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OMG – It’s only Wednesday???

WTF?  What a long week already.  Boo.  I hate that it’s only Wednesday.  At least with Thursday I would have “tomorrow” aka Friday to look forward to.  And then that would mean the weekend is only another day away.

But no…today is only Wednesday, which means that the weekend is still too far away to be a reality.  Bummer.  At least tonight I get to see the man.  I haven’t seen him since Saturday eve and my neediness is growing.  😦  Thankfully, I’ll see him soon (well, soon being several hours from now).

Lots of good things to come this weekend, including time with the man, time with Jenn, some wine and the Oscars.  Yay.  We’ll see how plans pan out.




#30 – What’s Been Going On This Month:

Wow!  I made it to the end of the challenge.  Yay!  So what’s been going on this month?  Well, not much.  A lot of work.  A lot of snow.  A lot of time with the man.  I’ve had some workshops to attend.  Some shovelling to do.  Some bills to pay.  A lot of blogging to do.  I kinda miss the non-challenge blogs.  They’re more original.  I guess I’ll be back to working on those.


Blog Challenge #29 – MY WISH FOR THE FUTURE

#29 – My Wish for the Future:

Hmmm…My wish for the future is for happiness and good health.  For me, my family and friends.  (I guess I should be less selfish and wish for it for all the world.  Okay.  *wish*)


Blog Challenge #28 – MY FAVORITE PLACE

#28 – My Favorite Place:

My favorite place is home…and more specifically, in my bed.  I love my bed.  I miss it when I’m away from it.  I miss Winston head-bunting me at 4am b/c he either wants to be fed or petted.  I miss my pillows and I certainly miss the weight and the warmth of my 2 dozen blankets.

My two runners up:

My mom and dad’s – especially at Christmas.

Blair’s.  Not even his place but just being with him.  Period.  My world is better when I’m with him.

Sappy Valentines Day, y’all!!


#27 – What I’m Currently Reading:

Right now I am working on John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief.  I read the book back in high school and haven’t thought of it sense.  I loved the movie but when I was 17 or 18 the book bored me somewhat.  But, now I am working thru Grisham’s collection and I love it.  Once it’s finished I’m gonna read The Chamber.


Blog Challenge #26 – MY FAVORITE MEMORY

#26 – My Favorite Memory:

I have so many wonderful memories…I mean, I have to admit.  I’ve lived a pretty charmed life.  I can’t quite pinpoint one memory but most of the great memories I have include time with family, friends (getting caught in a mudslide with Kim after Grad stays up there), my grandparents and with Blair (the first time he said he loved me is obviously a wonderful memory).  I’m a pretty lucky girl.


#25 – Three Good Things That Have Happened in the Last 3 Months:

1) I got to see “my best cousin” Anne (unfortunately her visit was a result of my grandmother’s death).  Bittersweet.

2) I got a raise at work.  Yay.

3) My mama’s surgery went well and she is living well with a prosthetic elbow. 

(There…at least one unselfish thing on my list.)

Happy Friday!