Welcome to SANDYLAND!!


# 22 – Something I Don’t Leave the House Without:

There are a few items I don’t leave the house without….EVER.

1) Lipstick/gloss.  Sorry.  I could be going out to shovel shit and I would need to put lipstick on.  It’s  the one thing that instantly makes me feel glamourous.  Although, I’m already pretty freakin’ glamourous.

2) Handcream.  I have an addiction.  I NEED it.

3) Keys/phone/ID/Health Card (I usually need this one).  Toss up.  I figure I have to have keys to get into my place and/or drive my car.  And I pretty much have my phone with me non-stop.  And for the most part it’s good to have some form of ID with me, y’know. JIC.  And, I get hurt/sick a lot.  Gotsta always have my health card.  (ALWAYS BE PREPARED!)

I left money off here.  Most of time I’ll have some moola or my bank card, but hey, if I forget it it looks like YOU’RE BUYING!



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