Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Happy 2011~!!!

Hey Y’all!  Welcome to 2011.  I’m not lovin’ the actual name of the new year – 2010 (twenty-ten) sounds so much better.  But I’ll get used to it.

So far the year has been okie-dokie.  But we’re only 11 days into it.

Christmas was wonderful.  New Years could have been better – the Man had a wee bit too much to drink and we had to call it a VERY early evening.   Needless to say, Sandy was not impressed.  But, I got to spend a few days alone with him and, although he was parked on the couch for New Year’s Day we were together.  And (supposedly) that’s all that matters.  😉

2011 has brought something I (along with many of you) would never see….the departure of my oldschool Nokia phone and an upgrade to a *gasp* Blackberry.  Believe me…this change was NOT by choice.  Dammit!  I dropped my beloved Nokia 3120 (again and again) resulting in a permanent blue screen.  When I made my phone call to the Nokia help-me-pleaaassee center they were unable to do anything b/c “if you can’t see your settings on your screen then we can’t help you.”  *sigh*  SO…I ventured into the world of the Blackberry.  Which, although I truly truly TRULY (yes I cried) miss my Nokia, I do not regret the decision to enter the 21st century further.  I disliked being forced into making a decision so quickly.  But, after several phone calls to Rogers and some negotiations I have a free phone that’s costing me about half of what I was paying for my oldschooler…And the BB is fully loaded.  You name it, I’ve got it.  $22.50 a month for a cell phone (complete with data package) is pretty amazing.  Especially considering the data package is normally $25 on its own.  Dammit, I KNEW I should have gone to law school as planned. 

I will be back soon….blogging about the best BROMANCE on TV.

Cheers y’all!



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