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Blog Challenge #2 – MY FAVORITE SONG


This may come as a surprise to some of you, but my favorite song is actually NOT a Blue Rodeo song (although they are some of my favorites).  My all-time favorite song is Bryan Adams’ “SUMMER OF ’69.”

I have always loved Bryan Adams as an artist.  Growing up in the 80’s it was as if there was such a battle between Bryan and Corey Hart – Who was gonna be bigger?  Better?  It was a toss up but Bryan Adams has lived on.

He was the first big concert I ever went to – Parlee Beach, NB when I was 15 and it was the most amazing evening – for a 15 year old groupie.  I loved it.

Summer of ’69 is one of those songs that can and will get you rockin’ out.  One that will get everyone on their feet and singing along too.  I’ve sang this song at parties and at karaoke and just for fun in my car with the windows rolled down.  It’s too much fun and so catchy.  I think Canadian Idol complained that it was one of the most sung audition songs during their few seasons.  That’s because everyone loves this song!!


Bryan Adams - The Man and His Guitar!


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