Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

The Week in Review (Shitty Things vs. Not-So-Shitty Things Recap)


– Snow.  Snow.  MORE SNOW!

– My 3 year old nephew falling at daycare, banging his head and having to go to the hospital. 

– My 3 year old nephew predicting the entire episode 4 days in advance.

– Emails from my dead aunt.  Isn’t that lovely.  Stupid spam.

– Torn rotator cuff.  OUCH!

– News that CHASE has possibly been cancelled.  Boo NBC.

– Seeing my grandfather get teary when talking about how lonesome it is without my nan.  😦

– Not enough visits from Mike (eh Amy & Jesse??).

– The Super Bowl half time show.  Sucked.  Not so much, eh BEP?

– Missing the remainder of my Yahtzee Team (H.Bo, Vanessa & Anic).

– Gettin’ lip from the old guy at Horton.  Yeah, I’m not a student.  KMA!!!


– Seeing someone I know trip on a mat and fall down.  (It’d be less funny if I could stand her.)

– More Scott Caan on HF-0 last night.  Whoot.

– Extra time with the man.

– Knowing that damn hedgehog or whatever the hell it is saw its shadow and spring is on it’s way!  (Stupid snow!)

– Insanity.  (The workout, not the crazies.)

– My boyfriend falling asleep at the movies and then waking himself up by snoring.  HILARIOUS!!

– 10,000 people doing the Running Man.  Awesome.  The Running Man Rules.  It’s the only redeemable thing about the half time show.

– Emailin’ with Kimmy.  Finally.

– Teaching Abby how to play Go Fish.  🙂

– An hour and a half phone convo with my cuz.  TMR.


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