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#9:  How Important is Education?

I posted a while back that if I could change the world something I would implement is this: Education would be FREE!! All of it. For everyone. Every single person would be entitled to continue their education..no matter if they choose university or community college or another program. People should not lose out on their future because they can’t afford an education now. Every individual should be given the same opportunity – should they choose to take advantage of a higher learning is up to each person. But at least the option would be there. We all have dreams…why not be given the opportunity to live them?

Did you know that in Iran (of all places!) there are both free public schools and private schools at all levels, from elementary school through university?  At the university level, however, every student attending public schools is required to commit to serve the government for a number of years typically equivalent to those spent at the university, or pay it off for a very low price (typically a few hundred dollars). AND women make up more than 50 percent of Iranian university students with some fields in science and engineering having more than 70 percent of their alumni comprising of women.

For me it should be a number one government priority to ensure every person, male/female, black/white/Asian/Indian, gay/straight, etc. is entitled to education and enforce it. It should not be permitted for high school students, of any age, to drop out. That means if you’re a lazyass and you’re 22 and still living at home but in the 9th grade you’re gonna have to stay there until you finish grade 12.

And, like I said above, everyone should invest in their future by attending, at minimum, a community college or something of the like. There are too many brilliant people out there doing very little to help their situations b/c they can’t be bothered to. If everyone had a post- high school education there would be more opportunities and, personally, I think more self-respect and whatnot. There wouldn’t be as many people on welfare or assistance b/c the opportunity that they so-called “missed out” on in the real world would be there for them now.

I could ramble on this topic for hours.


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