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It’s the Little Things…

You know how life throws little things at you sometimes….things that are reminders of who we are and who we’ve been and what we’ve done?  Every once in a while those little things will pop into my head or into my life and make me take a step back and consider everything.

1. My nannie, my mom’s mom, was someone so important in my life.  We were very close to her, I think all of the grandkids, but my brother and I were especially close to her and my grandfather since they lived two houses away.  We grew up with almost a second set of parents.  They were so gracious and so loving and so wonderful.  And when we lost my nan to cancer in 1999 it was as if a little piece of life was stripped away from me; from all of us.  She’s the one person I’ve lost who I still can’t think or talk about without shedding at least one tear.

Her memory lives on so vividly in me that often I will think of something that she had said or did and I will be so wrapped up in the moment and memory that I forget the reality of her being gone.

She had a great sense of humor and she cheated at cards – Yes!  Even when playing with her beloved grandchildren.  She, at one point, rode a moped.  In the words of Rory Cochrane’s “Ron Slater”: “She was a hip, hip lady.”

I remember back in the 80’s there was a “Special K” jingle: “You can’t pinch an inch on me.”  I sang it once and she something to the effect like “You can pinch a whole bunch of them on me”  and she laughed and laughed.  It was silly but every now and then I will think of that jingle and be reminded of her joke and I will smile at it and her.

2. Every year when spring rolls around and the sun begins to shine its warmth onto us I revert back to high school and how my friends and I would lay on the bleachers and bask in the glow of the upcoming summer.  I reminisce of how I spent those glorious months off sleeping in, lazying around, having summer adventures with my friends.  I miss those days.  I LONG for those days again.  Sometimes I really hate being a grown up.

3. Summer evenings take me back to my childhood when my brother and I would beg to stay up a little later and get to play outside under the stars.  We would have so much fun playing hide and seek in the dark – with other neighbor kids.  So much fun.  Why can’t we still do that kind of stuff now?  When we’re old?

…to be continued


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