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Blog Challenge #18 – WHAT’S IN MY MAKEUP BAG

 #18 – What’s In My Makeup Bag?:

I love makeup. Love it! I have so much. Baskets and baskets and boxes of tons of it. It’s a girl thing…or it’s a me thing. But, for my daily routine I have the following:

Liquid foundation

Pressed bronzer

Several (as in many many) eyeshadows

A brow pencil (for my non-existing sad brows)


My professional makeup brushes (including a bronzing brush, 3 for eyes (shadow, liner and another one), lip brush, and a blush brush)


A lipstain

Lipstick (I have a dozen in my purse at any given moment so I don’t have many in my bag)

A razor

Hair tie, Barette & Bobby Pins

Condom or two

Moisturizer (travel size)

Perfume (travel size)

I think that’s it. I never leave home without anything….I pack very well! 🙂

Cheers y’all and Happy Friggin’ FRIDAY!!!!


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