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How to NOT be the next American Idol

So, for some reason this year I decided to watch American Idol.  I haven’t seen it since Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice (loved them both) were the top 2.  I think my detest for the cold of winter and having to perch my ass on Blair’s couch on hockey nights was the reasoning for me watching this time around.

Since the auditions I have had my favorites and have had my “meh” moments with some of the chosen.

For Instance, I’ve loved Scotty McCreery, Brett Loewenstern, Jaycee Badeaux, Casey Abrams, Naima Adedapo and Lauren Alaina from the start (among a few others who’ve gone bye bye {Julie Zorilla, Robbie Rosen}).  And then there’s Paul McDonald, who pretty much came out of nowhere with his quirky voice, big beautiful smile and that blooming jacket (seriously…WHERE can I get that jacket??), and cute little Thia Megia.  There’s SO MUCH TALENT this year. 

But then there are the people who rubbed me the wrong way from the very start.  Like Clint Jun whatever the hell his name is.  He is a great singer but something from his audition made me not like him.  He came across as….arrogant.  Then he made an ass of himself with the whole “Hollywood Week” fiasco and kicking poor cutie Jaycee out of his group at the last minute.  He was such a douche. 

And then there was that Jordan Dorsey dude.  He acted very “mightier-than-thou” during “Hollywood Week” as well….making other contestants audition to be in his group…like he was some famous Diva.  Yeah, not so much. 

So for future contestants on ANY reality or game show – Here’s the thing:

America/Canada/Public/Etc. – We’re your voters.  We are the audience.  If you’re gonna be a dick, you’re likely not gonna go too far in your little contest.  The current show is called “American IDOL”…I mean, c’mon….no one wants to idolize a dick!  I mean, *ahem…sputter*…you KNOW what I mean.  😉  No one wants an a-hole representing them or their country.  It’s embarrassing.

Another show of this justice:  American Idol’s Ashthon Jones….she’s been getting the diva rap so far this season.  Not a good thing.  Case-in-point: America voted her off last night.  Fortunately (for her – not for the rest of us who had to listen to her again) she was in the Wildcard finals and is now back in the Top 13.  However, I don’t see her lasting too much longer.  From the way the IMDB boards are reading, the public seems really pissed that she made it back thru.

The main thing – People remember.  Things will happen to us in our lifetimes (respectively)…many, many wonderful things.  But what’re the things we remember the most?  The shitty things that happen.  So, with that being said(I never thought I’d effing be quoting Jerry Springer), “Be nice to yourselves, and each other.”