Welcome to SANDYLAND!!


#16 – A Photo of the Last Item I Bought:

So, I guess the last thing I really bought (other than groceries) was a gold shimmer eye shadow and a nail polish.  I picked them up on Saturday.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect gold eye shadow since I fell in love with the one Jennifer Lopez was wearing on the season opening of American Idol.  This one, although I love it, isn’t the perfect gold eye shadow.  But it’s still pretty. 

The nail polish I picked up b/c a) It was cheap b) I am working on letting my nails grow again c) I saw it and it sorta matched the eye shadow.  So I bought it.  It’s name I did not know…Amy pointed it out: Euro Trash.  Well isn’t that lovely.


PS – I am not enjoying the Nova Scotia weather….40cms of snow.  WTF????

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