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OMG – It’s only Wednesday???

WTF?  What a long week already.  Boo.  I hate that it’s only Wednesday.  At least with Thursday I would have “tomorrow” aka Friday to look forward to.  And then that would mean the weekend is only another day away.

But no…today is only Wednesday, which means that the weekend is still too far away to be a reality.  Bummer.  At least tonight I get to see the man.  I haven’t seen him since Saturday eve and my neediness is growing.  😦  Thankfully, I’ll see him soon (well, soon being several hours from now).

Lots of good things to come this weekend, including time with the man, time with Jenn, some wine and the Oscars.  Yay.  We’ll see how plans pan out.



#30 – What’s Been Going On This Month:

Wow!  I made it to the end of the challenge.  Yay!  So what’s been going on this month?  Well, not much.  A lot of work.  A lot of snow.  A lot of time with the man.  I’ve had some workshops to attend.  Some shovelling to do.  Some bills to pay.  A lot of blogging to do.  I kinda miss the non-challenge blogs.  They’re more original.  I guess I’ll be back to working on those.


Blog Challenge #29 – MY WISH FOR THE FUTURE

#29 – My Wish for the Future:

Hmmm…My wish for the future is for happiness and good health.  For me, my family and friends.  (I guess I should be less selfish and wish for it for all the world.  Okay.  *wish*)


Blog Challenge #28 – MY FAVORITE PLACE

#28 – My Favorite Place:

My favorite place is home…and more specifically, in my bed.  I love my bed.  I miss it when I’m away from it.  I miss Winston head-bunting me at 4am b/c he either wants to be fed or petted.  I miss my pillows and I certainly miss the weight and the warmth of my 2 dozen blankets.

My two runners up:

My mom and dad’s – especially at Christmas.

Blair’s.  Not even his place but just being with him.  Period.  My world is better when I’m with him.

Sappy Valentines Day, y’all!!


#27 – What I’m Currently Reading:

Right now I am working on John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief.  I read the book back in high school and haven’t thought of it sense.  I loved the movie but when I was 17 or 18 the book bored me somewhat.  But, now I am working thru Grisham’s collection and I love it.  Once it’s finished I’m gonna read The Chamber.


Blog Challenge #26 – MY FAVORITE MEMORY

#26 – My Favorite Memory:

I have so many wonderful memories…I mean, I have to admit.  I’ve lived a pretty charmed life.  I can’t quite pinpoint one memory but most of the great memories I have include time with family, friends (getting caught in a mudslide with Kim after Grad stays up there), my grandparents and with Blair (the first time he said he loved me is obviously a wonderful memory).  I’m a pretty lucky girl.


#25 – Three Good Things That Have Happened in the Last 3 Months:

1) I got to see “my best cousin” Anne (unfortunately her visit was a result of my grandmother’s death).  Bittersweet.

2) I got a raise at work.  Yay.

3) My mama’s surgery went well and she is living well with a prosthetic elbow. 

(There…at least one unselfish thing on my list.)

Happy Friday!


#24 – A Photo of Something that Means a Lot to Me:


This is Peter.  I got him for Easter when I was 3.  He had a big beautiful yellow ribbon bowtie.  I sleep with him every night (that I’m home), tho he has yet to make the trip to Blair’s.  If anything ever happened to this sad looking rabbit (not bunny!) I would be devastated.  Although, I think it might be time to for him to be restuffed. 😉


Mounted on the wall in my bathroom, behind the door, is a framed email that was sent to me the morning of  March 5, 1998 from my friend Paul.  The evening of March 5, 1998, after a lengthy, lengthy chat, Paul slit his wrists in the bathtub of a friend’s apartment and I found him. 

That was Paul’s cry for help, which he got and I am happy to report that he’s fine and doing well.  His email reminds me of how shitty life can seem sometimes but that I have the choice of which direction to take it.  His “attempt” was his gift to me and over the years I have learned to embrace it and to live life the way it was intended to be lived.

Thank you, Paul.

And for those of you who’ve constantly asked me about the framed email in my bathroom…well, now you know. 🙂


Blog Challenge #23 – MY CELEBRITY CRUSH

#23 – My Celebrity Crush:

Ahhh….celebrity crushes.  We all have them.  They’re wonderful little slips on reality and let us drift off to the land of glamour.

I have had a massive celebrity crush on Cole Hauser since I was 15 when I saw him in School Ties.  He’s one of those actors who doesn’t get nearly enough recognition or appreciation.  He’s so good in everything he does.  And he is the reason I originally boycotted Friends back in the day (his show High Incident was on opposite of Friends and couldn’t compete with the ratings of Must See TV and after two superb seasons it was cancelled).  He’s been in tons of movies and several tv shows, yet, not nearly enough people know who he is.  So I’m telling you: COLE HAUSER IS THE SHIT!!!!

Honoroable mentions:

Scott Caan – I’ve already talked about his Bromance on Hawaii Five-0 and his Golden Globe nomination.  He’s so adorable.  I enjoy Monday nights with him.

Harrison Ford – Hello!!  He is THE MAN.  I grew up watching everything Harrison Ford – from Star Wars to Indiana Jones to Hollywood Homicide (*yawn*).  He is the King of Hollywood.  I love him.  He will forever be referred to as “my future husband” (as is how I referred to him in high school and beyond).

Jim Cuddy – The man with the rich voice.  I can remember, vividly, the first time I heard Blue Rodeo’s Try.  I was 11.  It was a song that stopped me in my tracks.  I had no idea people could sing like that.  And Pull Me Through reignited that flame.  I was lucky enough to meet him a few years ago and he was so funny and gracious.  I even bought the man a glass of wine.  Definitely a highlight of my pathetic little life.  🙂

Cheerio, y’all.


# 22 – Something I Don’t Leave the House Without:

There are a few items I don’t leave the house without….EVER.

1) Lipstick/gloss.  Sorry.  I could be going out to shovel shit and I would need to put lipstick on.  It’s  the one thing that instantly makes me feel glamourous.  Although, I’m already pretty freakin’ glamourous.

2) Handcream.  I have an addiction.  I NEED it.

3) Keys/phone/ID/Health Card (I usually need this one).  Toss up.  I figure I have to have keys to get into my place and/or drive my car.  And I pretty much have my phone with me non-stop.  And for the most part it’s good to have some form of ID with me, y’know. JIC.  And, I get hurt/sick a lot.  Gotsta always have my health card.  (ALWAYS BE PREPARED!)

I left money off here.  Most of time I’ll have some moola or my bank card, but hey, if I forget it it looks like YOU’RE BUYING!


The Week in Review (Shitty Things vs. Not-So-Shitty Things Recap)


– Snow.  Snow.  MORE SNOW!

– My 3 year old nephew falling at daycare, banging his head and having to go to the hospital. 

– My 3 year old nephew predicting the entire episode 4 days in advance.

– Emails from my dead aunt.  Isn’t that lovely.  Stupid spam.

– Torn rotator cuff.  OUCH!

– News that CHASE has possibly been cancelled.  Boo NBC.

– Seeing my grandfather get teary when talking about how lonesome it is without my nan.  😦

– Not enough visits from Mike (eh Amy & Jesse??).

– The Super Bowl half time show.  Sucked.  Not so much, eh BEP?

– Missing the remainder of my Yahtzee Team (H.Bo, Vanessa & Anic).

– Gettin’ lip from the old guy at Horton.  Yeah, I’m not a student.  KMA!!!


– Seeing someone I know trip on a mat and fall down.  (It’d be less funny if I could stand her.)

– More Scott Caan on HF-0 last night.  Whoot.

– Extra time with the man.

– Knowing that damn hedgehog or whatever the hell it is saw its shadow and spring is on it’s way!  (Stupid snow!)

– Insanity.  (The workout, not the crazies.)

– My boyfriend falling asleep at the movies and then waking himself up by snoring.  HILARIOUS!!

– 10,000 people doing the Running Man.  Awesome.  The Running Man Rules.  It’s the only redeemable thing about the half time show.

– Emailin’ with Kimmy.  Finally.

– Teaching Abby how to play Go Fish.  🙂

– An hour and a half phone convo with my cuz.  TMR.

Blog Challenge #21: MY FAVORITE TV SHOW

#21 – My Favorite TV Show:

My favorite TV show of all time is Beverly Hills 90210.

I grew up with Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Donna, David, Andrea and Dylan.  It was my favorite show then and it’s still my favorite.  I’m collecting all season DVDs and I can tell you pretty much anything you need to know.

Honorable mentions: Friends (hells yeah!) and SNL (haven’t missed an episode in more than 10 years) and currently Hawaii Five-0, Chase and Glee (I mean, everyone should love a musical).



#20 – A Photo of Somewhere I’ve Been:

This is a photo of part of the Mayan Ruins in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico.  I was there a few years ago for vacation and it was beautiful.

Happy SuperBowl!

Blog Challenge #19 – MY FAVORITE MUSICIAN

#19 – My Favorite Musician:

*Note* I am blogging for the first time from my BB so I will have to see how it turns out.

My favorite musicians? Hmm, so easy. First of all, let’s give a mention to Michael Jackson. His voice in adulthood may not have been as amazing as it was in his childhood but it is undeniable that this man was a talent. He was a gifted songwriter, singer and philanthropist and at 50, we lost him too early. MJ is one of those people who, love him or hate him, got you moving. I don’t know any other songs that can crowd a dancefloor like Beat It or Billie Jean.

Jim Cuddy has a voice and a talent for songwriting that can stop you in your tracks. As part of (my favorite band) Blue Rodeo he has been a Canadian presence for 30 years. But that rich, golden voice is what can break your heart. Listen to BR’s House of Dreams or Jim’s own Pull Me Through and you will understand the draw. He writes from the heart and he sings from the soul. The beauty in his voice will make you weep.

Bryan Adams. Canada’s #1 rocker and my all-time favorite (and first big concert!!!) – check out an earlier blog (My Favorite Song) and that will explain it all.

Blog Challenge #18 – WHAT’S IN MY MAKEUP BAG

 #18 – What’s In My Makeup Bag?:

I love makeup. Love it! I have so much. Baskets and baskets and boxes of tons of it. It’s a girl thing…or it’s a me thing. But, for my daily routine I have the following:

Liquid foundation

Pressed bronzer

Several (as in many many) eyeshadows

A brow pencil (for my non-existing sad brows)


My professional makeup brushes (including a bronzing brush, 3 for eyes (shadow, liner and another one), lip brush, and a blush brush)


A lipstain

Lipstick (I have a dozen in my purse at any given moment so I don’t have many in my bag)

A razor

Hair tie, Barette & Bobby Pins

Condom or two

Moisturizer (travel size)

Perfume (travel size)

I think that’s it. I never leave home without anything….I pack very well! 🙂

Cheers y’all and Happy Friggin’ FRIDAY!!!!

Blog Challenge #17 – WHAT I WORE YESTERDAY

#17 – What I Wore Yesterday:

Yesterday was cold and stormy.  I wore a turquoise turtleneck sweater and a pair of dark dress jeans.  There.  That’s my blog for the day.  Wasn’t that fun?

Cheers y’all!


#16 – A Photo of the Last Item I Bought:

So, I guess the last thing I really bought (other than groceries) was a gold shimmer eye shadow and a nail polish.  I picked them up on Saturday.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect gold eye shadow since I fell in love with the one Jennifer Lopez was wearing on the season opening of American Idol.  This one, although I love it, isn’t the perfect gold eye shadow.  But it’s still pretty. 

The nail polish I picked up b/c a) It was cheap b) I am working on letting my nails grow again c) I saw it and it sorta matched the eye shadow.  So I bought it.  It’s name I did not know…Amy pointed it out: Euro Trash.  Well isn’t that lovely.


PS – I am not enjoying the Nova Scotia weather….40cms of snow.  WTF????


#15 – My Favorite Songs That Match a Certain Mood:

Several years ago I made a CD for a close friend who was moving away.  This is the letter I wrote to go with the CD.  It pretty much explains it all:

“August 2006

Well, this is the last gift I’ll be able to give you for a while. I hope you enjoy it. The CD has a few of my favorite songs on it and some good tunes just to have fun listening to (ie. Rockstar by Nickleback).

I named this CD “Almost Famous Moments – the soundtrack of Life” for a reason. In our lifetime we all have moments that define who we are, moments that mark so-called eras – events we won’t ever forget. These defining moments can be triggered by a song, a scent, even a breeze – whichever, during these times we remember exactly where we were, exactly what we were doing, and exactly how we felt. These moments make us who we are.

Back in late February I told you about last year’s American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood and how she hit and carried a note for 20 seconds and how every time I hear that note I tear up – well, I’ve included the song on your CD.

I have to warn you, some of the songs are sad, sappy, la-la songs, but they
all have meaning. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to sing
one of my favorite songs (Heaven by Bryan Adams) to you (someday, perhaps), but for now I’ve included another version of the song for you (DJ Sammy). It’s very pretty…you might not like it as much as I do, but give it time and think of me when you hear it.

I know how much you hate that song by Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles (Who
Says You Can’t Go Home) so I didn’t put it on the CD, however, Joking by the Indigo Girls has a similar sound (I think Bon Jovi ripped them off) and it’s
got a nice little riff to it so hopefully you’ll like it and it won’t make you wanna throw things like the other song does.

River, Tiny Dancer, Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters, Tangerine and Small Time Blues are all from the Almost Famous Movie Soundtrack – if you’ve watched the movie you’ll understand what I mean by the “moments” – These songs are all amazing and you will (hopefully) appreciate them.

It took me a while to choose some of the songs for your CD, and some of them I couldn’t imagine not putting on your CD. It would just seem wrong.

I hope you like the music selections I’ve made and I hope all goes well for
you. I’m gonna miss you so much. I have a little spot in my heart reserved
for you.”

I have so many favorite songs.  It’s hard to list them.  But that’s the whole purpose of music….music is an extension of our feelings; our emotions.  What’d be the point of listening if we had no reactions to songs and sound and melody?  There would be no point.  Music gives everything life.

Cheers y’all!

Blog Challenge #14 – MY FAVORITE VACATION

#14 – My Favorite Vacation:

So, I grew up travelling a lot.  Summer vacations were always spent camping and touring lots and lots of different places with my parents and sometimes other family members and family friends.
One of my favorite vacations was the summer I was 15.  I went camping with my family and my grandparents.  I don’t remember where we went…somewhere in the US. I believe, but regardless, it was very fun.  Mostly because I remember it as being the last big trip I took with my grandparents.  It was the summer of Mariah Carey and Billy Ray Cyrus (Lord help us on both counts!!) and I remember very vividly picking up Mariah Carey’s UNPLUGGED tape (yes, tape.  NOT CD.) and listening to the over-played “Achy Breaky Heart.”  My Nan LOVED that song.  She would always singing along and she told me which part was her favorite.  My Nannie was a hip, hip lady and in the early 90’s she would have only been in her mid-50’s.  She rocked.  The last day of our trip when everyone else was packing up and getting ready for us  to head home Nan asked me to do her makeup.  It was fun.  I loved that time with her.  And I totally did not make her look like a whore.  Haha.  But she would have loved it no matter what I did.
Another great vacation was a few years ago when I went to Mexico with Steph and her mom.  It was SOOOOO warm.  I loved it.  We spent lots of time on the beach soaking up the glorius golden sun and we visited the Mayan Ruins.  My favorite day, however, was when Steph and Jan went off on a snorkeling trip and I stayed at the resort on my own.  I owned my independance that day.  I went to the beach on my own.  I ate lunch on my own.  I visited the gift shops and the business center on my own.  It was a great day and a great trip.