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Blog Challenge #12 – A PHOTO of the TOWN I LIVE IN

#12 – A Photo of the Town I Live In

Port Williams, NS


So, this wasn’t actually as easy as it sounds.  I live in Port Williams aka Port Vegas (obviously just outside of Wolfvegas).  It’s a smaller well-to-d0 community with a lot of farm land.  It’s not a town but a small village.  We have a post office, a huge church, a few stores and, of course, The Port Pub gastropub (where, BTW, Blair and I had our first date!! *insert smiley*).

The Port Pub

Although I’ve lived here only 7 years, I grew up less than 10 minutes away (by car) and Port Williams kids and Canaan kids all went to the same high school.  There is a different atmosphere in Port Williams.  I love it here.



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