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#24 – A Photo of Something that Means a Lot to Me:


This is Peter.  I got him for Easter when I was 3.  He had a big beautiful yellow ribbon bowtie.  I sleep with him every night (that I’m home), tho he has yet to make the trip to Blair’s.  If anything ever happened to this sad looking rabbit (not bunny!) I would be devastated.  Although, I think it might be time to for him to be restuffed. 😉


Mounted on the wall in my bathroom, behind the door, is a framed email that was sent to me the morning of  March 5, 1998 from my friend Paul.  The evening of March 5, 1998, after a lengthy, lengthy chat, Paul slit his wrists in the bathtub of a friend’s apartment and I found him. 

That was Paul’s cry for help, which he got and I am happy to report that he’s fine and doing well.  His email reminds me of how shitty life can seem sometimes but that I have the choice of which direction to take it.  His “attempt” was his gift to me and over the years I have learned to embrace it and to live life the way it was intended to be lived.

Thank you, Paul.

And for those of you who’ve constantly asked me about the framed email in my bathroom…well, now you know. 🙂



One response

  1. tanyaslife

    I’ve always wanted to meet/see Peter, and I’ve always wondered about that email. You may have told me in the past, but I forgot. But no one wants to stand there, at the entrance to your bathroom, awkwardly reading a framed email.
    That’s a good thing to have to help through those tough times.

    February 10, 2011 at 11:04 pm

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