My hair had changed dramatically after a few years (Hello BLONDE) but after a couple of years of that I went back to my natural color and continue to envy beautiful blondes like Gwyneth Paltrow who just look so lovely.  And of course, we don’t really need to discuss my weight fluctuation that occurred after college.  DO WE??  No.  We do not.

Other than that I’m pretty much the same gal.


Blog Challenge #2 – MY FAVORITE SONG


This may come as a surprise to some of you, but my favorite song is actually NOT a Blue Rodeo song (although they are some of my favorites).  My all-time favorite song is Bryan Adams’ “SUMMER OF ’69.”

I have always loved Bryan Adams as an artist.  Growing up in the 80’s it was as if there was such a battle between Bryan and Corey Hart – Who was gonna be bigger?  Better?  It was a toss up but Bryan Adams has lived on.

He was the first big concert I ever went to – Parlee Beach, NB when I was 15 and it was the most amazing evening – for a 15 year old groupie.  I loved it.

Summer of ’69 is one of those songs that can and will get you rockin’ out.  One that will get everyone on their feet and singing along too.  I’ve sang this song at parties and at karaoke and just for fun in my car with the windows rolled down.  It’s too much fun and so catchy.  I think Canadian Idol complained that it was one of the most sung audition songs during their few seasons.  That’s because everyone loves this song!!


Bryan Adams - The Man and His Guitar!

30 Day ME Challenge – #1: 15 FACTS ABOUT ME

ME - Say Cheese!!

I’ve decided to take on a 30 day Blog challenge.  The topic:  ME.  Okay, I can live with that.   Here goes post #1:

15 Facts About Me

30 Day Blog Challenge

15 Facts About Me

1)      I have naturally curly hair.  I often straighten it or hot iron big chunky curls into it.  It took me a long time to embrace the natural curl – which I love – but it’s sometimes hard to manage; especially b/c I hate product in my hair.  Yuck.  But…my nannie loved my curly hair..mostly b.c she was jealous of it.  So I like to wear it natural sometimes as a tribute to her.

2)      I love shopping.  And fashion.  If I could spend all day shopping (at someone else’s expense) I totally would.  I love it.  I need more clothes like I need a hole in the head but I can’t stop.  I love clothes.  And shoes.  And purses.

3)      My life, sadly, revolves around my workout regime.  Seriously.  I have to plan my day/events around my workout schedule.  If I have to go away on business, etc.  the first thing I look for in a hotel is if they have an in-house gym.  If I don’t get to work out (at the very least 5 times a week) then I feel sludgy and gross and guilty until I get some form of physical activity in.  And then I have to kick my ass even harder.  It’s an addiction.  I know.  But at least it’s a healthy one.

4)      I think the word “fart” and the whole idea surrounding it is hilarious.  We get so mortified if it happens – when it’s a natural occurrence and applies to everyone – and will deny it to our grave if ever called out on it.  I, fortunately, don’t toot.  Ever.  😉

5)      I sleep with a stuffed animal.  His name is Peter Rabbit (he’s a rabbit) and I got him for Easter when I was 3.  That’s more than 30 years ago – although I will deny my age if ever asked…..especially since I look 11.  *sigh*  He came with a beautiful yellow ribbon around his neck and was so wonderful.  He’s since lost his ribbon, his nose, parts of his eyes (I trimmed them) and a whole helluva lot of stuffing.  But I love him.  He is the most precious inanimate thing I own.  If I ever lost him I would be devastated.  Blair will, on occasion, toss him to the other side of the room, which I think is just mean.  Peter is very fragile.  And it’s not babyish…it’s a comfort thing.  Sometimes he’ll go under my neck if my pillow is too soft, or over my eyes if I need more darkness. But more often than not he’s tucked under my arm and halfway across my face.

6)      My best friends are the loves of my life.  I’ve been saying this for years.  These gals are my soulmates.  I’ve always said that God put us on earth to meet each other and fall in love.  Not as lovers but as soulmates.  As best friends.

7)      I haven’t missed an episode of SNL in 10 years.  I don’t usually watch it when it’s on.  My ritual is to record it and watch it Sunday mornings (usually after my workout).  It’s one of my few favorite shows.

8)      I hate eye contact!  I think it’s the most uncomfortable and invasive and personal thing in the world and I hate it.  I have a select group of people that I can make and maintain eye with but for the rest of the world, please don’t be offended if I’m looking everywhere else but at you.  (Ames and I already had this convo.)

9)      I know all the words to Adventures in Babysitting.  And I annoy people but saying the lines of the movie before the actors say them.  *snicker*

10)  I always wanted (and still want) to be a Goonie.  

11)  I love food.  I’m not gonna lie.  I am a huge foodie.  I think that the world needs to embrace food and take comfort and find enjoyment in eating – just don’t abuse or over do it.  Food is a wonderful thing.  And I love being creative.  (My Panini blog should explain a lot. YUM.)

12)  I have SERIOUS self esteem issues. Serious.  Big time!

13)  I’ve been told I’m the most introverted extrovert.  I am the shyest, most outgoing person you’ll likely ever meet.  I love being the center of attention (I know, hard to believe, eh?) and I will make a complete asshole of myself.  But other times I feel awkward and scared and shy.  WEEEIRRDD!!

14)  I LOVE TO DANCE!!  I wish I could go dancing right now.  I used to be THE SHIT Thursday thru Saturday nights…but now there’s no place left in Valley Vegas to go.  WTF?

15)  I miss being in high school.  I wish, honestly, that I could go back and do it again.  Only I’d be me now, instead of me then.  I’d totally embrace who I am and who I’ve become and I’d be the shit then like I was in college.  College was fun…but I was a late bloomer so I was older than most of (okay, all of) my friends there.

Tomorrow’s post: My Favorite Song


Kendel Carson

The amazing talented and beautiful KENDEL CARSON

The last time I saw Blue Rodeo in concert (last winter) the opening acts were Dustin Bentall (son of Barney)’s band and a lovely young woman named Kendel Carson (which made for a terrific night of all-Canadian music *whoot whoot*).   So I’m here now to tell you about Kendel Carson.

This woman is brilliant.  Not only is she absolutely beautiful to look at, her voice is achingly beautiful to listen to.  The song that I’ve listened to over and over again is called “Oh Baby Lie Down” and it will find its place in your heart, head and soul.  It’s such a gorgeous song.  Kendel singing it will make you weep.

Kendel is touring all over the world right now and the last time I chatted with her (thank you, Facebook) her CD was not yet available in Canada (which you’d think a Canadian would be able to release in Canada but I suppose it depends on your label, etc.)…but I am posting a link to her CD and to a Canadian (Cape Breton!) performance of “Oh Baby…”.  Be prepared world, this girl is gonna go places.



My Panini

Okay….I HAVE to tell you about my panini.  Seriously.  It was so delish!

Friday afternoon I had a craving for a panini.  I don’t know where it came from (normally I crave my toasted tomato and basil sandwich obsession) but I was determined that that’s what I would have for dinner.  So after visiting my mom in the hospital (surgery went well – prosthetic elbow bone inserted *sigh*.  No wonder my hair is turning gray!!) I stopped at the grocery store to get some fresh veggies and some artisan bread.  I got a lovely loaf of fresh ciabatta bread and some veggies and cheese.

When I got home I dug out my superhero Hamilton Beach Grill (eat that, George Foreman!) and here’s what I did:

First of all I cut two slices of the bread and buttered all four sides with light soy butter.  On the inside of the bread I also spread a little light mayo (the soy butter and mayo makes it crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside) and some pesto.  After grilling the bread for a few minutes I added fresh mushrooms, green pepper, tomato (duh!), roasted garlic (which I roasted myself), onion, a little gouda and a little brie and some basil, pepper and roasted garlic & red pepper spice and I grilled it pressed for about 5 more minutes.  It was like heaven in a sandwich!  It was so good, in fact, that I took pictures of my dinner (I had a lovely glass of wine with it – Rex Goliath) and made a similar sandwich today.  I also took photos of my grill.  It’s pretty gnarly.  It’s got a nice non-stick surface and has a slot with removable drawer for grease and oils to drain (it’s excellent for cooking bacon on) and it’s so easy to clean.

I’ve also been wanting for a while to make a pot of chili.  So today was the day for my Big Batch Chili!  I’m looking forward to freezing some of it so that I can have it on those cold days.  And it’s so healthy.  It’s vegetarian and has lots and lots and lots of veggies and fresh herbs.  Mmmm.

The Best BROMANCE on TV!!!

Move over Doctor Will and Mike Boogie…there’s a brand new BROMANCE in town!!

Alrighty, although it may not be the absolute best show on TV, it’s one of my faves.  As most of you know, now that Friends and Lost have both ended my weekly lineup basically consists of SNL (obviously), Glee, 90210, Chase and (wait for it) Hawaii Five-O (and re-runs of Friends when stupid hockey {I am STILL a proud Canadian, dammit!!} isn’t on and Blair allows ({holy Couch Commando!!!} me to watch).  So…with only a few shows a week they HAVE to be goodies.  And Hawaii Five-O has it all.

Let’s start with the cool name:  Hawaii (hullo!  I’m blogging this in the middle of ANOTHER damn Nova Scotia stinkin’ snowstorm!  Yuck!  Yeah it was cool when I was a kid and we got the awesome “snow days” but A) I DON’T LIKE BEING COLD!!  B) I hate trudging  thru the garbage and getting all yucky and wet and cold  C) I don’t like having to plan my travels ar0und the weather D) I hate how dirty my car gets after a snowfall.  All the salt and muck….YUCK!).  Wouldn’t I love to be on a beach in Hawaii right now.

Then we have the wicked cast:  Alex O’Laughlin, Scott  Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park.  An excellent team.  Great chemistry.  And they’re all pretty easy on the eyes….even Ms. Park – but don’t go getting the wrong idea.

Then we have some groovy action each week.  Okay, yeah, some of it is a little far-fetched but, come on, it’s TV PEOPLE!!  If you want something real…watch the news!!

A VERY cool car:  2010/2011 Camaro LT with a V6 engine.  Yay Chevy (*waves little flag*)!

Then we have the writing.  So witty.  So funny.  So touching (at times – mostly referring  to interactions between Danny (Scott Caan) and his daughter Gracie).

But the best…the absolute best is the chemistry between Danny and McGarrett (Alex O’Laughlin).  I mean, first of all, how HOT are these guys?  (Finally, after years of skanky-doodles running around almost naked in rap videos and episodes of pretty much any CSI city we finally have some eye candy for the women!!  THANK YOU CBS!!)  But then to see them interact.  Their characters are complete opposites but so much the same.  Each week McGarrett will do something brazenly stupid and Danny will scold him and have a snide comment.  On occasion, the tables are turned, but it’s always funny.

Danno and McGarrett are like teenage girls.  Seriously.  They are total BFFs.  They may not ever admit it but it’s quite evident.  In one episode an old buddy of McGarrett’s showed up and Danny was totally jealous.  Uh, Frenemies much?

I guess to really enjoy it and see the Bromance in action is to watch the show (Mondays at 8pm on Global and 11pm on CBS).  Once you see it you’ll be addicted.  It’s just a fun show to watch.  Watch it.  Do it!  DO IT!!!

Oh yes…and just to note:  HFO won best new show (or something like that) at the People’s Choice Awards this past week AND Scott Caan has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.  We’ll see what happens Sunday night.

Cheers….or should I say “Aloha!”


Edit note:  Um..yeah.  I can’t figure out how to move the video out of the MIDDLE of my damn post…so there it be staying.  Enjoy!

Happy 2011~!!!

Hey Y’all!  Welcome to 2011.  I’m not lovin’ the actual name of the new year – 2010 (twenty-ten) sounds so much better.  But I’ll get used to it.

So far the year has been okie-dokie.  But we’re only 11 days into it.

Christmas was wonderful.  New Years could have been better – the Man had a wee bit too much to drink and we had to call it a VERY early evening.   Needless to say, Sandy was not impressed.  But, I got to spend a few days alone with him and, although he was parked on the couch for New Year’s Day we were together.  And (supposedly) that’s all that matters.  😉

2011 has brought something I (along with many of you) would never see….the departure of my oldschool Nokia phone and an upgrade to a *gasp* Blackberry.  Believe me…this change was NOT by choice.  Dammit!  I dropped my beloved Nokia 3120 (again and again) resulting in a permanent blue screen.  When I made my phone call to the Nokia help-me-pleaaassee center they were unable to do anything b/c “if you can’t see your settings on your screen then we can’t help you.”  *sigh*  SO…I ventured into the world of the Blackberry.  Which, although I truly truly TRULY (yes I cried) miss my Nokia, I do not regret the decision to enter the 21st century further.  I disliked being forced into making a decision so quickly.  But, after several phone calls to Rogers and some negotiations I have a free phone that’s costing me about half of what I was paying for my oldschooler…And the BB is fully loaded.  You name it, I’ve got it.  $22.50 a month for a cell phone (complete with data package) is pretty amazing.  Especially considering the data package is normally $25 on its own.  Dammit, I KNEW I should have gone to law school as planned. 

I will be back soon….blogging about the best BROMANCE on TV.

Cheers y’all!