Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

I’m Sorry Pia……..

Okay, so I mentioned a while back that I’m not the biggest fan of American Idol, I don’t watch it regularly, I’m not a Twitter tweeter, etc.  But this year has been really good and I (personally) think it’s probably the most talented cast that I’ve ever seen (from the few seasons I did watch).  There are tons of talented kids (yes, they’re mostly kids I don’t think there’s anyone over 25 – Man, do I make myself sound old!!) and a few I could live without. 

And by far, one of the biggest (if not biggest) contenders this year has been Pia Toscano.  (Last week’s eliminated 16 year old Thia Megia was really the only competition, vocally speaking).  Pia can certainly carry a tune, has INCREDIBLE range and can hold a note long enough to give Carrie Underwood a run for her money.  Sadly, last night Pia was eliminated.  And to say the least, to viewers and judges, it was *shocking*.

Now, Pia wasn’t my favorite contender, I’m rooting for Casey Abrams (Blair and my mom love James Durbin).  And I really like Scotty and Paul.  Scotty is young and has that deep country thing happening, while Paul is just….unique.  He’s like a little spazzed bird.  There’s something about him.
But for the entirety I’ve been cheering on Casey. 

(For the record I can’t stand Haley.  I think she’s mediocre and there’s something so annoying about her that makes me want to punch her in the face.  And Jacob Lusk?  I just don’t get it.  Really, I don’t think he’s that great of a singer.  I think he’s over the top and a DIVA.  Yes.  DIVA!)

But last night, I sorta beamed when Pia was told she’d be going home.  Reflecting on it now, I feel bad.  She’s a talented talented talented singer and yes, she’s very beautiful.  And I believe my jealousy and insecurities got the best of me last night.  As if not having to watch her week after week would make me feel better about myself.  So, I’m sorry Pia, you did not deserve to be eliminated based on my jealousy.  (As if that were the only reason responsible for her departure.)

I think the judges called it right (tho, I found it insulting that they ridiculed America (thank goodness I’m Canadian)…the voters got it wrong.  Haley, Jacob, even Stafano should have gone home this week (I’ll admit, however, that tho I can’t stand her, Haley’s rendition of Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart”  was impressive this week).  The voters did indeed get it wrong.  And those who didn’t vote (those who actually care) and are now screaming conspiracy and demanding that someone else step down, well, those fans should have voted.

My jealousy and self-esteem issues aside, what it comes down to is simply that it is a competition with only one contestant able to walk away as the winner.  Someone has to go each week.  But again, I’ll admit that Pia shouldn’t have left this early on.  And I’m sorry that I found glee in her demise last night. 😦


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