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A Beautiful Farewell

Last week Oprah had some of her favorite guests on her show, including the family of Erin Kramp.  I remember Erin making her appearance on Oprah back in the 90’s.  She had been diagnosed with cancer and decided that she was going to leave a “legacy” of sorts to her young daughter.  She didn’t want Peyton growing up without knowing her mother and started video and audio recording messages to her.  Over a span of 5 years she’d left hundreds of recordings.  Sadly, 6 months after she made her appearance on Oprah she lost her battle with cancer.

Last week, Peyton, her dad, Doug and his new wife were welcomed back to the Oprah stage.  Doug had decided to release (for the first time) Erin’s final message which was audio recorded one week before her death.  It follows below:

“This has been an incredible journey, a journey filled with love and discovery, growth, intimacy, one that I would trade for nothing in the world.

This journey could not be purchased, but only experienced.

I’m thrilled and honored to have had the opportunity to take this journey and live through it.

I have one request…and that is to be remembered.

I am eternally grateful and hopefully, when I reach Heaven, I will be there to greet each one of you with the love and the light that you’ve given me.  For I want to make your transitition to the afterlife as easy as you’ve made it for me.

The Spirit called Jesus was able to give me unconditional strength, unconditional love, unconditionaly forgiveness, and unconditional life.

I wish everyone that hears this the same love, light and inner peace that was given to me.

I’m forever grateful for every soul that hears this, that has helped us so much along our journey.

Doug and I, and Peyton, hope that we can be there for each of you along your journeys for in our position, we’ve been only allowed to take and not give near the amount of giving that we’ve received.

We are forever grateful, and we forever love you.

Thank you, thank you.”

So, after reading (or hearing) that, my question to you, dear readers, is how can you not believe that there is a much higher power?  How can mankind be so arrogant to not believe that there is a God and that he is beautiful and miraculous?

If you knew Erin’s full story or had seen her appearance on the Oprah show or had seen some of her recordings you would have seen the positivity and the beauty and the love instilled in the woman.  She was about to lose her life and her family and she maintained the loveliest outlook on what she had left.  She was giving to the very end.

I can’t even begin to describe my feelings when I first heard that last recording.  But I knew, and maybe it was my already declared faith, that God had spoken and that this could seal the deal for many.

At first glance I thought that Erin was speaking to Doug and Peyton.  I never would have guessed that she was speaking for them and to us…to every soul listening.

RIP Erin.  I hope that you are in the warmth of God and the Spirit called Jesus.  Thank you for sharing your story and your beauty.

Really Satisfying Things

When I was in the 8th grade I remember reading an article in one of my pre-woman (ie. YM, etc.) magazines.  It was a list of the top satisfying things.  Here is a modified version with a few of the originals – because they were oh, so true.


1. The sound of junk being sucked up in the vacuum (my favorite)

2. Pulling off a scab and it not bleeding.

3. Finding money you’d forgotten about (love those winter coat pockets!)

4. Waking up and realizing you still have time to sleep.  🙂

5. Scratching a really good itch.  Ahhhhhhh.

6. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts….or you toot.

7. A drink of cold water when you’re really, really thirsty.

8. Going to sleep on clean, crisp sheets.

9. Finding out you impressed someone when you weren’t trying.

10. Running like Phoebe (from Friends).

11. Cuddling without having to ask.

12. Buying something and then finding out it’s on sale too.  BONUS!

13. Seeing an older couple holding hands.

14. Popping bubble wrap.

15. Running into people who made fun of you for being “chubby” in school and now they’re all fat…..and bald!!   (Oh…even more satisfying when you’ve lost weight.)

16. Inside jokes.

17. Receiving a compliment.

18. Having a really good hair day.

19. When the cat wants to cuddle.

20. Being in love.

Oprah – I’m Going to Miss You

There’re only 11 shows left before Miss Oprah says “Farewell” to her show of 25 years.    And I am sad.

There are plenty of people who dislake her (my own mother thinks she’s ‘uppity’), but I, for one, love her.  I think she has done some wonderful things in her 25 years on air.  She’s generous, she’s insightful, and she’s entertaining.  And for the most part, she’s reliable.  I know that every day at 3 and 5pm, Oprah will be on my television and that if I set my VCR (yes, VCR…I’m old school) she will be waiting for me after my workout.

I had made the decision to watch all of the “Farewell Season”‘s episodes, unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way we intend.  But I’ve been watching most of them and I WILL watch the remaining 11 shows.  And more than likely I will bawl during the last show….and then some.

I’ve written several letters to Oprah over the years…comments on guests or personal thoughts and shares and I know that Oprah’s words, in some way, have helped me in something in my span of watching this show. 

I know that her words and her light will continue to shine and live on in people all around the world and give people hope. 

No, she’s not a saint or a preacher or a wizard.  But here’s what I compare her to:  back in the 90’s medium James Van Prague had a show…where he would communicate with deceased family/friends of his living guests…many people scoffed at his communications…but my aunt said to me one day “If he’s giving people hope and closure, and making them feel better, then why not?”  He wasn’t taking advantage of these people…he was simply releasing them from whatever it was that they needed to be released from.  If loving and admiring Oprah can bring hope to people in the world who are down on their luck or who need an inspiration, then why not just let them be?  She’s not taking advantage of anyone.  She’s not hurting anyone. 

I sometimes find hope in the things that Oprah does.  I certainly have admiration for many of the things she’s done.  I will continue to be an Oprah fan even when her show has left the air.  And if I need an Oprah boost I will watch her network, OWN or have a good cry over “The Color Purple.”


Things I Don’t Get

Ever see something that leaves you wondering “WTF?”   Well, here is a short list of some of the things I don’t get:

1) No two-ply?  WTF???  Why would you waste your money on single-ply?  Yuck.

2) Baggy pants and no belts.  Really?  Boys…you look SO STUPID with your wannabe ghetto outfits.  Sloppy and stupid.

3) Chopsticks.  Um, y’all have seen the fork, right?

4) People who bitch when they get a bargain. Seriously.  This happens.  When I was working retail a few years ago we have a big “no-tax” sale prior to Christmas.  A customer came in and started spouting off about it (while making her purchase), saying that her store didn’t participate in this “no-tax” nonsense.  I told her “you can come back tomorrow and pay full price if you want to. ” Hellloooo?  You’re getting a deal.  Shut the eff up and get out of my face!

5) Computer Viruses.  Grrrr!!  What is wrong with people?  What’s the point of sitting at your computer and creating a virus for the sole purpose of screwing up someone’s system?  Get a life or a job or read a book or something.  And EFF off in the meantime.  (Needless to say my home computer is infected for the SECOND time this week.)

6) Stores that don’t carry full merchandise.  Okay, so I’m a little obsessed with a skirt I found in a magazine.  The website for the store that carries it does not show it.  The store in NS does not carry it and will not be carrying it (this I find out after making TWO hour-long drives to get it, once after the sales person told me it was there and it would be on hold for me.  Jackass.).  All stores should carry the same damn items.  Grrrrrrrrr.

Anyone wanna add to my bitch list?