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Blog Challenge #19 – MY FAVORITE MUSICIAN

#19 – My Favorite Musician:

*Note* I am blogging for the first time from my BB so I will have to see how it turns out.

My favorite musicians? Hmm, so easy. First of all, let’s give a mention to Michael Jackson. His voice in adulthood may not have been as amazing as it was in his childhood but it is undeniable that this man was a talent. He was a gifted songwriter, singer and philanthropist and at 50, we lost him too early. MJ is one of those people who, love him or hate him, got you moving. I don’t know any other songs that can crowd a dancefloor like Beat It or Billie Jean.

Jim Cuddy has a voice and a talent for songwriting that can stop you in your tracks. As part of (my favorite band) Blue Rodeo he has been a Canadian presence for 30 years. But that rich, golden voice is what can break your heart. Listen to BR’s House of Dreams or Jim’s own Pull Me Through and you will understand the draw. He writes from the heart and he sings from the soul. The beauty in his voice will make you weep.

Bryan Adams. Canada’s #1 rocker and my all-time favorite (and first big concert!!!) – check out an earlier blog (My Favorite Song) and that will explain it all.


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